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Did You Know?


The Western European countries with legislation banning the dissemination of revised holocaust history are Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, and Switzerland.
Provided by a supporter who lives in Italy.
Cannabis means CANVAS in Dutch. It's the strongest natural fiber known to man. It furnished all the sails for the ships, and all the rope. The hemp used was not good for smoking or medicine. It had to be sexed to be useful for smoking. It was used for medicinal treatments for over 100 ailments. It made the finest grade of paper used to print U.S. money for many years. As used for paper it can produce in 2 years on one acre what it takes 2-1/2  acres 30 - 40 years to produce wood pulp.

In 1928 a Canadian German by the name of Pogue drove an Auburn, which was a regular sized automobile not compact, coast to coast equipped with his invention of a vapor carburetor and got three hundred miles per gallon. He used naphtha gasoline (same as stove gas,without any additives). The big oil companies harassed him and broke him, and finally he was killed.

Some maverick geologists have discovered that some of the dry or depleted oil wells have begun to be replenished from tar deposits deep within the earth. This sort of debunks the fossil fuel theory.
Provided by Vernon Essig in Idaho.
An oil exploration physicist named  Gary Gensch in Wichita, Kansas, states that the reserve  estimates with which he is familiar will be good for 1000 years. He also said that oil exploration experts assume that the  slow accumulation sedimentary layering model is wrong.  They have learned not to look for oil in a Jurassic Park layer.
Provided by a CIA-Drugs poster.
Vegan Diet Cuts Risk of Prostate Cancer

British researchers report more evidence that a diet free of meat and dairy products lowers a man's risk for developing prostate cancer.  The Oxford study of 696 men found that IGF-I levels were 9-10 percent lower in vegan men than in meat eating men.  [IGF-I, insulin-like growth factor, has been found to play a key role in causing prostate cancer.]

The study reviews previous population studies showing that countries with low consumption of animal products had significantly lower rates of the disease.  The American Cancer Society predicts there will be about 180,400 new case of prostate cancer in the U.S. by the end of 2000.  It is estimated that approximately 31,900 men will die of this disease. [Allen, NE, et al. "Hormones and diet: low insulin-like growth factor-I but normal bioavailable androgens in vegan men." British Journal of Cancer 2000; 83: 95-7.]

Why Vegan Bones Last Longer

Haven't you heard? Milk doesn't stop osteoporosis, but cutting sodium and animal proteins do? Some statistics for the doubting among you:
Eliminate 40 grams of animal protein each day [one chicken breast and two eggs] and human calcium requirements are cut by 200 milligrams.  Reducing  sodium intake by one-third and human calcium requirements are cut by another 200 milligrams. Animal proteins, and sodium in the diet cause calcium to pass from the bloodstream, through the kidneys, and into the urine each and every day.
The Heritage Foundation includes Mrs. Clarence Thomas as a member of the Board of Directors, and Jeb Bush was a former member of that same board until he became governor. He carried out their agenda by getting rid of affirmative action in Florida.



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