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Excellent Academic Professor Terminated


by Rashid M. Sundiata
December 29, 2000

It APPEARS there will be a different instuctor.  I was notified on December 20  at 10:00 PM, that Ralph Proctor has been hired to teach African American History at CCAC.  My teaching load has been given to Proctor.  I'm sure that the timing of the hiring
announcement was made to keep student input and opposition outside of the decision-making process.

Of course, I am not really surprised that someone was hired to replace me, given my approach to teaching the history and culture of the African American people as well as exploding the myths of European cultural, intellectual, and moral superiority.  There is an ongoing war against undiluted, uncompromising African American studies throughout the U.S.  This move is an attempt to reinstate "Negro History" at CCAC. Proctor happens to be retirement age.

I have been working at CCAC under great duress for the last three years, as forces at the college have continually denied me tenure and full-time status when I have earned it with an excellent teaching performance.  Now, they drop me out on the sidewalk after the semester ends, knowing that the hiring cycle for college professors starts in the spring for August or September semester.  These people have attempted to deliver a death blow to my career.   "Mama Doc" Edna McKenzie engineered the whole thing. Isn't it interesting how these moves are made right around the "holiday season?"



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