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Unnecessary Personal Confrontation

by crystal cartier

I shun unnecessary personal confrontation
Such a senseless way to die
Real life Jerry Springer drama
Lost souls beyond caring why
People pushed to the end of their ropes
Killing innocent straws
that broke the camel's back
Venting once limited to brawling & curses
has become full fledged murderous attacks
How do we survive the fulfillment
of prophecy's Last Days?
The international tide is turning against Israel
& oppression just as ancient prophecy says
Will the war on poverty & corruption ever be won?
Brother killing brother
fathers & mothers killing daughters and sons
Children killing parents
The System killing the poor
Covert strategies to reduce the surplus population
planned & enforced
behind closed minds & doors
Victims seeking vengeance... Misguided & lost
Dollarmites seeking cash profits at any cost
Terrorists are oppressed Soldiers
to the loved ones for whom they fight
HiStory is taught from the perspective
of the victors with most might
Unemployment is rampant
from the top to the dregs
All over the world
Babylon is tottering on the edge
Disenfranchised Have's are ego trippin'
Have's Not's are going wild
The natives grown beyond being restless
are putting the Church & Society on trial
Young minds programmed by violence
Super Heroes always kick azz
Winners must be strong or go down
as losers and drop out trash
God is for wussies
Crime always pays
fat wages of sin
to include early graves
Multinational CrooKorporations
British owned banks, insurance companies
AT & T, Qwest, & Microsoft
have such powerful monopolies
they tell our puppet government where to get off
While corporate welfare bankrupts our economic system
Citizen herd mentality is programmed to target poor & elderly victims
Consumers beware!  Give no one your trust
Even small family owned businesses have grown cold & corrupt
Big companies give lousy service
but have the clout to destroy your life
Ineffective government agencies
give nothing to the hopeless but more stress & strife
Banks have turned into bold gangsters
Interest & fees devouring accounts
Seizing social security checks
from senior citizens
for unpaid school loans
of grown children tapped out
Slaves going postal
Suicide the new trend
Mothers killing children
friends killing friends.
I shun public places
Bombs & bullets have no respect
for innocent victims
whether rich or derelicts
No more safe ivory towers
They're exploding from within
Yes I shun unnecessary confrontation
Too easy for evil to slip in
I refuse to contribute to the madness
Call me a coward... I don't care
Better a coward than a bully
Don't want to go there
Sometimes we all behave like demons
Too many folks living too close to the edge
Too many pushed buttons
Too many sad dogs gone mad
Predators in denial
defending territory & egocentric reputations
Too often today violence
is the by product
of personal confrontation


© 6/19/02

Ms. Cartier has provided carte blanche agreement to this publisher to publish any of her poetry.



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