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Did You Know?


Many people do not realize that many of the symbols we see daily have a deeper and older meaning. Many symbols, in fact represent the stars and planets.

The Statue of Liberty is NOT what you think it is or what you have been told. It is a symbol for VENUS--and a VENUS of a particular timeframe ---the one you are now living in.

Search Google of New York City. Scroll down and to the left to Liberty Island. What do you see? You see a starlike platform with a thin line attaching the star to a circle with a dot (flagpole) in the dead center.

A circle with a dot in the center represents the Sun. The starry platform represents Venus, the Brightest planet in the sky.

Need More? When was the Statue completed? It was dedicated in October of 1886---four years after the last Venus transit pair from 1874 to 1882 (December 6, 1882 to be exact) Although Bartoldi designed it in 1876, and the site was authorized in 1877---all the construction took place between 1882-1886--after the transit.

Now let's look at the height. It is 305 feet tall. Well, Numerically, 305 can be expressed as 3+0+5 or 8. There are 8 years between Venus transit pairs.

Venus also has other names, like isis. The staute was transported on the frigate ISERE from France.

The statue opened in 1886--110 years after the signing og the Declaration of independence. And yes, her tablet has that date on it. But not for the Declaration, but for the appearence in the sky, at a certain point, on July 4 1776. The Star is Sirius.(oh, and weren't the twin towers 110 stories high?)

Now why was she put up to mark the period in which we now live? This was done because those running the world knew that the proverbial poop would hit the fan in the years between the next transit pair--IE June 2004- June 2012.

Read the Book of Revelations. All the 7, 7 stuff. Seven Stars, Seven  candlesticks, seven angels, seven seals.

On her head are seven rays. On Liberty's feet are seven chains.

The Morning star is mentioned in Revelations. As is the Woman, clothed with the sun--in Revelation 12) She is holding a torch, IE a golden candlestick. And it was gold plated during renovations a few years ago. (and now you also know why London was bombed on 7-7-05. (the pedestal was completed, and financed in 1886, 1885 repsectively--120 years prior to 7-7-05 and when we live now. Gee, who Biblically lived to be 120? Was it not Moses? Did he not lead during Exodus?

Isn't it interesting that the Planet Venus, which has a lot to do with the EXODUS TALE, because her cycle/position is a give away to certain cycles, is the very symbol looked on by people making the exodus to America in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

I know there are people out there who probably think I need to take some medication, or that I am off my rocker. And you know what?

I don't care. I choose not to live in the carefully crafted Democrat/Republican, Liberal/Conservative opposing world which has been made for us to live in. The only reason the people of the world can't see the truth, is because it is beyond the level of understanding which has been given to them.


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