Did You Know? Part 1
World Trade Center Tragedy

*"We are going to war with the Islamic nations, with Russia as their ally."  according "to a friend who is a very reliable source."

Editor's note: This is true but the war won't end with just the Islamic nations; it will continue until Russia succumbs too. Mark my words. The elites of the West will not end until they destroy the Russian people too. Then, where will they go?

*A U.S. Navy serviceman stationed on an aircraft carrier called his family in the United States well PRIOR to Tuesday's horrendously catastrophic events in New York City and  at the Pentagon, and ALERTED THEM that "something big" was about to go down in a major urban area!

Even MORE astounding: This person further noted that the carrier was being diverted from its previous mission and was heading directly to the East Coast as a result of the incident that was going to occur!

Beyond the mearest shadow of a doubt this proves conclusively that elements of the U.S. government's intelligence and military sectors HAD PRIOR KNOWLEDGE that a massive act of terrorism/war was about to be unleashed against America!


What's more: given the fact that according to information made public in the New York times on Oct. 28, 1993 it is PROVEN one FBI agent John Anticev and bureau associates were HEAVILY involved with Islamic extremists in EVERY STAGE of the bombing of the World trade Center in 1993, providing funds, equipment, supplies, support and training to the actual perpetrators, we have EVERY REASON to believe the same state of affairs exists regarding Tuesday's mass atrocities in NYC and D.C.

The Bush Administration and the globalist/NWO factions it's fronting for NEEDED a massive, earthshaking act of terrorism unleashed upon a major U.S. metropolitan area, in order to generate and galvanize support among the people for implementation of martial law conditions within the territory of the United States, and DRASTIC, SEVERE curtailment of Constitutional rights and civil liberties.

The destruction, death and devastation wrought in New York and D.C. Tuesday are in EVERY WAY the Bush Mob's "burning of the Reichstag."

Feds KNEW what was coming -- and what's more, certain factions clearly assisted, aided and abetted the actual perpetrators of Tuesday's mass carnage.

AGAIN: We now have solid proof, with regard to the content of the call made by the Navy serviceman to his parents BEFORE Tuesday's events unfolded, that some elements of the federal government KNEW BEFOREHAND a major terrorist incident was going to occur!

The Bush Administration must be turned out NOW. They are in EVERY WAY RESPONSIBLE!

* "Hungary rejects all attempts linking international terrorism with the Arab World and Islam as a religion and a civilization" is "unacceptable" stated Hungarian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Balzs Bokor of the Republic of Hungary in Damascus.


There are 5 major categories of red flags that went up immediately with the terror attacks.  Here are the first 3 in the order of their significance.

1)  THE TOTAL INCOMPETENCE OF THE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS who knew 4 planes were hijacked and heading for population centers who just watched their radar screens and did nothing.  After the first plane crashed into the WTC it should not have required a rocket scientist to figure out what the second plane was going to do.  But for 18 minutes nothing was done.

Over and above this gross failure another hour and 15 minutes went by before the PENTAGON was attacked in the same manor.  Where was the best AIR NATIONAL DEFENSE in the world?  Are we to believe the PENTAGON has no contingency plans to protect itself?

Since the American people can not think anything that they have not seen on TV the total news blackout of this issue has kept it out of the American mind.

2) SOMEONE MADE THE DECISION TO SPARE THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF at the PENTAGON.  This does not seem to be good form for real terrorists.

The lie machine at the WHITE HOUSE put out the cover story that this plane just flew by the PENTAGON and decided to try for the WHITE HOUSE and changed its mind and returned to hit an insignificant section in the back of the PENTAGON.   That was a DAMN LIE.  Those on the ground saw one maneuver which was a 270 degree bank that was described as a military bank not often seen being done by a commercial airliner.  Why is the WHITE HOUSE covering for this glaring anomaly?

3) PLANTED EVIDENCE.  I have a big problem with evidence like the photo of Lee Harvey Oswald holding the rifle that killed the president in one hand and 2 communist newspapers in the other that seems too good to be true.  Men who are willing to give their lives for the success of their mission are not going to be inclined to be sloppy leaving evidence behind.  Special Forces all over the world are trained to have no tags in their clothing and no excess ID.  Hausenfus lived because he violated standard operating procedure and carried his real IDs.

There is a plethora of evidence that looks this way.  There is the rental car that was left at LOGAN AIRPORT that contained flight manuals written in Arabic.  Dedicated soldiers on a mission would not do this.

The black box from the cabin of the second airliner that struck the WTC did not survive but the passport in the back pocket of the hijack pilot did!!  This is reminiscent of the MAGIC BULLET that was found at PARKLAND HOSPITAL on a stretcher that was not used for either President Kennedy or Governor Connally.  I am surprised we have not seen Senator Arlen Spector commenting on this fortuitous evidence.

The luggage of Mohammed Atta, the lead terrorist, had baggage that was delayed and did not fly on his plane.  He packed a bag with personal effects pointing to bin Laden.  What is wrong with this picture?  The master mind had to contemplate the question of what would happen if the mission failed.  Again soldiers would be told to sanitize their personal effects.

The 3 mid eastern men who were on a plane that was diverted to St. Louis who then took a train to Texas and were found with $25,000 is strange but does not seem to be related to the hijacks.  What need would suicide pilots have for $25.000?

If I can obtain near perfect false passports and IDs how come these terrorists used their own IDs?  This is one of the biggest questions that remains to be answered.  If the sponsor group loudly proclaimed that they did it, one could say that it would not matter what IDs were used.  But no group has claimed responsibility.

Much of this flight training these pilots received in the UNITED STATES appears to be too insubstantial to guarantee a high degree of mission success.

Whenever world class lying is required the mass media cranks out Bob Woodward and after reciting his hero status for his WASHINGTON POST articles on the WATERGATE let him spill his lying guts.  He said today that the bin Laden evidence was good enough for him.  John Dean in his last book explains that before the POST assignment Woodward held the courier job at the PENTAGON which was the delivery of PENTAGON communications to the SITUATION ROOM at the WHITE HOUSE directly into the hands of Al Haig, who was Kissinger's operative.  Dean explains why Haig was the DEEP THROAT source for Woodward for his fake WATERGATE articles.  Knowing this, it is clearly evident that Bob Woodward is not a hero but low life lying scum.  When Woodward is speaking on TV we can not only be 100% certain that he is lying but also that the lies he is telling are murderous lies.

I say SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE!!  This stuff looks fabricated.

Brian Downing Quig

* When a transponder is turned off the plane does not disappear from the radar screens of the air traffic controllers or the NATIONAL AIR DEFENSE radars.  There is an identifier that is turned off but the plane does not disappear.

So the real big question is WHAT WERE THE MEN DOING WHO WERE WATCHING THESE RADAR SCREENS?  Notice how the corporate media leads the public to believe that turning off the transponders cloaks the planes from radar and then keeps all inquiry away from this most important of all issues. There were no TV interviews of any AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL or AIR NATIONAL DEFENSE.  Not one.

That is very skillful censorship.

*Apologies if it has already been discussed and dismissed, but I wondered if anyone has considered whether 3 or all 4 (?) of the planes were being controlled remotely?

That would explain a few things, and the technology certainly exists.

Chinese hackers?  NSA?  

This also represents a great opportunity to 'attack' those few remaining countries not currently part of the global economic order, i.e. Libya, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan... sound familiar?  Turkey, North Korea, Indonesia and Yugoslavia have been brought into line, but there are always those pesky few nationalistic nations who have held out.  

And if all the 'goodies' are on the same team, then those opposing must be 'baddies', right!?

I am already told by an 'expert' that 757's in particular would be easier to remote control because of their more modern communications systems.  

*There are hills west of the Pentagon. FBI interviewed hundreds of apartment dwellers west and south of the Pentagon who watched American Airlines flight 77 circle and crash into the Pentagon. They all saw a helicopter following the plane.

Such a large plane flying treetop level at 300 mph, accelerating through a fighter style turn, made a thundering noise that drowned out conversation. Residents couldn't help looking out their windows because they were scared. Many didn't sleep for several days and are still afraid of big airplanes at lower altitudes.

I think the point is that another option for shooting the plane down was not taken, depending on when the helicopter found the plane.

*Willie Brown,  the Mayor of San Francisco, got low-key early warning about air travel for September 11, 2001.

* Friends in Thailand say that within twenty hours of the buildings collapsing Thai TV broadcast pictures of burning Kabul, Afghanistan.

*Worth a look: Laura Flanders' piece on the extreme dangers posed by America's militarized humanitarian airdrops in Afghanistan.

Workingforchange has it at:

EXCERPT: "Unguided crates crash to ground in the pitch black. Hungry Afghans rush to gather them up. Too late. Another explosion, then another. Parents watch in horror as the brightly colored packets tempt their children onto land mines."

*08 October 2001 Palestine Media Center ­ PMC

An opinion poll published by Newsweek   on 7 October showed that a majority of Americans saw the need to change American policy towards the Middle East. In fact, a considerable majority of those surveyed by Newsweek thought of the American relationship with Israel and its policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as "a major motivation" behind the September 11 attacks.

Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed considered America¹s ties with Israel was behind the attacks on New York and Washington. On the other hand, 46% said that America should change its policy towards Israel to prevent further attacks on the U.S.

Regarding the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, 54% of those who adopted a position on the issue supported the idea while 45.83% opposed it.

As for the yearly American financial aid to states in the Middle East, 52% considered the U.S.$2.8 billion a year to Israel as excessive.

Editor's note: In the past, $5.5 billion was given to Israel; recently, Congress provided that $2.76 billion would be given. That is the money which allows the Zionist government to massacre the Palestinian people, an act which was deliberately decided upon in 1948 when the Zionists were allowed to migrate to the Holy Lands en masse. Prior to that time there was peaceful co-existence between the Jewish people and the Palestinian people.

Mr. Ghasan Al-Khatib, a prominent Palestinian political and media analyst told the Palestine Media Center (PMC), " This is a very important development; it is the first time that American policy towards Israel becomes a topic for public discussion."; Mr. Khateeb emphasized, "It's important that Arab and Palestinian intellectuals take part in this debate to try and change the American public view about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."  

Sharon is abusing and exploiting the human tragic events of 11 September to kill more Palestinians, uproot more Palestinian trees, demolish more Palestinian homes, and establish more colonization settlements on stolen Palestinian lands. In contrast, Palestinian police are ordered to kill Palestinians demonstrating in protest against bombing of Afghanistan in a way that is reminiscent of the air strikes that brought destruction and devastation to Iraq.

While this shameful behavior is taking place, Palestinian Authority officials are secretly meeting with their Israeli counterparts to discuss cooperation in silencing the Intifada.

If the following media story is correct, it means that the stage is being set for a new path that would lead to the abyss.  Nizar Sakhnini Gaza/Jerusalem -- At least two people were killed and more than 30 injured Monday in Gaza during violent clashes between radical Islamic demonstrators and Palestinian police. Eyewitnesses said those killed by police bullets were a man aged 21 and a child of 13. A man with critical injuries was listed as dead in a hospital. It was the first time since the beginning of the Palestinian uprising a year ago that Palestinian demonstrators were shot by their own police.

A police spokesman claimed however that several masked men had fired at the police from a university building, killing two passersby.

Hundreds of students of the Islamic University, most of them supporters of the radical Hamas movement, were protesting in Gaza against the U.S. and British strikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan, expressing support for suspected terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

A police spokesman said several students threw rocks at the officers who, according to eyewitnesses, responded by firing tear gas and live ammunition to disperse the demonstrators. The protesters also set fire to a police vehicle, the spokesman said.

The last time that Gaza saw comparable violence between Palestinians was in 1995 when Palestinian police killed 14 Hamas supporters at a demonstration.

According to political analysts, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has given strict orders to suppress protests against the U.S. and British attacks in Afghanistan. Palestinian reports said journalists' security forces in Ramallah prevented journalists from asking people for their views on the attacks against the Taliban.

Earlier Monday, Israeli soldiers shot and killed two Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian sources. A 30-year-old man was killed when soldiers opened fire on a car at a roadblock near the Jewish settlement of Netzarim in the south of the Gaza Strip, the sources said.

The Israeli army said soldiers had fired on a car approaching the checkpoint "in a dangerous manner".

The second incident was in the north of the Gaza Strip near Bet Chanun. A Palestinian was shot and killed as he apparently tried to cross the border into Israel, the sources said.

Israeli radio said Monday that Foreign Minister Shimon Peres had met secretly late Sunday with Palestinian parliament speaker Ahmed Kurei and former chief negotiator Saeb Erekat to talk about ways to end the yearlong violence in the Palestinian territories.  (Deutsche Presse-Agentur, October 8, 2001)

As two opposing parties of would be avenging angels face off over their respective grudges, Powell would have to speak of widening the revenge category from one of focused targeting of terrorists to include states that harbor and support terrorists. While that sounds like an ironic imitation of terrorists and terrorist states by way of reaction excused by their first strike, it is merely a regurgitation of perennial U.S. policy which the terrorists cited in advance of their acts as reason for their grudge. Two can play at that game. Unfortunately the U.S. is indicted under such a broad brush, due to deliberate destabilization policies which include arming and training the Bin Ladens and Saddam Husseins of the world.

The words of the WTC terrorists on seized hard drives and prior comment echo Powell's reiteration of U.S. policy of targeting civilians. It comes as no surprise that Bin Laden owns real estate near Harvard, supports Harvard scholarship funds, and has a Rockefeller as joint account holder on numerous Chicago and US bank accounts. Bin Laden and Powell mouth the same line to justify soft targets because they work for the same people.

Pentagon casualties were only 126 from the American Airlines flight 77 out of John Foster Dulles International Airport. His brother Allen brought hundreds of Nazi war criminals to the U.S. to work at CIA. No wonder then that as soon as CIA mouthpieces started talking about "homeland security"that we begin to suffer from acts of Rockefeller- funded domestic terrorism. How thoughtful of the Rockefeller family to co-sign with Bin Laden so that he can have U.S. accounts.

Pakistan views Bin Laden as a strategic weapon like nukes. Consequently they would be as likely to give him up as to give up their nuclear program or support of Kashmiri separatism. The Rockefellers understand and have no problem with the sincere willingness of the Pakistani government to spend money on expensive silver bullets, even human ones, as long as they cost a lot to create, maintain, and inflict expensive damage, particularly against nouveau bourgeois targets, since economic mobility is perceived as a threat to the old rich oligarchy.

"In Pakistan, where the government's Inter-Services Intelligence Agency and the ruling army are competent and tough, the CIA can do little if these institutions are against it. And they are against it. Where the Taliban and Osama bin Ladin are concerned, Pakistan and the United States aren't allies. Relations between the two countries have been poor for years, owing to American opposition to Pakistan's successful nuclear- weapons program and, more recently, Islamabad's backing of Muslim Kashmiri separatists. Bin Ladin's presence in Afghanistan as a "guest" of the Pakistani- backed Taliban has injected even more distrust and suspicion into the relationship."

"In other words, American intelligence has not gained and will not gain Pakistan's assistance in its pursuit of bin Ladin."

Editor's note: In a coup in July, 2001, the Pakistani government was replaced by the CIA. Of course, the U.S. media wouldn't tell you; the CIA doesn't need Americans learning that information so they can do a coup anytime they want in the future.

Notes & Dispatches
July/August 2001; Volume 288, No. 1; 38-42 #
by Reuel Marc Gerecht

by Sherman H. Skolnick


"bin Laden is reportedly in the Mid-East Construction business. His reputed partners? The family of Sharon PERCY Rockefeller. She is the wife of John D. Rockefeller 4th (D., W.Va.), great grandson of the founder of the infamous Standard Oil Trust that used to bomb their own obsolete buildings to falsely blame onto their competitors."

"Bin Laden's so-called "secret" accounts, which the White House has said they would like to freeze, are or have been actually reportedly in the Harris Bank, Chicago, joint accounts with the family of Sharon PERCY Rockefeller."

Provided by Bob Dodd

You can now see a map showing the Dulles plane which hit the Pentagon as heading west from Dulles into West Virginia, another state, before making a dozens of miles wide gentle turn around to head back to DC south of the beltway and plausibly look for the beltway and I-95 north from the beltway to Pentagon.

Trouble is the Washington Post reported several eyewitnesses seeing  the plane make a tight wings-up fighter jet turn in sight of Dulles Airport. Guess the plastic knives and how to fly videotape scenario is holding up so the  fighter pilot aspect is being buried, as well as empty offices blowback suppression coming on line. -Bob Johannus Faustus wrote: Actually, this morning on cable tv in Nassau County, NY there was some amateur footage of the first plane hitting the WTC. It was a little shaky and slightly blurred but it was definitely the first hit at a much higher elevation on the tower with the big antenna.   Interesting. Now, you could make the case that of course they needed two planes to hit the towers, that could very well have been the plan all along. And of course, they are not going to be there at the same time.  And after the first one, of course there are going to be cameras on it.  That's all true. It just struck me. Anyway, even if this is an inside job, I think we should toast all those people who were dancing in the streets in Syria and Egypt. Going into Afghanistan is not going to be pretty.  The Soviets had their own 'Vietnam' there in the 1980's.  But we definitely need to do something more than just fire missiles and do bombing runs. And it is very odd that Diane Sawyer can interview bin Laden, but the CIA can't find him. It does seem odd that the Pentagon plane flew all the way around to hit the empty section. Lots of odd stuff.

Submitted by Randall

According to Amy Goodman's Democracy Now program, certain members of the Taliban offered to provide Osama bin Laden to the United States government to end the war despite the fact that there is no evidence that his forces committed the atrocity on September 11, 2001 but the U.S. government told them "No."


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