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Book Review
Big Little White Lies:
Our Attempt To White-Out America


by Carol Chehade
Nemarche Publishing, Inc.
New York, NY 200 pages including 5 page Bibliography. No Index © 2001

Unlike the other review I did, this book is excellent. The introduction is superb. Ms. Chehade is an young Arab woman who strives to eradicate racism on a personal level. Her only error in content is that of O.J. Simpson. That is due to her lack of understanding the federal government in the United States as when she wrote this book in 2001, she had not become aware of my work which exposes the deviancy of the government in that case, a case which was made an example of because of O.J.'s fame.

Many reviews literally quote sentences of the books they review. Many people invariably read the review and know what the book states so they don't have to buy the book itself. Therefore, I am not going to quote this book because I want you the reader to go out and buy it. Ms. Chehade deserves nothing less because she is striving harder than most likely any other "White" person to overcome her racism that she admits she has and that she would like others to overcome also for our own salvation.

She doesn't illucidate any institutionalized racism or the fact that the US government perpetuates racism because of its agenda toward African Americans and Africans but she does touch upon a few laws and addresses segregation as well.

A paragraph on page 127 is worth the price of the book alone. But Ms. Chehade addresses racism in other nations as well, not simply America.

Personally, I want to read the book a second time because there is much that is philosophically profound. Therefore, you may too. The best way to achieve that goal is to purchase the book.

In a second printing, typographical errors can be corrected such as the Shah of Iran being spelled Shah instead of Shaw and Professor Noam Chomsky is not a sociologist; he is a Professor of Linguistics with numerous books on political activities covering a worldwide orientation. Other than those flaws, I couldn't find anything else that caused me consternation except one quoted sentence, the author of which she didn't indicate leaving me wondering who said it.

I commend Ms. Chehade for her courage to write a book that is utterly needed. Price of this paperback book is $12.95. The ISBN number is 0-9711294-0-1 Printed in the USA.



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