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Israeli Orders: KILL JFK !


The Problem: JFK would not allow Israel to have the nuclear bomb and plutonium from materials created at Dimona. To make sure of it, he demanded 6 months inspections of the facility by the USA. JFK was angry with France for having built the Dimona facility in the first place and he supported Algeria in their Revolutionary War for Independence.
His foreign policy absolutely enraged Ben-Gurion as well as French nationalists. The Ben-Gurion government, already under pressure from the LAVON AFFAIR and JFK , collapsed on the 16th of June 1963. Read the letter from JFK to the followup Prime Minister, LEVI ESHKOL, dated July 5, 1963.


THE MARILYN MONROE HONEY TRAP. The original plan to get rid of JFK failed. Then......
assassinated in Dallas, Texas, Dealey Plaza, as his limousine drove by the Texas SchoAmericans Wake Up ! JFK had to be eliminated and replaced by LBJ in order for Israel to make nuclear bombs. LBJ, having several Jewish ancestors, maternal great grandparents, was totally sympathetic to Israel.

JFK had given orders for the CIA to eliminate the Chinese nuclear facility. China was cooperating with Israeli nuclear testing in exchange for advanced nuclear technological information. LBJ also rescinded that order.

All other Kennedys who even thought about running for President had to be eliminated, because they would find out the truth about Israel when in the presidency, and in control of the CIA. The elimination of Ted Kennedy, by an arranged accident, and the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy Jr. were a necessity for Israel to keep the lid on the JFK assassination by the Mossad and their operatives. JFK's father, Joseph P.Kennedy, ambassador to Great Britain in 1939, was a known "anti-semite" -believed due to his early connections with the Jewish criminal mob, the pro-German British P.M. - Chamberlain, and the German company, I. G. Farben.

LEE HARVEY OSWALD was setup to be the "patsy" by his connections to Clay Shaw and Permindex which was a Mossad front organization and also by CIA agent E. Howard Hunt who wanted a "fake" assassination attempt to implicate Cuba. The real assassins were French Corsicans set up by Yitzhak Shamir a Mossad assassin himself. The fatal shots were fired from the GRASSY KNOLL. Oswald was arrested and charged with 2 murders. Enter Jack Ruby to seal the plot.

JACK RUBY (RUBINSTEIN) Age 52 in 1963.

The 1st attempt to kill Oswald. Jack Ruby was tied into the Jewish mob by dealings with Meyer Lansky, the "King of Crime." It was intended that Lee Harvey Oswald would die in the assassination plot. According to the Warren Report Mark Lane testimony, a meeting took place between Ruby, Officer Tippit, and a "phoney carpet salesman" possible Mossad-agent Bernie Weissman* at Ruby's Carousel Club on the 14th, eight days before the JFK assassination. It is likely plans were made for the execution of Oswald by Officer Tippit at the pre-arranged meeting site known ahead of time. Oswald by then, may have realized he was being set up as the patsy and shot Officer Tippit instead at 1:15 PM, 45 minutes after the assassination of JFK. (Oswald was seen running away). However, other reports indicate that Ruby was on the scene also intending to shoot Oswald but instead shot Officer Tippet. Descriptions of the "other man" favored Ruby. The weapon used was an automatic, not Oswald's gun. When Oswald unexpectedly survived, and was captured and arrested, he had to be killed by the Jewish mob to keep the real truth-of-the-matter from interrogators and the U.S. public. (*Weissman arrived Nov 4th in Dallas and departed on the 27th. He denied the meeting allegation, but his strange testimony could only be believed with a stretch of the political imagination. We think he was lying.-ed. )

Below are some of the strange statements made by Jack Ruby.

The day before the JFK assassination, November 21st at noontime in Assistant District Attorney Ben Ellis' office in front of 6 others, Ruby introduced himself to Ben Ellis and told Mr. Ellis, "You probably don't know me now, but you will." ( quoting report to Chief Curry from Lt W.F. Dyson - Dallas archives )

Ruby paid off a colored employee and said: "You had better get it all tonight, because I won't be around."  Ruby then went to the Police station on Friday night, the 22nd, posed as a writer or interpreter for Jewish newspaper people, and on the 3rd floor of the police department tried to kill Oswald but could not get the opportunity.(Verified by HUDKINS, reporter of the Houston Post.) The wife of Yitzhak Rabin, Leah Rabin, revealed in a biography, that Rabin was in Dallas when Kennedy was assassinated. There is little doubt that Ruby was connected to Rabin and Israel during those moments he was seeking to kill Oswald. "Yes, Rabin could have been one of the "journalists," writes Jewish author BARRY CHAMISH.

According to the Houston Post, and/or Houston Chronicle, after Ruby had finally seized the opportunity to kill Oswald at 11:21 AM on Sunday morning, the 24th, shortly after, he blurted out that he and others were going to be "the cause of the death of 25 million Jews,"  meaning ...if the investigators could figure it out.

Ruby's phoney story: he was "relieving Jackie Kennedy to have to come to Dallas to testify." But later he said: "the world will never know - nor would they believe - what took place here" and "take me to Washington DC and I will tell you all that I know. I cannot say anything here, I am the only one left that can tell you everything."  Then Ruby conveniently died of "Lung Cancer". - Maybe.

Ruby was noted for blurting out INCRIMINATING STATEMENTS. Many believed that he could not hold a secret or be trusted. Ruby was convinced that all the Jews of the world would be slaughtered. ( Yes, he had already tipped his mit about the Jews - ed.)

"When they brought in the death penalty, he cracked. Ten days later he rammed his head into a cell wall. Then he tried to kill himself with an electric light socket. Then he tried to hang himself with sheets." (Then they just helped him do it with "lung cancer", at age 55. Ruby told his family that he was injected with cancer cells. He had to go, just like Oswald, to conceal the truth. -ed.). DEATHS CONCEALING THE TRUTH.

Did Ruby meet Oswald at 2:15 AM Friday, in the early morning hours before the JFK assassination? Read this testimony of MARY LAWRENCE, waitress at the B&B Cafe in Mesquite, Texas, just east of Dallas.


This short webpage is not intended to give all the details about the JFK assassination, but only the motivation of Israel to commit the crime, and the motive of Ruby for the assassination of Oswald -to save the Jewish People from what he thought would be total annihilation, if the truth were uncovered.

It also questions the official version, and as many as 35 other versions laying the blame on the "mafia,", the CIA, etc. It's obvious to many that Oswald was the patsy, but the Israeli hand is invisible to the unaware.

In our opinion, Israel gave the order. The Mossad carried it out. Ruby covered it up.

The JFK assassination was the most successful crime of the century.
Recommended reading:
FINAL JUDGEMENTby Michael Collins Piper, ( The AFP )
and the latest .......OPIUM LORDS by Salvador Astucia.

ED: These 3 books by 3 great investigative writers are supplementary to each other. Taken together, they do not leave much doubt about the Jewish hand in the events surrounding the JFK assassination.

Special Mention: AFP article about the new book Robert Maxwell: Israel's Superspy linking Maxwell and Sen. John Tower and the JFK assassination.

SEEDS OF FIRE and GIDEON'S SPIES by Gordon Thomas, ADL target.



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