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Good News

Americans are learning what is being done to them

From the Editor-in-Chief
A new supporter, who lives in California, recently told me the following:

"It feels like there has been a momentum growing which is only now beginning to show a little. Many people know about 9/11. The 'cat is out of the bag' and the outrage is getting louder and louder. It will get very difficult for the NEOCONS to control the population the way they first imaginined it. I don't believe they factored into their 'equation'...the Internet and its tremendous force. Many more young people use only the Internet for their news.

Another point is that ALL of the 'crap' is coming to the surface now. Every day, another lie or secret law like the Patriot Act II is posted....Their cold calculated advance seems unstoppable. WACO and Oklahoma City the evidence for that, too, is being posted and is surfacing...along with the shocking realization that even 'likeable Clinton' knowingly helped and has full knowledge of this... which then makes everyone question... when did it really start?

Who are these people? What has been going on behind closed doors? Something in me feels that their power is temporary because it is not stable....

I was also told that if the nation revolts...they're done. They cannot hold the whole USA. We outnumber them 500 -1."


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