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On page 145 of Elliott Roosevelt's book entitled Mother R: Eleanor Roosevelt's Untold Story, he quotes Eleanor Roosevelt who said "...the United Nations role in assuring peace." However, in 60 years since its founding in San Francisco, California, we have not seen peace occur. Why not?

This edition is devoted to all the people around the world who have had to suffer from war, as the United Nations wasn't created to prevent war. It was created to bring about the Illuminati's New World Order or One World Government, those two ideas being exactly the same. For what other reason would John D. Rockefeller, Jr. purchase the land in New York City and donate it to the United Nations? What did he stand to gain by doing that? He didn't do it for benevolent reasons.

People believe that the United Nations hasn't been able to achieve the goal of peace because of hindrances by the United States, but if you read what this edition says, I think you will quickly change your mind. Moreover, the United States actually prevented the United Nations from taking control of the internet in 2003, delaying it from beginning to take control of it until 2005.

Finally, you'll understand why various conservative senators have not wanted to pay the dues that the United States is said to owe; the United Nations seeks to end United States sovereignty as it does all sovereign nations around the world; so all nations would not be able to escape the one world government that such notables as Rothschild so earnestly desire where there is no place to be safe from those who seek only two classes, the ultra rich and the slaves who serve them who have no rights whatsoever!

Are we as citizens of the entire world going to allow this New World Order to occur? Join with me in ending the tyranny that such people as Rothschild and Rockefeller want to impose on us. Not a single article in this edition was written by me, Editor-In-Chief of this publication, so no one can accuse me of partiality even though the United Nations betrayed me because it censored me. All the articles were written by others. Moreover, if you feel that I have a vendetta against the U.N., reconsider as there is an entire echelon of people who do in the United States alone, people who know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the United Nations represents the destruction of the constitutions of every single nation on earth for their NWO scheme, and who are determined to see it come to fruition.

If you have never sent a "Demands for the Government" page to the Speaker of the House in Washington D.C., do so now as we can't allow the sovereignty of any nation be destroyed. Those of us who know about the United Nations, know that when, not if, the United States withdraws from the United Nations, it won't be able to maintain its status.

This is due to the fact that not only does the United States put more money into maintaining the United Nations than any other country, but because when the League of Nations was established and the United States didn't join it, the League of Nations didn't succeed in its New World Order plans after WW I ended, a war which was based on a deceit by the Illuminati families.

So no matter where you live, be sure to send the "Demands for the Government" page to the Speaker of the House in Washington D.C. as if you don't, you can expect that the New World Order will be achieved.

Thank you.

Arlene Johnson Editor-In-Chief


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