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Letters to the Editor

Hi Arlene,
I read some of the articles on your site. If I did not know that God "created" evil. Isa.45:7, I would be full of "hate" toward these guards and officers. I know God, and the law of cause and affect. These men, are mentally sick, sadists. God will deal with them.

After Christ was crucified, God waited 40 years for the Jews to repent. They did not. In 70 AD the Romans were sent. They destroyed Jerusalem. They crucified thousands, beat and starved to death others. What we sew we will reap. This is a universal law. This is why this "age" is the age of Evil. We all experience it. These people will also. There will be a RESURRECTION when these people will be "judged" by those whom they have hurt. Their time will come. It will not be pretty.

All the best,



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