Myth Breakers - Part 4
Imhotep: A Man Not a monster

This is a history fact that needs to be understood. We all know the effects that images (whether good or bad) play on a person's self esteem or a people's self esteem. In the world people of African descent are bombarded with negative images that influences their behavior every day.

Last week, the movie "The Mummy Returns" came out with the racist depiction of Imhotep (the Mummy) being a monster. The truth is that Imhotep was a spiritual black man who lived about 2,980 B.C. (over 4,000 years ago), where he was known as a healer. He was a physician, architect (he built one of the world's first pyramids), astronomer, poet, and scribe. Imhotep knew of the circulation of the blood, which is 4,000 years before it was known in Europe!

It has been said that Hippocrates, a legendary Greek, who lived 2,000 years after Imhotep, was known as the "father of medicine." This is another misnomer. The greeks sent their best and brightest to Africa to study under the feet of black men. Imhotep is the true "Father of Medicine". Reggie

Resource: Little Known Black history Fact - Lady Sala Shabazz
Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization - Anthony Browder

" A people who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it."


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