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Kennedy Died of
a Shot in the Forehead

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Dallas, U.S.A. 1992. (AFP) A doctor in the service of trauma in Dallas where John Kennedy was committed before dying in 1963, affirmed in an interview on television that the President died because of a shot in the forehead.

Doctor Charles Crenshaw, ex-intern of Parkland Memorial Hospital of Dallas, declared essentially to the television network ABC that he had carefully examined the wounds that the President had in the head before the corpse was placed in the coffin.

During that interview, Dr. Crenshaw added: "I wanted to know and I will remember all my life. All my life I will know that the President was dead of a shot in the forehead.

The Warren Commission who lead the official investigation of the murder, concluded that the President died by Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, saying that he shot three times behind the head of John Kennedy.

The doctor, who will next week publish a book, JFK, the Conspiracy of Silence" always explains his reserve maintained for 29 years for fear of being excluded from the medical community.

If I had created this sensation at the time, it would have been rejected and possibly I would have lost my work," explains Dr. Crenshaw, who at the moment directs the service of surgery at the hospital of Dallas.


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