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A Committed and Conscientious Teacher


by Mongezi Nkomo
January 2001

Ms. Jackie Njai is a committed and conscientious teacher in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Public School Education System and doctoral candidate at the University of Pittsburgh.

She has been criminalized for being a model teacher because she de-mystified the notion that African American students are non-achievers in Standardized Tests both at state and federal levels.

She has challenged the myth that black kids do bad at testing time when in fact they do well in class and demonstrate superior knowledge and skills.  However,  someone causes them to fail the STANDARDIZED TESTS in order to have FEDERAL FUNDS for non-achievers who are African. Then, the money in the coffers of the STATE and LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDS is used for non-African children's preferential agendas.

The sister has won a minimum of three law suits against the School Board et al, but was terminated and her bank account looted by the agents of the school board which infringed on her professional, citizen, democratic, civil, and due process rights!

Now the school board of Pittsburgh is involved in a SHAM. A black superintendent is under attack by white parents for doing a good job! We have ministers of religion, non-white middle class professionals, and community mis-activists who say whites are"racists" for challenging a black superintendent but the plight of African American students in the predominantly black areas and neighborhoods headed by the same black professional teachers and principals is no BETTER!

The superintendent has balanced the school district budget at the expense of quality education for our children, especially those of African descent who are supervised by misfit administrators, teachers and principals.  Conscientious teachers such as  Jackie Njai and many others are sacrificed even if the bourgeois courts rule in their favor!



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