The Journal of History     Winter 2005    TABLE OF CONTENTS

The Journal of History
La verdad sobre la democracia

Winter 2005 - Volume 5, Issue 1

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." -- George Washington

- Thesis
- The Truth About the United Nations
- Secret History of America: The Greatest Conspiracy on Earth by Author anonymous
- What is the New World Order by Ken Adachi, Part 1 of 5
- New World Order Timeline, Part 2 of 5
- New World Order Timeline, continued Part 3 of 5
- Albert Pike and Three World Wars, Part 4 of 5
- Three World War Statistics Compared, Part 5 of 5
- Illuminati Builds Tower of Infamy by Texe Marrs
- United Nations Body Set Up to Make Recommendations of Governing Internet
- Members of UN Working Group on Internet Governance
- United Nations Control of the Internet Rejected until 2005
- Senator Jesse Helms' speech to the United Nations in 2000
- New World Order Quotes
- U.N. is a Bureaucratic Monstrosity by Erica Carle
- Investigation Reveals: Bilderbergers Want Taxes Up, War in Iraq Over by James P. Taylor
- The World Economic Forum: Facilitating a New World Order by Joan Veon
- Dumbing Us Down Further: What Freedom of the Press? In Their Own Words: Quotes For Political Activists. 14. by Brian Mitchell

- Poetry: FLY HIGH by Malfrid Mjelstad Roen

- 9/11 Black Box Cover-Up by Greg Szymanski
- Commentary: Al Qaeda does not exist and never has by Joseph John Hrevnack
- 9/11 Text of an Email letter from Kevin Ryan to Frank Gayle, November 11, 2004
- Another Elite Group: Elihu Group
- Project Woodpecker by Cal

- Did You Know? Dumping the U.N., United Nations & Kickbacks, Al Qaeda, Exxon rapes/tortures in Indonesia, Killing Civilians in Iraq, WEF involvement in NWO
- Did You Know? U.N. sex abuse, U.S. Post Office, International Atomic Energy Association, Hmong Secret Army

- America's Concerns: Patriotic Virginia citizen arrested for maligning the U.N.
- America's Concerns: Establishment of New World Order timetable
- America's Concerns: Scientist Faces Prison in Germany
- America's Concerns: Fired Whistle blowers still fighting
- America's Concerns: Social Security Fraud
- The World's Concerns: Internet Passports for Internet 2
- The World's Concerns: Closing Diego Garcia Military Base

- Good News: Americans are learning what is being done to them.

- Boycotts We Support: New Boycotts
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 1
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 2
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 3
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 4
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 5
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 6

- U.S. House & Senate Addresses & Fax Numbers - New 109th Congress
- U.S. House & Senate Email Addresses - New 109th Congress

- Letters to the Editor

- Book Review: The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives by Zbigniew Brzezinski ; Review by Arlene Johnson

- Advertisers We Support

- Demands for the Government


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