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House Email addresses Senate Email Addresses

Editor's note: Many of the Congress and Senate have elected to only respond to their constituents despite the fact that they vote on issues which affect people around the world. Shall we, therefore, limit them to only voting on issues that affect the American people since they don't seem to care about the welfare of people who live outside the United States, or shall we gather together as many people who live in other countries and have them join those of us who are boycotting the United States for tourism instead?

Here are the Congress and Senate who have graciously provided their Email address to the people of the world:

Member State Email address
Congressman Sanford Bishop GA
Congressman Rick Boucher VA
Congressman Sherrod Brown OH
Congressman Kevin Brady TX
Congressman Ed Case HI
Congressman Lane Evans IL
Congressman Tom Feeney FL
Congressman Vito Fossella NY
Congressman Rodney Fredlinghuysen NJ
Congressman Phil Gingrey GA
Congressman Sam Graves MO
Congressman Mark Green WI
Congressman Raul Grijalva AZ
Congressman J. D. Hayworth AZ
Congressman William Jefferson LA
Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson TX
Congressman Mark Kennedy MN
Congressman Peter King NY
Congressman Steve King IA
Congressman Joe Knollenberg MI
Congressman Tom Lantos CA
Congressman Rick Larsen WA
Congressman Tom Latham IA
Congressman James Leach IA
Congressman Frank LoBiondo NJ
Congressman Stephen Lynch MA
Congressman Gregory Meeks NY
Congressman Gary Miller CA
Congressman Michael Michaud ME
Congressman George Miller CA
Congressman Tim Murphy PA
Congresswoman Sue Myrick NC
Congressman Jerrold Nadler NY
Congressman Frank Pallone NJ
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi CA
Congresswoman Deborah Pryce OH
Congressman Jim Ramstad MN
Congressman Dennis Rehberg MT
Congressman Rick Renzi AZ
Congressman Harold Rogers KY
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher CA
Congressman Timothy Ryan OH
Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez CA
Congressman James Sensenbrenner WI
Congressman Jose Serrano NY
Congressman Cliff Stearns FL
Congressman Bennie Thompson MS
Congressman Michael Turner OH
Congressman Greg Walden OR
Congressman James Walsh NY
Congressman Anthony Weiner NY
Congressman Curt Weldon PA
Congresswoman Heather Wilson NM
Congressman Bill Young AK

Senate Email addresses
Senator Saxby Chambliss GA
Senator Frank Lautenberg NJ Frank_Lautenberg@lautenberg.Senate.Gov
Senator Olympia Snowe ME
Senator James Talent MO Senator_Talent@Talent.Senate.Gov

Editor's note: With all due respect to several of the new Congress people who were elected in 2002, they do not have Email addresses yet, so don't be too harsh on them. I hope that they will willingly provide their Email addresses to the world when they receive them because we all know that the world needs them.

If you find any mistakes on these Email addresses, you can go to: You will be able to click on the Email addresses on that Web site. Or you can go to  



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