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Did You Know?
Education, Part 1

Any group that wanted to control the future of American society had first to control education, i.e., the population of the future; education has been controlled by The Order at Yale.

Hegelian theory  states that the State is superior to the individual. Prussian militarism, Naziism and Marxism have the same philosophic roots. This influenced Skull and Bones members.

Skull & Bones was incorporated as a legal entity under the name of The Russell Trust. There is no mention of The Order, Skull & Bones, The Russell Trust, or any secret society activity in any biography, or in open records. The Order, so far as its members are concerned, is designed to be secret, and apart from one or two inconsequential slips, meaningless unless one has the whole picture. The Order has been remarkably adept at keeping its secret. In other words, The Order fulfills our first requirement for a conspiracy - i.e., IT IS SECRET.

The information on The Order ... surfaced by accident. In a way similar to the surfacing of the Illuminati papers in 1783, when a messenger carrying Illuminati papers was killed and the Bavarian police found the documents. All that exists publicly for The Order is the charter of the Russell Trust, but it tells you nothing.

The science departments at Yale were concentrated into the Sheffield Scientific School with private funds. This exemplifies the way in which The Order came to control Yale and then the United States.

While this plan was worked out, friends and members of The Order, i.e. Skull and Bones, made moves in Washington, D.C., and the Connecticut State Legislature to get state funding for the Sheffield Scientific School. The Morrill Land Bill was introduced into Congress in 1857, passed in 1859, but vetoed by President Buchanan. It was later signed by President Lincoln. This bill, now known as the Land Grant College Act, donated public lands for State colleges of agriculture and sciences.

The report on just such a college was ready. The legal procedure was for the Federal government to issue land scrip in proportion to a state's representation, but state legislatures first had to pass legislation accepting the scrip. Skull and Bonesman, Daniel Gilman, was first on the scene to get Federal land scrip; moreover, he was first among all the states and grabbed all of Connecticut's share for Sheffield Scientific School! Gilman had, of course, tailored his report to fit the amount forthcoming for Connecticut. No other institution in Connecticut received even a whisper until 1893, when Storrs Agricultural College received a land grant.

A member of The Order, Augustus Brandegee (1849), was speaker of the Connecticut State Legislature in 1861 when the state bill was moving through, accepting Connecticut's share for Sheffield. Other members of The Order, like Stephen W. Kellogg (1846) and William Russell (1833), were either in the State Legislature or had influence from past service.

The Order repeated the same grab for public funds in New York State. All of New York's share of the Land Grant College Act went to Cornell University. Andrew Dickson White was the key activist in New York and later became first President of Cornell. Daniel Gilman was rewarded by Yale and became Professor of Physical Geography at Sheffield in 1863.

In brief, The Order was able to corner the total state shares for Connecticut and New York, cutting out other scholastic institutions. This is how the Order uses public funds for its own objectives.

This is the great advantage of Hegel for an elite. The State is absolute. But the State is also a fiction. So if The Order can manipulate the State, it in effect becomes the absolute.

Back to Sheffield Scientific School. The Order now had funds for Sheffield and proceeded to consolidate its control. In February 1871 the School was incorporated and the following became trustees:

Charles J. Sheffield
Prof. G. J. Brush (Gilman's close friend)
Daniel Coit Gilman (The Order, 1852)
W.T. Trowbridge
John S. Beach (The Order, 1839)
William W. Phelps (The Order, 1860)

Out of six trustees, three were in The Order. In addition, George St. John Sheffield, son of the benefactor, was initiated in 1863, and the first Dean of Sheffield was J. A. Porter, also the first member of Scroll & Key (the supposedly competitive senior society at Yale).

How The Order Came To Control Yale University

From Sheffieli Scientific School The Order broadened its horizons.

The Order's control over all of  Yale was evident by the 1870s, even under the administration of Noah Porter (1871-1881), who was not a member. In the decades after the 1870s, The Order tightened its grip. The Iconoclast (October 13, 1873) summarizes the facts we have presented on control of Yale by The Order, without being fully aware of the details:

"They have obtained control of Yale. Its business is performed by them. Money paid to the college must pass into their hands, and be subject to their will. No doubt they are worthy men in themselves, but the many whom they looked down upon while in college, cannot so far forget as to give money freely into their hands. Men in Wall Street complain that the college comes straight to them for help, instead of asking each graduate for his share. The reason is found in a remark made by one of Yale's and America's first men: 'Few will give but Bones men, and they care far more for their society than they do for the college.' The Woolsey Fund has but a struggling existence, for kindred reasons."

"Here, then, appears the true reason for Yale's poverty. She is controlled by a few men who shut themselves off from others, and assume to be their superiors . . ."

The anonymous writer of Iconoclast blames The Order for the poverty of Yale. But worse was to come. Then-President Noah Porter was the last of the clerical Presidents of Yale (1871-1881), and the last without either membership or family connections to The Order.

After 1871 the Yale Presidency became almost a fiefdom for The Order.

From 1886 to 1899, member Timothy Dwight (1849) was President, followed by another member of The Order, Arthur Twining Hadley (1899 to 1921). Then came James R. Angell (1921-37), not a member of The Order, who came to Yale from the University of Chicago where he worked with Dewey, built the School of Education, and was past President of the American Psychological Association.

From 1937 to 1950 Charles Seymour, a member of The Order, was President followed by Alfred Whitney Griswold from 1950 to 1963. Griswold was not a member, but both the Griswold and Whitney families have members in The Order. For example, Dwight Torrey Griswold (1908) and William Edward Schenk Griswold (1899) were in The Order. In 1963 Kingman Brewster took over as President. The Brewster family has had several members in The Order, in law and the ministry rather than education.

We can best conclude this memorandum with a quotation from the anonymous Yale observer:

"Whatever want the college suffers, whatever is lacking in her educational course, whatever disgrace lies in her poor buildings, whatever embarrassments have beset her needy students, so far as money could have availed, the weight of blame lies upon this ill-starred society. The pecuniary question is one of the future as well as of the present and past. Year by year the deadly evil is growing. The society was never as obnoxious to the college as it is today, and it is just this ill-feeling that shuts the pockets of nonmembers. Never before has it shown such arrogance and self-fancied superiority. It grasps the College Press and endeavors to rule in all. It does not deign to show its credentials, but clutches at power with the silence of conscious guilt."
It is very important to understand the change in philosophy which occurred in the mid-to-late 1800s. Previously religion had largely controlled the direction of societies, often with direct association with governments. The State had a notorious history in Europe of backing a specific religion, promoting it to the exclusion of all others, and oppressing the rest. The 1800s marked a point in history where thinking men correctly saw the problems religion had where it aligned with the State and exerted force over thought and behavior.

The reaction against the previous tendency of religion, metaphysics and philosophy was the complete support of "science." Results and responses have taken the form of humanism, atheism, pragmatsim, egalitarianism, and other philosophies which tend to deny Man as anything more than a fancy animal. It may seem that it is a case of either the correctness of "religion" or the validity of "science." The use of religion was wrong and destructive and the use of science (as applied to human beings and societies) is equally wrong and destructive. What they both have in common is the use of the State to forward and enforce upon the people an arbitrary belief system about the nature of Man, and his relationship to others and to the universe around him.

People should be granted the right to accept and believe whatever they choose in terms of religion and  to the products of what is called modern science. But this is impossible when modern governments support, promote, and enforce modern psychiatric and psychological theories on their people. The views of modern "scientific" psychiatry and psychology are the result of a belief system which conceives Man as an individual to be unimportant, and "society" to be everything. These subjects also view Man as an "animal," solely biological in nature, and ignore Man's entire "mental" realm. The underlying beliefs and assumptions of these two subjects (along with the entire trend of "modern science") consider man to be an animal, a biological organism alone, with no awareness or consciousness. Man is to be controlled using behaviorism, belief manipulation (through education and the media), genetics, electric shock, drugs, and microchip brain implants (the future of psychiatry and social control).

See Materialism & Psychiatry Function As Ideologies and Orthodoxy

"Science," working with governments and "advertizers," have primarily spent all their time and energy figuring out how to control and manipulate minds, to forward their ideas of "order," "social harmony," and "peace."

But a mind isn't of the nature of matter, doesn't follow the rules of matter (unless forced to), is the originator  of all concepts, and it is basically a dumb idea to consider or believe the concepts that people should be "in harmony" or "well-ordered." What do these terms even actually mean? Really! Try to write down what these concepts mean - no two people will agree. These terms are extremely vague concepts, and nothing more. "Order" and "harmony" may be fine for atoms, your living room furniture, or a china cabinet, but it is an insane analogy when forced upon conscious, living beings and societies.

The best in Man has been systematically denied, and is being eradicated by the theories and practices of modern psychology and psychiatry. Education has been largely destroyed. Man's ability to think has also been further compromised by attacking it with "legal" psychiatric drugs and illegal drugs. As long as you are looked at as a cog in the larger, and more important, State machinery, you will be ignored, oppressed, and harmed. There is no "good" communism, socialism, fascism, capitalism, or any "ism" when the State is viewed as senior in importance to the individual which makes it up and where any type of force is used to enact anything. They all, every time, and in every case, will act to control and deny the individual. And this always involves denying and attempting to control Man's inherent nature and abilities - all of which reside within the mind. Coupled with materialism, which basically considers man to be an animal and ignores his mind entirely, this is a lethal combination.

Past religions, which aligned with the State, oppressed Man and his mind, and modern "scientific" psychological and social theories, which correctly attacked the past tendencies of religions, have severely erred, and are now doing exactly the same thing - oppressing Man and his mind. They are playing the same game. There is no conflict of "religion" versus "science." It's all an illusion. In fact, they have been both, practically speaking, entirely materialistic - forcing Man further away from his capabilities as a conscious mind, and only towards his biological, animal nature. If Man is treated like an animal he will act like one - just like so many goats or cows to be bred, herded, controlled, and brought to slaughter. Modern theories and practices do exactly this. But if Man is treated like a mind, with intelligence, intention, creativity, responsibility, morality, and decency, then he will come to display these things.

This has never been done in the history of planet Earth, except in small isolated cases. The educated elite say they have studied Man in all his past forms, and know what he is and how to "help" Man evolve. It's rubbish. They have studied Man only at his worse, under the worse circumstances, and always under direct force or the threat of force. By omitting Man's mind, all it is, and all it does, they take right out of the equation what makes Man different from all other life forms. What makes him "better." What makes him responsible, able to be moral, creative, and intelligent. They deny his awareness and consciousness. Denying this denies all decency and life itself. This is the 20th century. This is the results of "modern physical sciences" as applied to the individual and groups, when Man is conceived to be nothing more than a biological beast. It is soon to be the 21st century unless many of us wake up real fast and do something about it.

Editor's note: The foregoing were excerpts from Antony C. Sutton's book entitled America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones. To read a more detailed account of this, read the book.

Get The Book!

America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones  by Antony C. Sutton - the complete book with more details and facts about the hidden forces behind modern public education, psychology, economics, politics and world chaos. Covers Yale University's link to a secret German society, the Bush Family (i.e. George), and much more. Very well researched and written.

Suggested Reading List - the Demise of the Educational System - OBE (Outcome-Based Education), NEA (National Education Association), educational psychology, German psychology & influences, demise of public education, educational sabotage, Wundt, Pavlov, Dewey, Skinner, Watson.
I have a friend who was an administrator with National Education Association (NEA) because she didn't tolerate the sexual assault, sex harassment, and race discrimination that occurred in the office.  She is part of a class action lawsuit that includes women who worked the area she did at NEA and they are at the Supreme Court level right now, I do believe [January 8, 2002].  The NEA has been bribing the District Courts to dismiss the case intermittently.  I know a lot about what the NEA is spearheading in our public schools too.  Call it the dumbing down effect.
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