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I am writing to ask for anyone's help who wants to help in reforming our JUSTICE SYSTEM, and not let innocent people serve time that they shouldn't be serving. I want to start out by telling a little about the situation we are in;  maybe someone can identify with it and help take a stand.

I went through a divorce in October of 1999; my ex-husband and I had two boys; I gained legal custody of them both. He was very upset with the divorce and vowed that I would never be happy no matter what lengths he had to go to make sure that he could prevent me from ever being happy. After the papers were signed I received a visit from the Department of Human Resources of Alabama, I was said to have physically and sexually abused my boys. They came in to my home and checked out my boys and the accusation was unfounded. It was dropped and I never heard from them again.

A new man came into my life over the internet. No one was happy about that. My ex-husband was very upset and said that he would do whatever it took to stop this. He stopped visiting the boys until suddenly one weekend he called and wanted the boys. He kept them all weekend, and my parents called and wanted to spend time with them also so I went to pick them up from their father's house and took them to my parents. Nothing seemed wrong at that time. I received a call about 2 days later asking me to come to the hospital that one of my boys had been sexually abused, the first thought was my ex-husband had done it.

He and I divorced because of issues upon which we didn't agree; he said that when it came to sex he had no morals and that he saw nothing wrong with a man being with another man. Therefore, I thought that he had done it. But when I arrived there the doctors said that my boyfriend was the one, and thinking that these people wouldn't make an accusation about someone like that if it wasn't true I believed them.

As time went on, my son, Caleb, said things that his father told him to say that so that we could all be together again. And that as soon as my boyfriend, Torrin, was in jail his father would be moving back in with us.

Torrin was arrested and charged with sexual abuse in the first degree. I took my son to be evaluated and there was no evidence that could prove that he had been molested. So Torrin being out on bond I contacted him and he said that there was no way that he could ever admit to that because he didn't do it and that if someone else was doing it that Caleb would continue to be abused. And he couldn't do that to him. So I took Caleb to a doctor to see if we could get this rectified. I believed Torrin didn't do it because of all the things that Caleb stated. But during this my boys were taken from me because I had contact with a person that was claimed to have molested them.

The case was dropped, but about a year later the Grand Jury reindicted him. We waited in hopes that it would end soon and that we would be able to carry on with our lives. It took almost four years; he was convicted on one count of first degree sexual abuse with no evidence, just a coached child. I would ask that you help me in getting a fair trial for Torrin and that he be released from prison.

Alabama Pardon and Paroles, Alabama State Attorney

Sponsor of Petition:
Kristi Posey

Geographic Scope of Petition:
Alabama, United States



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