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Passengers They Say Were on American Airlines Flight 77


Editor's note: See which exposes that this plane did not fly on 9/11/01. So where are all of these people?

Alhazmi, Nawaf
Alhazmi, Salem
Almihdhar, Khalid
Ambrose, Paul
Betru, Yenneh
Booth, Mary Jane
Brown II, Bernard
Burlingame III, Charles
Calley, Suzanne M.
Caswell, William E.
Charlebois, David
Clark, Sarah
Cottom, Asia
Debeuneure, James
Dickens, Rodney
Dillard, Eddie
Droz III, Charles A.
Edwards, Barbara
Falkenberg, Charles
Falkenberg, Dana
Falkenberg, Zoe
Ferguson, James J.
Flagg, Darlene
Flagg, Wilson
Gabriel, Richard
Gray, Ian
Hall, Stanley
Hanjour, Hani
Heidenberger, Michele
Jack, Bryan
Jacoby, Steven
Judge, Ann C.
Keller, Chandler
Kennedy, Yvonne
Khan, Norma
Kincaid, Karen
Lee, Dong
Lewis, Jennifer
Lewis, Kenneth
May, Renee
Menchaca, Dora
Moqed, Majed
Newton, Christopher
Olson, Barbara

Editor's note: Barbara Olson had a face lift according to reliable sources and is living in Stockholm, Sweden where it was reported that she eventually got into some legal trouble.

Ornedo, Ruben
Penninger, Robert
Ploger III, Robert
Ploger, Zandra
Raines, Lisa
Reuben, Todd
Sammartino, John P.
Simmons, Diane
Simmons, Jr., George
Sopper, Mari-Rae
Speisman, Robert
Steuerle, Norma Lang
Taylor, Hilda
Taylor, Leonard
Teague, Sandra
Whittington, Leslie
Yamnicky, Sr., John D.
Yancey, Vicki
Yang, Shuyin
Zheng, Yuguang

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