Kennedy: They Reveal For the First Time Details of His Death

El Mundo, Buenos Aires, 19 of December 1963 For original article in Spanish go to pages here.

Washington 18 (AFP) President Kennedy would possibly have been alive if he had been able to avoid the second bullet that hit him in Dallas that destroyed his skull. On the other hand, it seems to be that the impact of the second projectile killed him instantly when he received it and that he did not expire, as we believed after he had arrived at Parkland Hospital of Dallas.

These revelations that emanate from a source that is due to the current results of the autopsy done to Kennedy at the Naval Hospital of Bethesda are in contradiction with the information of the doctors of Dallas. These doctors, who were called in urgently to operate did not realize that he had received a shot in the back.

The surgeons in Dallas discovered two wounds first in the neck, to the height of the button of the jacket and the second in the skull. They were reserved as far as saying the two wounds had been caused by the same bullet. However, they assured that the two wounds could have been fatal to be caused by two different projectiles. In the hospital of Bethesda, doctors gave the account which the first bullet had penetrated in the back of the President, which crossed a length of about eight centimeters, without touching any vital organs.

As the President was laid down mouth up when they examined him the doctors of Dallas did not discover this wound that, according to the autopsy could not be fatal. The little penetration of this is explained first by saying that it could touch the body of the presidential automobile before hitting him in the back. This first bullet is, it seems, was the one that was found on the stretcher which transported the President. When seeing the wound of the neck, the doctors of the hospital of Parkland, of Dallas, said that this was caused by the penetration of a bullet or by the exit of the other bullet that crossed the skull of Kennedy.

Also they pointed to another possibility: the wound of the neck could have been caused by the metal or bone fragment projected through the throat under the impact of the bullet that crossed the skull.

This second theory has been confirmed by the autopsy.

The theory of the bullet in the neck had perplexed the experts when they learned that the assassin had shot from the sixth floor of a building in front of after the presidential automobile finished passing it. Thus, there was very little probability that a bullet would have been able to reach him in the front of the throat.

These are the details about the results of the autopsy as they have been given by the source that is current at this time. The second bullet that reached Kennedy (in fact, the third since the second reached Governor Connally of Texas) caused a wound behind the crania box, destroyed a part of the brain and left by the forehead.

There is no doubt that this wound was fatal and that it caused the instantaneous death of the President, although his heart would continue beating briefly. This bullet was found in the car.

The second bullet shot by the assassin reached Governor Connally in the chest, at a height approximated of the one of the first bullets that penetrated in the back of the President.

Since there was an interval of about six seconds between the first and the third firing, the report implies that the President could have been saved.

The pain caused by the bullet in the back apparently prevented him from reacting. If this wound was not fatal, Kennedy could have been saved by a Secret Service agent who are trained to face these situations.

But at that moment no Secret Service agent was next to the President. Kennedy didn't want the agents at his side when he was in the middle of a compact crowd.

At that moment, since the public was dispersed throughout the sidewalk, there was no reason that the bodyguards could not change their approach.


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