The Journal of History

La verdad sobre la democracia

Winter 2006 - Volume 6, Issue 1

- Thesis

- A Wilma Update By Scott Stevens

- Visible Views of Spring and Summer Clouds By Scott Stevens

- Holes, Holes Everywhere! By Scott Stevens

- The Tsunami that was Katrina By Scott Stevens

- Surplus Images not used in Articles By Scott Stevens

- Hurricane Ophelia By Scott Stevens

- Silent and Deadly Earthquake Attacks *PIC* By Harbinger

- Longitudinal Scalar EM Waves - strong Earth Emissions are part of Quakes and Volcanics By Larry A. Park

- Recent News Stories and Chemtrail Plane Images By Scott Stevens

- History: Three More Reasons Why President Kennedy was assassinated, Author unknown

- 9/11: View of a Military Expert: Why the Towers of the World Trade Center Collapse, Anonymous Author

- History: The Credit River Decision By Bill Drexler

- Man claims he heard New Orleans Levees Dynamited into flooding city Provided by APFN

- NEW The Future: Warning - Precious Metals Not Safe in Bank Boxes By Bob Chapman

- Myth Breakers

- Did You Know? The Statue of Liberty

- America's Concerns: Dispatch From Tunis: The Civil Society Summit that won't work

- America's Concerns: Internet Censorship

- America's Concerns: Court Disabled Can't Escape Student Loans By Gina Holland

- America's Concerns: Corruption in Wisconsin

- America's Concerns: CSA Radiation Levels High in Chemtrail Area

- The World's Concerns: Milosevic has to be freed for medical treatment!

- Good News: Argentina Breaks Plutocrat Banker Stranglehold by Richard Walker

- Good News: Update: Patrick Swiney Medical Condition

- Good News: Alabama's largest newspaper advocates abolishing death penalty By Jim Reeves

- Book Review: Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair By Annie Machon; Review by Arlene Johnson

- Book Review: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish origins of Christianity By Carsten Peter Thiede; Review by Arlene Johnson

- U.S. House & Senate Addresses & Fax Numbers - 109th Congress

- U.S. House & Senate Email Addresses - 109th Congress

- Letters to the Editor

- Advertisers We Support

- Demands for the Government


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