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Boycotts We Support


Outside of the beautiful City Hall in Munich, Germany is a large tent that belongs to German activists who are determined to end war. This boycott is of the multinational corporations which are the ones which supported the Iraq war: There is no doubt in my mind that they would support any war.

The Procter & Gamble Company
Makes Charmin, Clairol, DASH, DAWN, Downy, Ellen Betrix, Fairy, Febreeze, Alldays, Always, Antikal, Ariel, Blend-A-Med, Blendax, Boss, Bounty, Punica, Pringles, Wick, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Hugo Boss, Lenor, Meister Propper, Oil of Olaz, Old Spice, Pampers, Panthene, Secret, Swiffer, Tempo, and Vizir

Johnson & Johnson
Makes Clean & Clear, Fenjala, BEBE Young Care, Carefree, OB Tampons, Penaten, and Pronto

Colgate-Palmolive Company
Makes Colgate, Dentagard, AJAX, Gard, Palmolive, and Softlan

SC Johnson & Son, Inc.
Makes Drano and Brise

Sara Lee Corporation
Makes Duschdas (a shampoo), Aoste, Natreen, and many desserts

Bonne Bell, Inc.
Makes Bonne Bell

Kimberley-Clark Corporation
Makes Hakle, Kleenex, Servus, and Camelia

The Coca Cola Company
Makes BONAQA, Cappy, Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, Lift,  Mezzo Mix, and Dasani bottled water

Chiquita Brands International, Inc.
Produces Chiquita bananas

Dole Food Company, Inc.
Processes Dole products

Campbell Soup Company
Makes Erasco and Heisse Tasse

Altria Group, Inc.
Makes F6, Philip Morris, L&M, and Marlboro (In conjunction with Philip Morris)

Kraft Foods, Inc.
Makes Suchard, Toblerone, Luffee, Marabou, Milka, LILA PAUSE, Kaba, DAIM, Velveta, Reis-Fit, Philadelphia, Jacobs, HAG, KRAFT, Lunchables, Maxwell, Miracle Whip, and ONKO

Mars, Inc.
Makes Uncle Ben's rice, Rispinos, Snickers, Twix, Mars Bar, Milky Way, M&Ms, AMICELLI, Ballisto, Banjo, BISC8, Bounty, Catsan, CESAR, CHAPPY, Frolic, Whiskas, Pedigree, Sheba, Thomas, Trill, and Kitkat

H. J. Heinz Company
Makes Sonnen-Bassermann and Heinz Catsup

Fortune Brands, Inc.
Makes Jeam Beam

General Mills, Inc.
Makes H*AGEN DASZ, Pillsbury and Knack&Back

Pepsico, Inc.
Makes Seven Up, Pepsi, and Mirinda

Kellogg Company
KELLOGG'S and Frosties

William Wrigley Jr. Company
Makes Wrigley's, Orbit, HUBBA BUBBA, AIRWAVES, and Big Red

The Gillette Company
Makes Gillette, Oral-B, and Venus

Harley-Davidson, Inc.
Makes Harley-Davidson Parfum (Lizenz)

Energizer Holding, Inc.
Makes Wilkinson

One person remarked that he was not going to support this boycott, but I feel that every little bit helps. So I am proud to support this boycott for every product that these companies produce.

Thank you German activists for initiating this product boycott, as in my humble opinion, it is the best that we can do and will last until we end war!
From The Mirror in the U.K.
Tuesday, May 6, 2003


By Tanith Carey, Consumer Editor

CHILDREN'S charities have called for a ban on a toy that teaches children as young as six how to inflict torture.

Wedgie dolls, named after the practice of pulling up someone's underwear sharply, scream in agony when youngsters give them a yank.

Described as your "annoying little brother" they shout: "Ow, Ow, Ow. Quit it. That hurts. I'll tell my mummy on you. I hate it when you do that."

More than 50,000 dolls, made by US firm Hasbro, have been sold in Britain.

The instructions declare: "You can torture and tease Wedgie until he just can't take it any more."

Hasbro insisted last night the toy was meant to be "humorous."
Many schools have banned pupils doing wedgies and now the NSPCC is urging parents to boycott the doll.

Parent adviser Eileen Hayes said: "This sends out completely the wrong message to children on how to behave.

"We are concerned it could encourage children to bully and hurt each other. Babies and toddlers are particularly vulnerable to harm and parents need to help older siblings treat them with care and affection."

Michelle Elliott of Kidscape added: "It astonishes me that a responsible toy company like Hasbro should put out a toy which encourages kids to harm each other.

"Wedgies are very dangerous for boys. They can strangulate testicles which is why schools have tried to stamp out this practice.

"They should withdraw this toy in the interest of safety.

"Basically children are being encouraged to hurt the toy so that it screams in pain. This is the very behaviour we don't want in children."

Developmental psychology consultant Elizabeth Newson said: "This is like child abuse. This is no joke. It is disgraceful to bring out a toy that is teaching children to torture other children."

The toy is clearly marked for children of six years and over.

Despite the call for a ban, Hasbro said it intends to put even more of the £31.99 dolls on sale this year.

A spokesman said: "We take all complaints seriously, especially those that involve the well-being of children.

"The product was designed to be humorous and research among children and parents provided us with very positive feedback.

"We have sold more than 50,000 Wedgies in the UK and only received one other inquiry."



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