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Social Security Cuts


World War I

On March 8, 1930 in the Sunday Editorial, The New York Times published the fact that England gave Palestine to the Zionist Jews if they would throw America into the war on her [England's] side.

Communism Supporting Organizations

According to Montana U.S. Congressman, Hon. J. Thorkelson on August 19, 1940 in the U.S. Congressional Record, Mr. Edward Filene, of Boston, an internationalist, set up the Twentieth Century Fund, Inc., and by interlocking directorates has control of over 124 trust funds, together totaling nearly a billion dollars. Included in this control are the Carnegie, Rockefeller, the Duke, and Russell Sage Foundation from which funds go subsidies to subversive communistic, socialistic, and all peace movements, as well as the cooperative movements. Among activities of Twentieth Century Fund, Inc., are the following: N.R.A., S.E.C., Wagner Labor Act, International Labor Office (affiliated with the League of Nations), Foreign Policy Association, credit unions, cooperatives, League of Women Voters. (This was also published in Red Network by Elizabeth Dilling.)


By Sherman H. Skolnick

August 5, 2005

Some continue to aver that Barbara Olson did not perish and has a plastic surgeon new face and a wig. And moreover, that she is parked in seclusion in an Embassy in Sweden. If so her emergence some day would pulverize the fake story of 9/11 "Moslem terrorists" like the internal planted explosives that took down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

9/11 Shocker: STILL No Arabs on Flight 77

After FOIA Autopsies Filed!


I am an ex-Naval line officer and a psychiatrist in private practice in New Orleans, a Christian and home school dad. It troubled me that we rushed to war on the flimsiest of evidence. I considered various ways to provide a smoking gun as to who perpetrated September 11th.

Astute observers noticed right away that there were no Arabic-sounding names on any of the flight manifests of the planes that "crashed" September 11. A list of names on a piece of paper is not evidence, but an autopsy by a pathologist is. I undertook by FOIA request, to obtain that autopsy list of the people on Flight 77, which hit the Pentagon. You are invited to view it below. Guess what? Still no Arabs on the list. In my opinion, the monsters who planned this crime made a mistake by not including Arabic names on the original list to make the ruse seem more believable.

When airline disasters occur, airlines will routinely provide a manifest list for anxious families. You may have noticed that even before September 11th, airlines were pretty meticulous about getting an accurate headcount before takeoff. It seems very unlikely to me that FIVE Arabs sneaked onto a flight with weapons.

This is the list provided by American of the 56 passengers:


On September 27th, the FBI published photos of the "hijackers" of Flight 77:


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), does a miraculous job and identified nearly all the bodies on November 16th 2001.

The AFIP suggest these numbers: 189 killed, 125 worked at the Pentagon and 64 were "passengers" on the plane. The AA list only had 56 and the list just obtained has 58. They did not explain how they were able to tell "victims" bodies from "hijacker" bodies. In fact, from the beginning NO explanation has been given for the extra five suggested in news reports except that the FBI showed us the pictures to make up the difference, and that makes it so.

Now, being the trusting sort, I figured that the government would want to quickly dispel any rumors so we could get on with the chore of kicking Osama/Saddam's butt (weren't these originally two different people?). It seemed simple to me... produce the names of all the bodies identified by the AFIP and compare it with the publicized list of passengers.

So, I sent a FOIA request to the AFIP and asked for an expedited response. Fourteen months later, a few U.S. soldiers dead, many Iraqi civilians pushing up daisies, I finally get the list. Believe me that they weren't a bit happy to give it up, and I really have no idea why they choose now to release it.

NO Arabs wound up on the morgue slab. However, three ADDITIONAL people not listed by American Airlines sneaked in. I have seen no explanation for these extras. I did give American the opportunity to "revise" their original list, but they have not responded.

The new names are: Robert Ploger, Zandra Ploger, and Sandra Teague. The AFIP claims that the only "passenger" body that they were not able to identify is the toddler, Dana Falkenberg, whose parents and young sister are on the list of those identified.

The satanic masterminds behind this caper may be feeling pretty smug about the perfect crime, but they have left a raft of clues tying these unfortunates together. Stay tuned for part two for a much closer look of the cast of characters on this ill-fated flight.


Ambrose, Paul
Betruyen, Eneh (Slight alteration on this first name compared with <>)
Booth, Mary Jane
Brown, Bernard
Burlingame, Charles
Calley, Suzanne
Caswell, William
Charlebois, David
Clark, Sarah
Cotto, Masia (Slight alteration on this name compared with <>)
Debeuneure, James
Dickens, Rodney
Dillar, Deddie
Droz, Chuck
Edwards, Barbara
Falkenberg, Charles
Falkenberg, Zoe
Ferguson, James
Flagg, Darlene
Flagg, Wilson
Gabriel, Richard
Gray Ian
Hall Stanley
Heidenberger, Michelle
Jack, Bryan
Jacoby, Steven
Judge, Ann
Keller, Chandler
Kennedy, Yvonne
Khan, Norma
Kincaid, Karen
Lee, Dong
Lewis, Jennifer
Lewis, Kenneth
May, Renee
Mencha, Cadora (Slight alteration on the name compared with <>)
Newton, Christopher
Olson, Barbara (See exposé on her at <>)
Ornedo, Ruben
Penninger, Robert
Ploger, Robert
Ploger, Zandra
Raines, Lisa
Reuben, Todd
Sammartino, John
Simmons, Diane
Simmons, George
Sopper, Mari-Rae
Speisman, Robert
Steuerle, Norma
Taylor, Hilda
Taylor, Leonard
Teagues, Andra (Slight alteration on this name compared with <>)
Whittington, Leslie
Yamnicky, John
Yancey, Vicki
Yangs, Huyin
Zheng, Yuguag
Theodore Olson for faking a key AirPhone call of his wife Barbara who is alive

Dr. Stefan Grossmann
Phone from U.S. (6 hour time difference): 011-4969-299869-45 (direct) ...-30 (desk)
The above is posted at

Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Congressman Earl Blumenauer is an agent for the Rockefeller Foundation.

Provided in a speech given by Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation on April 18, 2008 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City
Editor's note: I have that speech as a 2-page PDF if anyone wishes to read it. Request Rockefeller & Blumenauer doc

More on Gmail

One of my Wyoming supporters told me that Gmail arbitrarily removed his Bcc's to be openly observed. See my original exposé of Gmail at

Palestinians & The Dead Sea

The Palestinian people own part of the Dead Sea according to Uri Avnery in his article entitled "Red and Green which he wrote on August 28, 2010.

The Real Reason Nixon Lost the Presidency

Austrian-born Arthur F. Burns (Burnseig), chairman of the Federal Reserve (1970-1978), had offices on the 8th floor of the Watergate Apartment Hotel. On June 17, 1972, five husky Watergate burglars were apprehended on the 6th floor after they had carried heavy files from Burns’ office down to the 6th floor for photographing. Allegedly, the burglars had broken into the Democratic National Committee headquarters, a convenient cover story. However, Martin was apparently promised the future chairmanship of the Federal Reserve if he abandoned Nixon and the populist currency plan that would have ended the power of the Federal Reserve. Nixon was purged from the presidency by a media-driven frenzy and forced to resign on August 9, 1974. He was later pardoned by Ford, ostensibly on the basis of his continued silence about the real details surrounding the Watergate break-in.

Reference: Money, the 12th & Final Religion by R. Duane Willing, The Barnes Review, Washington, DC, 2008, pp. 8-9

Paul Volker Relationship to Rothschild

The House of Rothschild continues to influence the U.S. economy and domestic and foreign policies. Volcker, after having served as the Federal Reserve Chairman under Presidents Carter and Reagan, went to work for the Rothschilds as chairman of the European investment-banking firm, J. Rothschild, Wolfensohn and Co. in March 1992. Since February 2009, he has been the Chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board under the obedient President Barack Obama who continues to decimate the economy at the behest of the international bankers.
Reference: <>

More on Chemtrails
For the original expose on chemtrails, see

Commercial jets are spraying chemtrails. I learned that from an aircraft mechanic who questioned the extra apparus installed on the jets and he got in trouble but still put his information and pictures online.
Provided by Daniel Towsey
Editor's note: More recently, I personally became aware that commercial planes departing Gatwick Airport in England are spewing chemtrails out upon take-off. My apologies for not being able to document this sentence.

USS Cole (who really attacked it)

The former CIA agent who worked with the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York and New Jersey stated that the USS Cole was hit by a specially-configured Popeye cruise missile launched from an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine. Israeli tests of the missile in May 2000 in the waters off Sri Lanka demonstrated it could hit a target 930 miles away. The ex-CIA agent also stated that Ambassador Bodine threw John O'Neill and his team out of Yemen lest their investigation began uncovering evidence that the Cole was not blown up by an explosive-laden boat but by an Israeli cruise missile.

The former CIA agent said the reason for the Israeli attack was to further galvanize U.S. public opinion against both Al Qaeda and the Democrats in the weeks prior to the 2000 presidential elections.
Provided by
Editor's note: The information in this article, which is entitled "Clearing the Baffles for 911" by Wayne Madsen, is propaganda which I would not recommend people reading. The article actuallly tries to get the reader to believe that Arabs carried out 9/11, when we have immense proof that Arabs did not.

Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, & George Clooney

Tom Hanks and Michael Douglas are members of the CFR. George Clooney is a new memder of the CFR's/inter-government, communist organization. It's all about the destruction of America, by whatever means necessary.
Henry Makow
Home of Henry Makow Ph.D.
Editor's note: Now, do you want to continue to pay to watch their movies?

Effects of Mercury

Here is a quick list of "Problems" linked to Mercury Vapors:
chronic fatigue syndrome or ME 
poor concentration, irritability, memory loss 
migraines, eye problems, dizziness 
digestive problems and weight loss 
bleeding gums, loose teeth 
loss of libido 
sore throats, bad breath 
fibromyalgia – aching in the joints, rheumatoid arthritis 
heart problems 
Alzheimer's disease 
multiple sclerosis.

But then so Many European Countries use Carbon Filtering for Water Supplies instead of the Nazi Concentration Camp Flouride/Chlorine the USA uses.
Editor's note: My thanks to Zak for posting this on cia-drugs listserv, a listserv on March 13, 2010.

World Net Daily (WND)

World Net Daily is a Zionist publication according to Charles Carlson, Editor of We Hold These Truths, a Christian organization.
Editor's note: Thank you Charles. I didn't know.




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