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The United Nations


by Devvy Kidd
March 29, 2004

For decades, astute Americans who understand the insidious agenda of the communist controlled "United Nations" have been trying to get the US out of the UN. For those who may not have had the opportunity to study this issue in depth, you should read one of the premiere books on the subject: The Fearful Master - A Second Look at the United Nations by G. Edward Griffin.

Americans should be aware that the United Nations is not a country or a government. It is a private organization which invites countries to join. Those member countries have representatives who comprise various committees and councils under the communist UN organization that order other sovereign nations when to jump and how high. This is done under a threat of military intervention. No rational government would ever belong to such an organization, especially a constitutional Republic like America. Our Founding Fathers must have spun in their graves back in 1945 when traitors and the mentally challenged in the U.S. Senate voted to join the communist UN. It has been downhill from there as was predicted by loyal Americans who used to serve in Congress:

"You can expect to see a one world government, Communist controlled, under the United Nations. You will see the United Nations run up astronomical debts which we, under the terms of the treaty, are bound to pay." Congressman James B. Utt, Congressional Record. House of Representatives January 15, 1962, page 215.

The united States of America does not enter into treaties with organizations like the UN any more than the US would enter into a treaty with Ducks Unlimited. I would also like to remind Americans that the UN is an integral part of the plan for the global slave masters in their quest for a one world government. This cabal of power hungry individuals are not hiding their intentions and one only had to see the full page ad in the NY Times, April 15, 1994 to validate this statement:

1944. Bretton Woods: The IMF and the World Bank. 1945. San Francisco: The United Nations. 1994, Marrakech: The World Trade Organization. History knows where it's going. The final act of the Uruguay the WTO, the third pillar of the New World Order, along with the UN and the IMF.


Right now dedicated Americans all over this country are on their knees begging the U.S. Senate not to ratify the Treaty of the Sea. Unfortunately, this effort will no doubt fail as the same old routine has for decades. There can be no remedy for getting America out of the United Nothing (UN) or any other treaties from this puppet federal government. It is not in the cards of both political parties to abandon their course
<>  for a one world government.

If you are not thoroughly versed regarding the legal consequences of treaties on domestic Americans, you are urged to begin with Reid v Covert
<> , a very important Supreme Court case that is germane to the issue of international treaties. Also recommended is a comprehensive analysis on treaties by constitutional attorney Lowell Becraft, Jr. Once you have a thorough understanding on treaties, hopefully it will serve as a powerful tool in turning back international encroachment and protecting your rights - rights that cannot be subordinated by a treaty
<> , see Reid v. Covert, opinion of Justice Black:

"It would be manifestly contrary to the objectives of those who created the Constitution, as well as those who were responsible for the Bill of Rights - let alone alien to our entire constitutional history and tradition - to construe Article VI as permitting the United States to exercise power under an international agreement without observing constitutional prohibitions....."The court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty."

It is also important to remember that the 13 colonies breathed life into the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They did this in order to allow the national government to legislate in only a limited number of areas where uniformity was necessary, not to strip the states or individuals of their rights. Each and every state of the Union was and is guaranteed a Republican form of government. This is a very important point made crystal clear below regarding U.S. Senators, treaties and the Seventeenth Amendment.

Ratification of treaties - Constitutional provisions

Article II, section 2, of the Constitution states that the president "shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur." Very simply, a treaty cannot be ratified without a 2/3rds consent of a legally seated body of U.S. Senators.

The fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Bill Benson <>  has more than 17,000 certified documents which will pass any court test for admissibility that proves beyond any doubt that the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never ratified. Few know that Mr. Benson also researched the ratification the Seventeenth Amendment at the same time as he did the Sixteenth because they were voted on in the individual states almost at the same time.

This writer knows because I have Benson's book of proof and have verified his findings at both the California State Archives and the National Archives in Washington, DC by on site visits. The fraud involved in the Seventeenth is far more egregious than the Sixteenth. Seeing is believing and I have seen the old historical documents in Mr. Benson's book as has constitutional attorney Lowell Becraft, Jr. There is no question that both amendments are laws that do not exist.

Again, it is imperative that Americans understand the amendment process in order to understand the massive legal problems with a fraudulently ratified amendment. How our laws are made <>  is the foundation and an important interview <>  by Mr. Becraft on the Sixteenth Amendment fraud is quite detailed. It is equally important to understand the genius of separation of powers and state's suffrage rights which were destroyed by the fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment. This must be reversed before the federal machine implements its final stages to destroy this sovereign Republic.

Now we get down to the crux of the matter: Since the Seventeenth Amendment clearly was never ratified, the Congress has not had a lawfully seated U.S. Senate since 1913. This is an indisputable legal fact. Naturally, it represents a conundrum that no one in Washington, DC or the federal courts has the guts to address because the implications are horrendous.

There is no way to call back any monies expended through bills approved by the Senate since 1913. However, all U.S. Senators seated since 1913 have served under a law that does not exist, therefore, they are entitled to no compensation and all retired counterfeit U.S. Senators must be stripped of any pension or retirement.

Going back to the immediate problem of this 'Law of the Sea' treaty: These united States of America unlawfully entered the UN in 1945. Since that Senate body was serving illegally, our participation in the UN is also unlawful and null and void. I can hear the collective gasp already. But, I would ask each and every American one simple question: Are we a nation of laws or lies? We cannot be both and we will not survive the coming totalitarian fist unless We the People demand the right thing be done calmly, systematically, and for the good of our Republic.

What can be done?

First, there is no remedy at the federal level. Second, any American running for the U.S. Senate should obtain Mr. Benson's 'Proof the 17th Amendment Was Never Ratified.' Bill will take the time to give any candidate the explicit details of the fraud and that candidate must have the integrity to announce that they cannot run for office under a law that does not exist because it is not only morally dishonest, but the fraud has to be exposed and dealt with.

The solution lies at the state level. The hard evidence must be presented to members of your state legislature by a credible group of citizens. Then you inform your state senator, delegate, assembly person or representative that you demand hearings on this fraud and that the governor be fully briefed on what must be done. If even one state legislature appointed two U.S. Senators to serve in Washington, DC and sent them there, it would force the issue out into the open and cause the necessary confrontation. I pray I live to see the day.

I would recommend the State of Maryland because to my knowledge, that legislature has a respectable number of true constitutionalists serving in office that have the backbone to stand up for the truth. There might be a chance for the State of New Hampshire because I know there are some fine men serving in office there. One state is all that's needed to blow this fraud wide open and the process would begin to correct this huge lie bringing such misery to our people.

If the State of Maryland or New Hampshire is happy with their two unlawfully 'elected' U.S. Senators, they can still appoint those existing counterfeit Senators to represent their respective states in Congress. If, on the other hand, they aren't happy with the two individuals who currently serve under a law that doesn't exist, they can get rid of them using the Constitution. Can we all just get giddy at the thought of booting counterfeit Senators like Boxer, Feinstein, Clinton and Schumer right out of office?

Can't be done? That is the very defeatist attitude that the Masters of the Game depend on and it will keep US from taking back America. All treaties since 1945 are null and void. Translated this means that America is no longer part of the UN nor are We the People to be raped any longer by paying billions to this private communist organization. Also null and void is NAFTA and GATT. Do I have your attention now?

Freedom cannot be attained and retained by observers.

Freedom gained and kept can only be achieved with a warrior class who will stand firm and put action behind their words.

Will you be part of the warrior class that forces your state legislature to recognize the fraud of the Seventeenth Amendment?

How badly do you want to get America out of the UN? There is no other way but at the state level.

Success in just one state will not only clean out the nest of anti-American individuals now serving in the Senate, it will also nullify all these insidious treaties destroying our sovereignty. One thing is for certain: continuing with billboards and membership drives by some organizations to 'Get the US out of the UN' is as effective as spitting into the wind. It hasn't worked for 30 years and it won't work in the next 30 years. It has to come from the state legislatures, and they will only buckle under by massive pressure from We the People. The clock is ticking.

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