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The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians
by Michael Hoffman and Moshe Lieberman
6 x 9 paperback. 110 pages. $12.95 + $3.50 s&h

Compiled by two elite scholars with impeccable credentials -- Hoffman, a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press, and Moshe Lieberman, a former Hebrew University researcher -- the authors combine their sleuthing skills and erudition to bring the reader an irrefutable dossier of Israeli war crimes in Palestine, profusely illustrated with harrowing photos of the death and destruction which the Zionist war machine has administered as collective punishment upon the entire Palestinian nation.

Nothing like this book has ever seen print. The authors marshal a dossier of massive evidence and stunning documentary photographs, proving conclusively that the Israelis themselves are guilty of a holocaust.

Hoffman and Lieberman make a devastating case for Israeli criminality, while exposing the ferocious Talmudic racism that fuels the Israeli identification of the Palestinian people as "Amalek," and targets them for the final solution of "total eradication."

The authors argue that to pretend that Zionist atrocities have not been systematically perpetrated in Palestine as part of a coherent dogma of eliminationism, constitutes nothing less than "holocaust denial."

Reader Comments:

This book had two main objectives. First, to rally the general public against the slow motion genocide of the Palestinians. Secondly, this book establishes a basis for future war crime trials against the soldiers, Army commanders, and Israeli/U.S. politicians who have facilitated these crimes against humanity. It is interesting that the authors generously provide George Bush, Jr., his only legal defense in the next to last paragraph of the book; i.e., President Bush is not responsible for his actions because he is acting under duress, his Zionist handlers will assassinate him if he disobeys orders. Much of the book is a catalog of Israeli war crimes committed during March-April 2002. Reading this catalog of war crimes set my teeth on edge and depressed me so much that the book was difficult to read. I wish the book had a short history of Israel starting with the Balfour agreement that dragged the U.S. into WWI. From its inception, Israel has been a Frankenstein monster. I hope the authors write a sequel to this book (when Israel "transfers" the Palestinians into Jordan) and include a chapter called "The Jew Haters that Created the state of Israel." One example of a Jew Hater that helped to create the state of Israel is Dr. Joachim Prinz, a Zionist rabbi who in Germany of 1934 (after Hitler started systematic oppression of the Jews) wrote a book, Wir Juden (We, Jews) celebrating the rise of Hitler and Nazi ideology. Dr. Joachim later immigrated to the U.S., where he rose to become vice-chairman of the World Jewish Congress. The authors think their book may launch a ground swell of revulsion about what is being done to the Palestinians. This seems an almost naive hope to me. The sheeple in the U.S. and Europe are too well indoctrinated and the politicians too well bribed or paid off for anything to happen soon. However, this book will help facilitate a war crimes trial in the future.


The true horror of the collective punishment of the Palestinian population is captured in Hoffman and Lieberman's fact-packed "The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians."
News stories which disappear after one or two printings, leaving no trace on the consciousness of the public, are preserved in this riveting book.

News of Palestinian suicide bomb atrocities saturate the mainstream media without any context. Hoffman and Lieberman provide the missing context, blowing away the myths about Israeli "Democracy" and "shared Western values." From the numerous war crimes and state terror committed by the Israeli military with American tax dollars and in the name of the American people, it is no wonder that the Arabs have begun to attack us.

Calling Israeli actions against the Palestinians a "Holocaust" may seem extreme, but you will see after reading the book that there is in fact a slow motion extermination and ethnic cleansing policy being implemented.

This book details the torture and extermination ideology of the "Wall Street Journal," flagship publication of America's business elite! It has an excellent analysis of the true cost of America's one sided Mideast policy.

Especially instructive are the sections on media "double-speak" and double standards and the infestation of the U.S. government and media with fanatical Zionists and religious extremists. The book is thoroughly documented.

Hopefully this book will provide a wake up call for a demand for justice in the Mideast situation, and in a larger context, for the reigning in of an extremely dangerous U.S. foreign policy controlled by a few "Lobbyists" in Washington.

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