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Ambassador April Glaspie's words to Saddam Hussein

After two years of attempts to resolve the problems with Kuwait, in late
July, 1990, Saddam Hussein met with US Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie.
With border tensions mounting, she told him that: "I have direct
instruction from the president (George H.W. Bush) to seek better relations with Iraq." She even expressed the United States apology for a critical article on Iraq by the American Information Agency, designating resultant
broadcasted comments: " and unjust." Adding that : "President Bush... is not going to declare an economic war against Iraq."

She continued: "I admire your extraordinary efforts to rebuild your country.
I know you need funds. We understand that and our opinion is that you should have the opportunity to rebuild your country." (How arrogantly,
patronisingly kind.) Then: "But we have no opinion on Arab-Arab conflicts,
like your border dispute with Kuwait." Her conversation followed on from a
meeting the previous April, between Glaspie and President Saddam, with five US Senators, Robert Dole, Alan Simpson, Howard Metzenbaum, James McClure, and Frank Murkowski, who had travelled to Iraq, with President Bush's blessings, ostensibly to form better relations and trade relations with Iraq and to assure that President Bush would oppose any suggestion of sanctions on Iraq.

Iraqi troops on Saudi border?

Without Congressional approval, Bush ordered forty thousand US troops to "defend Saudi Arabia," despite no sign of any intention by Iraq to attack
the Kingdom. Washington lied that Iraq's troops were massing on Saudi's
border. They were not.

Editor's note: The above two items are from

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Senator Max Cleland on 9/11 Commission

As of November 2003, one Commissioner, Max Cleland, claimed that the “investigation is now compromised” by the White House.

Laurence Arnold, 9/11 panel to get access to withheld data. The Boston Globe: November 13, 2003: <>

Editor's note: It is my understanding that Max Cleland resigned the 9/11 Commission in disgust.

More on the Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing
(See also coverage of this in the fifth edition.)

When asked if he had any doubt that the Oklahoma City bombing was an "inside job," Michael Moriarty replied: "None! There were two seismic reports of explosions, there were no federal -- there were no children of federal employees in the building at the time in the daycare center,  and the ATF were nowhere to be found."

Editor's note: My thanks to Scott Munson for posting this information on cia-drugs listserv, a listserv on September 15, 2010.

Kevin Bleyer, Huffington Post, Bill Maher, and Dennis Miller on 9/11

Kevin Bleyer has contributed material to President Obama's speeches and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Bleyer is also a Truman National Security fellow and one of the founding contributors to The Huffington Post, a site which strictly forbids questioning of 9/11. In the past, Bleyer has worked with Bill Maher and Dennis Miller, two other comedians who have regularly disparaged 9/11 activists.

Editor's note: Readers of this publication know what the Council on Foreign Relations represents and who Harry S. Truman really was. My thanks to homepulse for posting this on cia-drugs listserv on October 7, 2010.

Joseph Goebbel Quote

"In 50 years' time, nobody will think of nation states."

Editor's note: Obviously, Goebbels, who was Hitler's propaganda minister, knew of the One World Government goal, or he would not have made such a statement. So it seems to me that the Nazis and the Communists are all in this together, typical Hegelian dialectic. See for the definition of the Hegelian Dialectic. Thank you

Email tampering

Through "Magic Lantern," the government can send Emails from our Email address.
Provided by an American supporter

Publications supporting Bilderberg Group

Financial Times
The Economist
The Wall Street Journal
Provided by the Runnymede Gazette October 2010 edition, page 14

 Jews and Talmud

Most all Jews revere the Talmud as their Holiest Book; there are few true Torah Jews left.
Documented in http://www.Jewish




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