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Establishment of the New World Order timetable

1978 Andre Michrowski, a Canadian researcher writes Trudeau on (January 9 citing a Pacific NW Center for Non-Ionizing Radiation Study that found Soviet signals beamed into the US had a " psychoactive" component that was "strongly suggestive of achieving the "objective of brain control." Michrowski notes that there is "planetary scale brain control that is growing into reality with each passing week."

1978 CIA "Operation Pique" bounces microwaves off the ionisphere in order to affect mental functions of sheople in selected areas, including Europe.

1979 Global Research begins to understand how "fluorides in the body disrupt collogen synthesis."

1979 In a remote viewing experimant conducted with several individuals reveals that the government possesses Tesla Based technology that is being used to influence elections in the US from the NORAD Facility.

1979 Dr. W. L. Gabler and Dr. P. A. Long of the University of Oregon health sciences center find that as little as 0.2ppm (part per milliion) fluoride in the body (claimed safe level is 1.0 ppm in H2O supplies)"stimulates superoxide production in resting white blood cells, seriously depressing the ability of white blood cells to destroy pathogenic agents. Superoxide in the bloodstream also gives rise to tissue damage and acceleration of the aging process "reference: "Fluoride Inhibition of Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes," Journal of Dental Research Vol 48 no 9 p1933-1939, 1979

1985 Research conducted by the Edinburgh Medical Reasearch Council in England which indicates that fluoride causes genetic damage in human blood cells.

1985 1000+ sheople from California to Canada develope twitching muscles after eating watermelons laced with ALDICARB a pesticide not approved for such fruit.

1985 Congressional record August 1st details Dr. Ewen Cameron's activities at the Allen Memorial Clinic in Montreal and involvment in CIA sponsored mind control experiments on Canadians and Americans, on systematic annihilation of memory, de-patterning the mind and memory, barbituate sleep and LSD experiments, and psychic-driving (repetition of a coded message) mind programming.

1985 The Assisitant Secretary of Health, Edward Brandt, Jr. MD, testifies before senate committee "every year 35,000 children suffer neurological complications due to DPT vaccine" May 3, 1985.

1987 Project Moonscan alledgedly gets underway for prepositioning mind control technolgy on the Moon to influence Earth's population Managed by AIRBORN INSTRUMENT LABS and run by EATON CORPORATION. The Department of Defense takes over management in 1988.

1987 Petterson Institute for Cancer Research in England demonstrates that fluoride causes genetic damage to human cells. Imperial Chemical Industries(ICI) in England attains same results 1987.

1987 "Dulce Papers" released.

1987 AMA found guilty of conspiring for 20 years to destroy chiropractic; AMA wait until 1992 to tell member physicians (less than 40% of all Doctors) that it is "ethical " to associate with chiropractors (Wilk vs. AMA, 1987).

1988 Congressional Office Technology Assessment publishes a special report entitled "Criminal Justice- New Technologies and the Constitution" which surveys new technolgies used in the investigation, apprehension, confinement of criminals.The report specifically avoids discussion of directed energy weapons from the section on "non-lethal weapons." It also discusses development of a weapon in 1983/84 that can paralyze a person at a distance through a brick wall.

1992 Another study reveals that fluorides suppress the immune system [Gibson, S. "Effects of Flouride on the Immune System," Complimentary Medical research Vol 6 no 3 10/92 pp 111-113.

2002 ESTABLISHMENT OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER according to their 1995 timetable


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