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Did You Know?
U.N. Sex Abuse

Charges of sex abuse and other crimes have been lodged against U.N. peacekeeping missions around the world for decades. Officials have found it difficult to crack down because the United Nations doesn't want to offend the relatively small number of countries that are willing to provide peacekeepers.

Provided by The Seattle Times Company January 8, 2005 at article entitled "U.N. peacekeepers continue sex abuse"


The U.S. Post Office is a private corporation.
Provided by R. Louis Richards, Hs.D. in


The International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) is the United Nations' nuclear watchdog.
Provided by the Council on Foreign Relations


Cha Vang is a son of Gen. Vang Pao, probably the best-known Hmong in the United States. General Vang Pao commanded the Hmong "secret army" that the Central Intelligence Agency assembled to fight Communism in Southeast Asia in the 1960's and 1970's.


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