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The World's

Kitten in a Bottle


This Web site is a hoax. Snopes urban legends published that no kitten is placed into a bottle despite the effort of those who would perpetuate such a cruel joke on unsuspecting people. However, the influence of this Web site on those who would emulate this cruel action is cause for many people's consternation.


Thus, this is not a freedom of speech issue; it's an issue of prevention, preventing a living being, i.e. a kitten, from conceivably having to endure this action by a person who thought it a good idea.

No person will lose their profession when this Web site is deactivated, so the makers of the site can't use that as an excuse to perpetuate the site.

Therefore, as Editor-in-Chief of this publication, I have little doubt that the over 300 signatories of the petition I originally received in February 2004 would have no objection to demanding that this particular site be deactivated in perpetuity.



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