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Kennedy, shortly before assassination.
Experts of the Navy assure that he was shot in the front and in the back.

Now There Is Assurance That There Were More Gunners Who Shot a Bullet at Kennedy

It follows the controversy of the death of President kennedy For three experts of the U.S. Navy who were at the autopsy kennedy had a bullet in the front and one in the back. This way they rejected the theory of two doctors who also participated in the autopsy and had been assured that the President of the United States was killed by a single bullet in the back and by one person. The Navy experts said that the official photos of Kennedy's head had been altered to hide a bullet orifice.

New York, U.S.A. (AFP) Three experts of the United States Navy affirmed that President John F. Kennedy was shot by bullets in front and back and that the photographs were retouched to show that it was one bullet so that they agreed with the official version of the murder.

These declarations openly contradict those of the doctors who, as Clarin in the edition of the 26th of May had assured that Kennedy was shot only in the back and by a single person, reviving again the eternal controversy on the murder.

Now, Jerrol Custer, affirmed that there were no x-rays of the corpse in the Bethesda Hospital where the autopsy was made, Paul O'Connor, who is to have helped the forensics that practiced it, Floyd Riebe, who assured that he photographed the examination of the body, reaffirmed the thesis that they shot him in the head and back, feeding the theory that there was more than one gunner.

The three agreed that the official photos of the head of the president were made up to show that one bullet was shot from the front of the vehicle.


Official report


The trick, they said, would be to spread the official version made 30 years ago by the Warren Commission presided over by Earl Warren, ordered to investigate the case.

According to him, singly, Lee Harvey Oswald shot against Kennedy with a high speed rifle. He did it from the roof of the Texas School of Dallas. The president received two shots from the back, one which is in the skull and another in the base of the neck.

The pathologists James Hume and Thorton Boswell participated in the autopsy of Kennedy, hardly ten days ago granted a news article to the magazine of the North American Medical Association, where they spoke, for the first time in three decades of the results of the autopsy which they made.

Hume and Boswell discarded the theory of the conspiracy. Its version based on scientific data considers the United Stated like a forceful confirmation of the conclusions reached about the Warren Commission.

Yesterday, the experts Custer, O'Connor, and Riebe returned to put in doubt those conclusions. The corpse of Kennedy, they said, has shot tracks of a bullet from ahead. Some of the scientific tests that they spread had been falsified.

O'Connor even emphasized that he remembered that the hole of the bullet in the base of the neck of Kennedy looked like a tracheotomy badly done.

Riebe. on the other hand, affirmed that the test of the photos of the corpse of the president had been packed up on a wood table in a dark room, when in truth he photographed the body in a room where only there were steel and floor tiles.

Once they knew the testimony of the Naval specialists the newspaper of the Medical Association guarded the declarations of the pathologists Hume and Boswell.

The people in charge of this publication affirmed in an editorial that Custer, O'Connor, and Riebe want to publicize a book by Harry Livingston who maintains the hypothesis that Kennedy fell in an ambush laid by conspirators and that between these there appeared members of the government of Kennedy and oil owners of Texas.

Nevertheless, Livingston's conspiracy theory is not the only theory on the murder of 1963. Another speech of an alliance of the Chicago Mafia, commanded then by Sam Giancanna, and the CIA and there are also some who distinguish the silhouette of Fidel Castro behind the plot.

After the opening of the film JFK by Oliver Stone, which also gave a conspiratory vision of such huge proportion that Robert Gates, Director of the CIA affirmed he would open the secret archives of the Kennedy case. It, nevertheless has not yet happened. [Ed. note: 7 years later, they still haven't opened the archives on this case.]


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