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Book Review
by Bernardo Nigrini

AIDS and Alternative Medicine


Dr. Leo Rebello, internationally renowned holistic healer, is to release the third revised and enlarged edition of his popular book AIDS AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE shortly.

We are thinking of getting him to Africa for his training is the ultimate.  His knowledge on the subject is monumental and his courage unbeatable. He is one medical expert who will not be bought by any forces, such tremendous zeal and force of conviction.

I  first met him in Durban, during the XIII International Aids Conference, July 2000, and have kept in touch with him through email enriching myself in the process.  If I were to collect the numerous email messages and publish them, it would become another book.  But we in Africa do not have money to buy food, medicines and yet they are demanding costly ARVs.

In his introduction to the popular book Dr. Rebello says : "Lord Jesus Christ was crucified only once. Mahatma Gandhi was likewise shot once. But AIDS patients are killed thrice over: (a) By disease, by scare, by ostracism. (b) By toxic chemicals (c) By the frightening costs of AIDS medicines. Nobody talks of age-old Alternative Medicine. There is more AIDS Scare than AIDS Care." Golden words indeed.

"There is a need," the doctor adds, "to educate people on the Alternative Approaches to the faulty condom and chemical treatment approach." The book AIDS AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE was first released in Durban, South Africa during the XIII International Aids Conference, when he conducted a six hour workshop for Community Indaba. Then came the second edition and got over due to popular demand.

Going through the contents of the unique book written by Dr. Leo Rebello, who has lectured in over 54 countries and written to date 25 books, one is awed with an array of topics covered extensively : Nature Cure and AIDS, Ayurveda and AIDS, Herbs and AIDS, Homoeopathy and AIDS, Nutrition and Diet in AIDS, Yoga for AIDS. The book also discusses Biotesting, Iris Diagnosis, Natural, Homoeopathic and Veggie Vaccines and advises patients to return to the safer, cheaper, superior alternative treatment modalities.

The book is comprehensive and path-breaking in as much as this is the first book of its kind. According to Dr. Manu Kothari, Member of South African President's AIDS International Advisory Committee : "This is the ultimate book on AIDS that nails down myths about HIV/AIDS and covers authoritatively everything about Alternative Medicine." In a special chapter titled From AIDS Scare to AIDS Care, Dr. Rebello shreds to pieces the AIDS Monster and talks of bringing Humanism into Medicine.

In the Addendum section Dr. Rebello analyses the 1990 WHO Report on AIDS and Traditional Medicine, with cryptic comments, and makes a case for banning all HIV Antibody Testing and AZT. He says Glaxo should be penalised like Malbro (the tobacco giants) for misguiding patients on AZT's carcinogenic effect.

So far we knew of four routes by which AIDS could be contracted, namely, Sexual Transmission, Infective Needle, Infected Mother, Blood Transfusion. Dr. Leo Rebello adds another category : Aids by Prescription. He terms David Ho as David Ho(ax) and graphically tells the reader about the dangers of lethal cocktails (popularly known as protease inhibitors).

He asks candidly (but no one is replying) whether Nkosi Johnson died due to AIDS or was killed by drugs?  He asks another pointed question :  How can you give 50 tablets/capsules thrice a day to an unsuspecting orphan boy?

"Think over," Dr. Leo Rebello exhorts to planners, educationists, media, aids activists and others : "Many people who have AIDS don't have the money to buy food, let alone the medications they need. It is necessary that they do not suffer from malnutrition -- which is why it is important that patients learn to rediscover their traditional meals and medicines. The 'standard' western diet is very high in toxins. Western medicines likewise are lethal. They do not heal; they kill. Western Lifestyle + Western Diet = Western Diseases. The solution to AIDS as also to safety of human beings, development, or world peace lies in oriental wisdom."

Dr. Leo Rebello writes succinctly and drives home the points accurately, briefly, clearly.
Savour this for example : "The principles of healing are very simple : (a) the body heals itself, (b) there is an inner environment, and (c) treatment should not be worse than the disease."

If you wish to further study this multi-billion dollar AIDS racket, and focus on the Alternative approaches, to balance the AIDS picture, then you cannot miss this book.

The book can be obtained directly from the author, Dr. Leo Rebello,
President, AIDS Alternativa International, by writing to him at : 28/552 Samata Nagar, Kandivli East, Mumbai 400101, India. Telefax : 91-22-8872741. Email :
You may also visit his website :  Price of the book USD20.00 inclusive of postage.

Table of Contents:
1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. Alternative Medicine - an overview
4. A to Z Alternative Therapies
5. Nature Cure and AIDS
6. Ayurveda and AIDS
7. Sidha Medicines for AIDS
8. Herbs and AIDS
9. Homoeopathy and AIDS
10. Nutrition and Diet in AIDS
11. Biotesting and Biotherapy
12. Oxygen Shortage Diseases
13. Kai Igaku (Wellness Medicine)
14. Magnetotherapy
15. Yoga for AIDS
16.  AIDS Vaccines
17.  Veggie Vaccines
18.  Ten Health Commandments
19.  The Last Word
20. Addendum
    .... Humanism in Medicine
    .... 1990 WHO Report on AIDS and Traditional Medicine with Comments
    .... Ban All HIV Antibody Testing
    .... Doctors, Drugs and Devils
    .... Why AZT should be banned
    .... AIDS by Prescription
    .... David Ho(ax) and lethal Cocktails
    .... Iris Diagnosis Chart
    .... Reflexology chart
21. References



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