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The Gray Plane That No One Saw

    By Daniel J Towsey
May 7th, 2007

pics of gray plane

It absolutely amazes me how people can not see the obvious.
Yet it is right in front of their eyes.

Everyone is looking for a smoking gun, when, all along it has been staring everyone right in the face.

I realized this long ago. So therefore, I feel that it is time again for me to write another ‘TRUTH Article’.

We’ve all seen it probably hundreds of times.

So now that I am going to point out the obvious. You will be able to see it for yourself for the first time.

What I am talking about is the second plane to hit the world trade center.

Have another look at it. What do you see? It’s not my imagination. It is clearly a gray unmarked windowless airplane. Only the military has these.

I dare you to show me an airplane with commercial markings and windows.

Just the other day here in Canada I caught the end of a special on 911, on television.

I do not know what the name of the show was. But that does not matter. What matters is that They played a  zoomed in slow motion shot of the plane as it flew into the wtc, Where you can clearly see that it is a slightly dark gray, very shinny windowless plane. It was a shot from the sunny side, so the plane was very clear to see.

What this proves, is that there are plenty of very clear videos of the second plane Available from the corporate media. And they have chosen not to show them.

I watched a live video on that day of people’s reaction on the ground. These people were saying that it did not look like any commercial aircraft they have ever seen. Some witnesses said that it had a military like emblem in the front.

Remember this.

In any just court of justice. When a person on the stand gives testimony. If during that testimony it is proven that just one thing they said is shown to be a lie. Then their whole testimony is erased from the record. And the person usually gets charged with perjury. And goes to jail. So this applies to the official story on 911 too.

I fear not evil doers; I fear those that do nothing about it.

Telling the truth in times of deception is a revolutionary act.

We need a truth revolution. Are you going to join it?

First you need to start doing your own thinking and doing your own research. Do not trust anything you hear from the corporate media. Pick a topic. Pick a topic that you question. When you have done sufficient research. You can then contribute your knowledge of truth to the pot. Then tell your friends, neighbors or anyone you can.

Just understand that this ‘truth revolution’ can not have a leader or a structure. For they well destroy it. If everyone starts spreading the truth their way. The wave of humanity will win.

The only weapon against deceit and lies is ‘truth’. If you value your freedoms, realize that there is no freedom without truth.

Liars and deceivers are mentally ill. Only truth will make a person, country, or this planet will again.


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