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Myth Breakers

The False U.S. Constitution

By James Madison
Related by birth to Founding father, James Madison

In the National Archive Building, under glass for all to see, is a document
we are told is the framework for the creation of this nation as a nation of
law. Although most believe this document was created by the Founders, it was created by a man named William Hickey in 1846 and adopted by select members of Congress in 1847 to be this nation's "Constitution." The books we read and are told detail our history also reveal that my ancestor, James Madison, was the last survivor of the 39 men whose "signatures" appear on that document.

Considering that James Madison died on 28 June of 1836, how can a document created at least ten years after all the men who had supposedly signed it had died be anything but a forgery?
"Capitalism is just a euphemism. It‘s a cover story. This is not a capitalist system. The capitalist system died sometime in the 19th century during the South Sea bubble. Since then capitalism has been state sponsored. Maybe it always was state sponsored.
All that guff about “enterprise” and “risk-takers.” These people take no risks. They live in state-sponsored luxury. This is not a capitalist system, it is an imperialist system, the only difference being that instead of a single emperor you have a whole class of emperors who share the spoils out between them. 2,000 Neros instead of one, and all of them just as mad. All still fiddling as the Earth burns. They control the armies. They control the government. They control the research and development. They control the economy. They control what we see on the news, and to a large degree, as a consequence, they control what we think." Phillip K. Dick, from his book entitled VALIS..



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