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Film Review

Dead in the Water
A Film about the USS Liberty by Investigative Journalist, Peter Hounam


Testimonial by Brian Downing Quig:
Yes!!  Contained in these USS LIBERTY videos is the WHOLE STINKING ROTTEN REAL TRUTH of the motives of the UNITED STATES and ISRAEL. Everything that we hear on TV about ISRAEL IS AN EXTREME LIE!!

If enough AMERICANS learn of this HIGH TREASON the perpetrators of 911 will not succeed.  I do not know how this infamy can be better explained than in the LOSS OF LIBERTY.  LEARN THIS AND FREE YOURSELF.

Another Testimonial:
From "earthisgroundzero"
I just saw the new documentary film Dead in the Water about Israel's attempt to sink the spy ship USS Liberty during the 6 day war in 1967, killing.  The award-winning investigative journalist and film-maker, Peter Hounam, has made a watertight case against both Israel and the US, because although the  attack was deliberate and meant to sink the ship and kill all onboard, it was done with the foreknowledge of the core of the U.S. president's cabinet and most likely Johnson too, the president at that time.

It was used as a pretext to call out a  nuclear strike against Egypt that was called off at the last minute when they realized the ship wasn't sunk and that Liberty's survivors got an SOS message out. This is a pivotal moment in US history and one that may be the most  denied. We were much closer to WWIII and nuclear annihilation over this  incident than at any other time, even over the Cuban Missile Crisis. This all so needs to get out in he open right now.  Please read on: thinking was, when the bigshots negotiate treaties, they damn near always insist, this whatever issue link with that issue. So we'd be speaking their doitch to insist American native rights and self-determination and rights to a livable habitat be linked with rights Al Awda, livable habitat and so on for the Palestinian and Arab natives. But instead of a treaty between nations it could be a compact between classes, a contract between peoples everywhere and the elites everywhere, but primarily in the US and Israel, the world's only superpower-complex.

Op, that's where I differ with and wonder about William Blum. With love and respect due to him I believe he has quite a blindspot for Israel's role in all this. Seeing "Dead in the Water" last night drove that home bigtime. That whole incident betrays the most ugly truth that the US and Israel together, as like peers, plopped themselves down in the Holy Land, the center of the world, and let out an omnidirectional fuck you that just keeps getting louder, and that incident cemented the deal between the partners in genocide, ecocide, and infocide.

Like the indigenous people have against their active genocide, we must all dig in and stand our ground. The middle class, the communist's nightmare "bourgeoisie," act as a buffer for them and a barrier for us who realize we're all regular folk, no matter from which class we come. It's them of us we must reach, unite the soccer moms and all that.

About "Dead in the Water." They called it "Operation Cyanide." There's documentary evidence the 303 committee was planning it at least two months prior to the attack on June 8th, 1967. Back then the 303 committee was MacNamara, Helms, and the like, formed to give the president "plausible deniability" in case of failure. The Israelis claim it was an accident, "simply  a case of mistaken identity." One of the survivors said and all survivors of the spy ship, Liberty, agree, "If it was an accident, it was the best planned accident I've ever heard of."

Thank God, Providence, the mechanics of karma or just an unlucky strike by Israeli (US or perhaps French sourced) torpedo, their plan was a failure. They expected when they saw they hit the Liberty that it would surely sink. As usual, the torpedo should have penetrated the hull and like split the ship in two with the explosion. The Israelis also strafed the deck with machine gun fire and dropped napalm on the deck too. they didn't want any SOS signals sent out and aimed to kill all onboard. They fired 5 torpedoes at it but only one hit. Thankfully, it just happened to hit one of the very few crossbeams so the torpedo mostly blew up in the water, but still against the side of the ship.

Still a huge hole was blown thru the hull and into the ship. All tolled, 34 of the crew were killed and 2/3 were injured, including the captain. He was given the Congressional Medal of Honor. But instead of the normal ceremony at the White House with the President, the head admiral handed it to him at the little do in the naval yards.

Back to their partially failed plan. The Soviets were well contained and every nation in the UN knew it. It was fairly general knowledge to all but the American people and whoever else they could fool. The Soviets couldn't project their power beyond their borders, really, let alone into the Middle East. They could, however, lend support to indigenous nationalist interests in the Mideast that were growing strong on their own.

But not strong compared to Israeli and US capabilities. We all know paranoia's power of magnification, but the film reveals the 6 day war to be expansionist, rather than defensive, and a joint Israeli/US effort as well. The US had men on the ground and gave technical assistance as well. But for the US to step into the ring as it wanted to it needed pretext a la in the Gulf of Tonkin.

The US immediately blamed the Israeli attack on Egypt and called a nuclear strike. As the planes were sent out they learned the Liberty didn't sink and there were survivors so they recalled the nuke-armed planes. In all the hellaballoo, the crew of the Liberty knew they didn't matter. It took an inordinately long time for rescue to come. And in spite of the napalm and all the bullets from Israeli planes, the survivors did get a call for help out.

That may have saved us all from nuclear annihilation, because the Soviets, it is widely believed, would have retaliated. I'm not so sure that is necessarily true, but still we came closer here than in the Cuban Missile Crisis. As there's Apartheid II and Bush II, there was Cuban Missile Crisis II.

Editor's note: That's true because of the person who was president at the time-Lyndon Baines Johnson. JFK was president during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Now, the survivors are all chomping at the bit to testify, but time is running out as they're all nearing life's end. I see this as the moment when the deal between Israel and the US was cemented, when they both got the ultimate dirt on each other and when they jointly let out that resounding fuck you to the world from the Holy Land, Zion, where religion is supposed to meet the land. So I think it a good idea to promote the film in the US through requests to TV stations and movie houses. I'll try to make it to the end of another showing to ask about acquiring videos. After the showing, the author and one of the survivors who authored, Assault on the Liberty, luckily lives just south in Seattle. His website is:

After the question period we chatted for a while. I didn't think to ask about videos. The documentary is extremely well made:
Some years ago at this film fest --
-- I saw Waco: The Rules of Engagement. That knocked my socks off. They snuffed all those people in broad daylight and answered to it with blanket denials, basically sending the message to Americans that they can snuff you in broad daylight and answer for it with poker-faced denials. This film hit me harder, far deeper and broader import, and at least as equally well made. Or hey, no doubt you can get a line on video availability from the survivor/author, Jim, who spoke after the film:

earthisgroundzero wrote:
Sorry to belabor this, but after seeing Dead in the Water I see how important an issue it has been since I was 5 years old and has only festered since. Here's an article in Yellow Times:

I forgot to add, the maker of Dead in the Water also wrote a book that's coming out soon  called, Operation Cyanide:  The Secret Mission that Nearly Sparked World War III ISBN 1-901250-80-6  by Peter Hounam,

Investigative journalist, Peter Hounam, is the author of Who Killed  Diana?, The Woman From Mossad, and Operation Cyanide (Vision Paperbacks--not yet published) ask for it in bookstores near you.



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