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Letters to the Editor

Dear Arlene Johnson,
Thank you very much for your e-mail of January 21st. I apologise for not having responded earlier but I have been traveling constantly.  We very much appreciate the points you raise.  You will see from TRANSCEND's own work and publications (such as the forthcoming second edition of "Searching for Peace," Pluto Press, May 2002) that we are also very critical and pay meticulous attention to the action and policies enforced by political, military, and economic elites.  We are very clearly aware of the motives and actions guiding these policies, particularly those of the United States, including JCS 570/2 and the Kennan-Schelling Doctrine.

The Peace Journalism Training Programme is meant to help make journalists more aware of these issues with some of the leading journalists and critical peace researchers in the world.  It also helps us to develop a network of journalists world-wide interested in putting forward more honest, critical and constructive perspectives on conflicts and other important issues.

With many thanks for your message,
In solidarity,
Kai Frithjof

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Hi Arlene
    Just wanted to send this to you. I am so glad the truth is finally hitting e-mails the sad part is a lot of my co-workers don't know the first thing about a computer. I also read what you published on America's Concerns.
    I am so proud of you for all your work you have published you have taught me a lot. The days I felt down and break down crying I would get on the computer and start reading and sometimes write Constance.  I have felt weak and like I was loosing a battle. Then I would open an e-mail that you sent. Now I feel better and better since the truth will some day be there for my daughter and her daughters .
    I work now more then I should just to keep what I have which is not much but it's mine ......
    If one day we meet I owe you a hug and a great big THANK YOU.
Thank you
Nancy Hedrick
Dear Ms. Johnson,
     I read your new edition to The Journal of History, and I appreciate the piece that you did on me pertaining to Corrections Officer Rickey Townsend.  I wanted to ask you about the one "The Ku Klux Klan in the Federal Prison System."  When I clicked on it it would not come up.  However, all the other pieces you published came up.
     Is the government telling the server not to put that article on the internet?  Was that article based on what happened to me and inmates in the federal prison system?
     Is there anyway you could send me a copy of that original article that you published pertaining to the Ku Klux Klan federal prison system?
     I really need to know this immediately if the government stopped that article from being published.  This will help my law suit that is pending right now.  That is a violation of my first amendment right to have access to the freedom of the press.  Email me your address and phone number again so that I may send you a $25 donation for your courageous work on The Journal of History.
     I have been run out of my home because Crystal and I have continuously being poisoned in our home by these people.  The Sheriff's Department won't do anything; they are in violation of 18 USC 115 (Look it up)!  I can't get any protection at all.  They want us dead and the only way to stop that is to stay in the media.

Write soon:

Rickey Townsend
(715) 424-4246

Can you please email and paste this add to your friends?

                   Legal Research for Americans


Constitutional Law, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Case Law Federal/State, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, Legal Maxims, Landlord Tenant Law, Child Support Law and Case Law, Jurisdiction/Venue, Criminal Law, Special Interest Constitutional Law, Federal Civil Law and incorporating American History and God's law into motions and briefs.

Pro Se Litigator's can benefit from my legal research. Complaints and Appeals can be difficult and need to be supported with appropriate case law to succeed, call now if my services fit your needs.

Rickey Townsend
Email -
(715) 424-4246
As salaamu 'alaikum wa Rahamatullahu wa Barakatuah Sister Arlene,
      I received your cc'd message to Andrea. Thank you for reaching because I don't know why you have had the fatal errors in the emails but this isn't going to happen again, OK?
      I wish for you to send me the information on this fund that is in Texas, for it is needed, so do know that as soon as I get the information I will put it to good use!
      Send my regards to Dr. Rebello. Tell him that his moral support is needed and he sure has my solidarity.
       I see you are still famous! Hey, don't worry about the ignorance of people that choose to stoop so low as to try to destroy your character because people that work with you or around you know better than to fall for that crap. And if they don't know you, they were referred to you by someone else that is credible, so don't worry.
       Continue to fight and do your thing because, as we youngsters say, "Hata'z are really your admirers!"
      Listen, I have an e-group ok? It is called "Fight for Life and Freedom." I want you to join if you wish. It is full of people that take action, not just talk, and being that you are one of those who don't talk about it, but take action, this is a forum for you as well. Please contact Jamie Anderson at:
       She will give you all the information you need to join as well as the link to my website because I want to link The Journal of History and your site on mine, OK? I also sent a whistle blower to mostly all the major newspapers and I placed The Journal of History out there in my message as a source for information as to the abuse and such in prisons and the truth about the system. So you may have some new information coming from others.
      I will close now. Take care and contact me soon, you have my Email address now.
Salaam and Du' aas,
Hasaan Shakoor



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