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Denunciations of the Murder
of J.F. Kennedy

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New York 28 (EFE) The radiologist and he photographer who participated in the autopsy of North American President John F. Kennedy, in 1963, denounced today that the photographs and x-rays which they have disclosed themselves were manipulated.

In a press conference, the radiologist who took the boards from the body of Kennedy, Jerrol Custer; the medical photogrpher Floyd Rebe and one of the doctors who participated in the autopsy, Paul O'Connor, tried to show the contradictions of the official theory, or Warren Report, on the circumstances of the death of the President.

The two presented x-rays showing that it lacks the right frontal part of the head of the President, whereas in photographs of the face of the victim is intact and as much Custer and Rebe agreed in affirming that it lacked a great part of the right posterior zone of the skull.

The photographer explained that, after portrating the body, he was commited to give the negatives to the Secret Service and recognized the photographs, but he said that they had been manipulated.

The press conference was organized by the author of the book High Treason Harry Livingstone, who refutes the content of the final interview offered by the official forensics in the autopsy and military, James refuted Joseph Hume and Thornton Boswell, published recently by the journal of the American Medical Association JAMA.

In this publication, directed by the ex-military doctor George Lundberg, affirms that declarations of Humes and Boswell confirm the Warren Report from which Kennedy took two hits of bullets, one in the head and another one in the neck, sudden flights from above and back by a single man, supposedly Lee Harvey Oswald.

Nevertheless, Livingstone maintains that Kennedy was assassinated in "a military ambush" and that there were at least three snipers [Ed note: A sniper is an expert at firing a gun.]

In another one of the photographs presented in the press conference was observed an orifice to the height of the shoulder blade (in the back) which according to the lecturers contradicts the official theory that the bullet entered by the later inferior part of the neck and left traveling to the front seat of the presidential automobile.

The theory of Livingstone is that Kennedy was assassinated by the powerful oil sector in Texas in complicity with the CIA, and politicians and military commands of the country, but said that he does not know if Lyndon Johnson, who replaced Kennedy in the presidency, had been implicated in the conspiracy.


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