What Really Happened to Flight 93
By Paul Kincaid

Update on 9/11-What happened to the Pennsylvania plane

Dear friends,

In response to my statement that there were no passengers on the 9/11 planes, I received an Email from someone named Paul Kincaid who wrote the following:

You know that. I know that. However, even with all of the evidence being presented Americans still believe and support their government's claim. You are the first to point that the aircrafts were empty. Did you notice that I also posted a YouTube Video about a TV series called "The Lone Gunmen" which first aired March 2001. They use the controlled media and produce video games in order to gauge a public response and to brainwash the masses into accepting war. War is glorified in TV shows and in simulation war games.

10 years ago I started (now called PRESS Core) I pointed out back then that all of the allegedly hijacked aircraft were only 1/3 full and that there was a delay in all flight departures. A contact in the Pentagon told me in 2001 that the plane that supposedly crashed in the field was the only plane that was full. It had the passengers from the other 2 planes that crashed into the World Trade Centers. It did not crash into that field, however. It landed at a temporary military airstrip at the Canadian US border.

The same thing happened to a Polish plane that crashed in Russia on April 10, 2010 that killed the Polish president and nearly wiped out the Polish government. The plane that crashed did not have any passengers. Just the flight crew and some of them survived the crash and were shot dead at the crash site.END

Then, I wrote him today:

Dear Mr. Kincaid,

It's my understanding that now about 50% of the American people don't believe the government's story anymore.

Having just seen your response now because I receive so many Emails that yours got lost in the mass of them that I get, this information that you have given me about the PA "crash" is good to get. All I need to ask now is where did those people go who were supposed to be on the PA plane?

I also have published that one of the planes that crashed into he WTC was a military plane, because the author of the article knew that there were no windows in that plane, so it could not have been a passenger plane. See which I published in March 2011.

Another question, however, that pops into my head now after having read what you wrote in response to my first post is that how could all of the passengers who left the Washington D.C. airport have been combined with the passengers who were supposed to have left Logan in Boston. Or did they just make that up too?

Another question is do the families of the passengers who landed at the temporary military airstrip know that their loved ones are alive? And if so, are they with them? And do you know where they were taken? I know that Barbara Olson is alive in Stockholm. See also from the March 2011 edition.


Arlene Johnson


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