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Patriotic Virginia Citizen arrested for maligning the United Nations

This is a preliminary report. Final/full details, i.e., names, etc, may follow as soon as the law suit is filed. Be advised, that for over two weeks I could not contact my close friend, "Mick;" either by email or phone! He was supposed to have arrived here on the 26th for a get-together of Believers to hear a guest speaker from South Africa. Mick did not show up. Here's what happened:

On the 25th of October, Mick went into an auto parts store near Norfolk, VA. Outside was a Ford Crown Victoria sedan with "US Govt" plates on it; to include a blue, serial-numbered "UN Peacekeeper" decal on the rear of the car. Inside were two Caucasian men, who spoke with accented English.

Within the two men's hearing, and I suppose on purpose, Mick commenced a spirited conversation with the auto parts clerks, wherein the UN was severely maligned. To wit, the clerks got over pretty hard on the UN, with the two "foreigners" within earshot. [This means they speak fluent English!] The two then went outside, and were sitting in their car as Mick drove away. Within one half hour, as he pulled into his driveway, four "straight" FBI agents, in two cars drove up. They put him under arrest, apparently under the USA PATRIOT Act. No charges, no papers; nothing but a phone call from "our shadow government." He was finally released about 15 days later.

Note: For right now, the UN cops would not come, in daylight, to his house to make the arrest themselves. Not yet! Not as long as citizens are armed!

Here's what happened, i.e., the mechanics of the whole scenario: The two foreigners took his license number, and called their "superiors," i.e., via the command/control infrastructure which I have warned was in place as far back as 1995. The "superiors" then called their liaison officer, either in "Homeland Security," or the Justice Department; probably the former, and reported what you just read above. Homeland Security, or the Justice Department, whichever, under the auspices of our post-911-discovered "shadow government," and in accordance with the provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act, then called directly to the Norfolk FBI Field Office. This all happened in less than 45 minutes from "some talk" in a store until the arrest! I'm warning you people.. wake up!

They have absolute command and control of their forces, and OUR police within the USA! Moreover, I discussed the above with (R) Delegate Ed Scott, 30th Legislative District, just one hour after I got this report from Mick; which was today at 10:15 AM. Delegate Scott asked if I had contacted my congressman, Eric Cantor. I advised him that Cantor, along with 433 members of the US House, [Dennis Hastert not included, he saw it] had signed Patriot Acts I and II, without ever seeing them! Furthermore, I told him there was a set of Jesuitic-type "handlers" around every government VIP, including all members of the US Senate/House, which makes it impossible to get through; unless you meet him/them in person out in the hustings.

Mick spent about 15 days in jail, as close as I can determine. Consequently, the FBI agents, and jail personnel, are somewhat smarter, and when I get through they'll be a whole lot more savvy; as will several other Virginia FBI Field Office Chiefs, and several local sheriffs and Virginia State Policemen. I'm gonna make "hay" out of this one!

Be advised, I, TEN YEARS AGO, briefed the Virginia State Police Commander, Colonel Wayne Higgins, in April 1994 that such was going to happen in the USA. I told him all of our troops would be sent overseas, and UN cops/troops sent here. It has happened! These two UN "Operatives" at the parts store were surely armed, and will, as we have found, quickly display their "Homeland Security" federal ID cards when challenged! We are in imminent peril people! Born again Believers had better pray for guidance; and my Jewish friends had better make Aliyah!

Folks, these UN cops will soon be in your face, and mine, to arrest all of us "crimes-against-humanity" folks who believe in Jehovah God/Elohim; and who support Israel/and the Jewish people. Be advised they are already clandestinely arresting "Red and Blue-Listed" US citizens!!!! How much money and time shall I have to spend to get you all to escape the coming Holocaust!?? Can you not see it coming?

Or will you say, "Well, I don't bad mouth the United Nations in auto parts stores, so they won't bother me." That's the same line of thinking reminiscent of the German Rabbis who said, "Oh, the German SA won't arrest us Jews; we're the bankers, the bakers, the CPAs, and the store owners, etc." No, but the SS sure did as soon as they had knocked off the SA cops and the loyalist Weimar Republic military officers; and in a blood letting exercise [The Night of the Long Knives] seized control of all in-country weapons, and took over. The same scenario is planned here; the only difference is the participants -- and a 70 year span of time. The "spirit" of the Third Reich was not defeated! It exists here, now, as the Fourth Reich! Our cops will suffer the same fate as the "brown shirted" SA, as soon as our personal guns are outlawed and the rest of our troops are deployed overseas to fight the UN's wars!

They have a continuing "operations plan" to make this all happen!

The above "Mick vs. FBI" incident is just one case more wherein the New World Order, has pitted [armed] Americans against other [armed] Americans. In this case it was a patriotic American against the FBI who are obviously armed Americans. Fortunately a cool head prevailed in Norfolk. The FBI agents don't have a clue what's happening. They were just "following orders" from higher up; and does that not sound familiar? Their orders to arrest Mick were made possible by the post-911 scenario; i.e., "Ordo Ab Chao," or in English, the "Order out of Chaos" campaign against us. That is, a [New World] "Order Out" of the "Chaos" they have planned and perpetrated against the USA! What you saw and heard on September 11, 2001, was not what actually happened.

To get up to speed see: or> or or - at the "Tamar Yonah Show" - permanent archives - wherein you'll find "The New World Order - Are we safe?" Or may go to and search for "concentration camps" and "chemtrails" to get a miniscule glimpse of what's happening to our Republic. You may also see but take much offense if you hear Jones say," Zionism is Racism!" He has now come under the judgment of God for that line! My Jewish friends had best check out the Israel National Radio program noted above!

Godspeed, as you're going to need it. Am Israel Chai... Al Cuppett


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