True Story

Operation Desert Storm Veteran
Rolando Serna Becomes Incarcerated in Texas

Mrs. Serna remains in Ohio
away from her husband.

By Author must remain anonymous

Rolando is an Ex-Marine, survivor of Operation Desert Storm, and one who all of his children and he severely suffer from the chemical warfare to which he was exposed and which the US government denies ever happened. Many of his fellow soldiers are dead from the effects of what this government denies ever occurred.

Rolando has been placed in the "hole" or Special Housing Unit vicariously due to inmate snitches informing staff that I trained him how to help fellow prisoners. He has officially been placed in the "hole" because he wrote an informal complaint (typically referred to as a BP-8) on an officer who cursed him using profanity.  Rolando then verbally informed a lieutenant of the Ku Klux Klan persuasion that he would continue to file complaints on staff who violate policies.

For Rolando's efforts he has received the most serious rule violation of "threatening staff with serious bodily harm and a threat to the orderly functioning of the institution!" He has been sanctioned for 45 days in the "hole."


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