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Did You Know?


The new Apples are THE number one Unix box in the World; the Unix geeks (computer experts) have doubled the sales of Apple computers in the last year.

Every UNIX geek, every scientific engineer, structural engineer, medical students, and the mathematicians are using or want a Mac! Oak Ridge, Tennessee is full of Macs! The U.S. Army invested in them too because they are hack proof.

The 3rd largest, biggest and fastest supercomputer on Earth at Virginia Tech University is an 1100 Apple G5 desktop straight from the box that anyone can buy connected together.
The SUPREME COURT, citing a little known clause in the WARREN COMMISSION REPORT, has ordered that the uncounted Florida ballots be placed in a vault in the National Archives not to be opened for 89 years.
During his campaign for sheriff, Derwin Brown made one promise over and over: He would clean up the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department in Georgia, an office with a 30-year history of corruption. Investigators say that promise got him killed two days before he was to be sworn in.
Curry can fight Alzheimers disease. Eating curry can help prevent Alzheimer's disease, scientists claim. Curries also have other health benefits. They aid digestion, help fight infection, and guard against heart attacks.

Indian spice turmeric stops people developing a faltering memory, researchers say.
Scientists in the US found the spice built up a defence system against the onset of the debilitating brain disease. Turmeric is found in everything from mild Kormas to the hottest Vindaloos. Dr. Sally Frautschy, of the University of California, found that the
build-up of "plaques" on the brain, which cause Alzheimer's, was halved by turmeric.

She said: "It has potential as a treatment for the prevention of
Alzheimer's disease."

Dr. Richard Harvey, research chief at the Alzheimer's Society, said:
"These are interesting results," reports The Sun.



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