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Letters to the Editor


Dear Arlene,
Your comment on my Gods & Generals review had me curious about issue #6 which you said contains remarks about the Illuminati and their Civil War agenda. Well the "voting" password only took me to the most recent issues, not as far back as 5, so I browsed the recent some more.

You do publish a lot of good stuff and a lot of stuff I don't normally come across. You are doing a good job but this 3 part article entitled Chappaquiddick is not to be trusted. I couldn't read the whole thing because the details of this guy's story are not that interesting but I skimmed thru it all to get the gist of it and to pick up the parts where he speaks to the larger currents, like the Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddik part.

I found the mind-control torture aspect which he was supposedly experiencing as he was writing to be over-the-top. At one point he says he's about 90% gone. Just think about the foolishness of that statement: he couldn't be writing grammatically correct sentences if that were true. This guy is phoney even though some of his statements may be true.

All disinformation contains some elements of truth but to publish it without severe warnings is not a good practice. Arlene, be careful.

One area he touches on that I feel I know enough about to pass judgment is the rock and roll vs country-western war he envisages. Now I love rock. I came of age with it. At one time it was a counter-cultural thing and it did spur the anti-Vietnam War movement and yes country music is often reactionary and can be jingoistic. That said, if the Illuminati wanted to replace rock with country, what happened? Both are still around. Rock is still preferred, I mean, it probably still sells more. It certainly hasn't been done away with although assassinations were carried out against some rockers. I wouldn't dispute that. If he had inside knowledge on that, I'd be interested.

But to equate rock with good and country with bad is simplistic nonsense and serves only to confuse musical/political issues. Rock is not political to any significant extent and hasn't been since the early 70's except as just another aspect of global business and an extension of Anglo-American pop cultural dominance. Today's rock fits right in with the Illuminati agenda. Country only fits in when its a pop crossover that's leading people into shopping malls and away from honkytonks and churches. When it's real roots country it's too conservative, too rural, too white-ethnic, too backward for the progressive minded Illuminati.

You mustn't let your feelings of sympathy for an underdog who's been abused lead you to accept a pile of disinformation like this guy has written. I don't know if he's telling the truth as he sees it or is an actively dissembling agent. Maybe he's been too damaged to know the truth anymore.

Jamie in New Jersey

Editor's note: As Editor of this publication, all articles are edited to erase any errors by the writer; this is why the article to which this commenter mentions looked normal instead of "grammatically" incorrect.



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