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The Journal of History
La verdad sobre la democracia
Spring 2004 - Volume 4, Issue 2

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On November 13, 1963 John F. Kennedy said, "The high office of the President of the United States of America has been used to foment a plot to destroy America's freedom, and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of their plight."

- Thesis
- Commentary: Sleep Well Tonight, Your National Guard is ... Overseas by Linda Schrock Taylor
- Commentary: Groundbreaking Teacher Seeks Your Support by Ray Winbush, Ph.D.
- Commentary: Have Public Schools Become A Criminal Enterprise? Americas Failing Public School System by Ashley Anderson, age 16
- Groups Promoting A Globalist Anti-American Satanic Agenda, Part 2 by William Cooper
- Oakland High rallies to fire Principal Mok by JR
- Politics, Neglect doomed promise of The Academy by Merlene Davis
- The Nazi Model For Outcome-Based Education by Berit Kjos
- A Committed and Conscientious Teacher by Mongezi Nkomo
- Unjust Termination by Yaa Asantewa Nzingha
- School Hardware Doing Hard Time by Jeffrey Benner

- Dulles Papers Reveal CIA Consulting Network by John Cavanagh
- History: The Historian Who Sold Out by Thomas Fleming
- Excellent Academic Professor Terminated by Rashid M. Sundiata

- Poetry - Unnecessary Personal Confrontation by crystal cartier

- Israeli Orders: Kill JFK!
- 9/11 - A Pilot Answers 911 Questions JCS General Myers Wouldn't by Michael Guillaume

- Myth Breakers
- Did You Know? Education, Part 1
- Did You Know? Education, Part 2
- Did You Know? Countries banning Revisionist history, Cannabis (Hemp), Oil Crisis, Vegan men, Heritage Foundation member
- Did You Know? Apple computers, 2000 Florida Election, County Sheriff in Georgia, Alzheimer's disease

- America's Concerns: An Innocent Man who the Arkansas Department of Corrections conspires to murder
- America's Concerns: Help an Innocent Father--Adrian Torrin Harris
- America's Concerns: Draft the Bush Twins First
- America's Concerns: Theater Credits 'Passion' Money to Movie Starring Bush Hater
- America's Concerns: Hempfest
- America's Concerns: The United Nations
- America's Concerns: Boycott Exxon and Mobil

- The World's Concerns: Kitten in a Bottle
- The World's Concerns: Israeli Whistleblower nears freedom

- Boycotts We Support: New Boycotts
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 1
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 2
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 3
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 4

- U.S. House & Senate Addresses & Fax Numbers
- U.S. House & Senate Email Addresses

- Letters to the Editor

- Book Review: By Blood and Fire by W. R. Silberstein

- Advertisers We Support, Part 1
- Advertisers We Support, Part 2
- Advertisers We Support, Part 3

- Demands for the Government



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