Australians Participate for US in the Vietnam War

by Peter Jones (not his real name)

In 1968 I VOLUNTEERED for Vietnam; I became a member of the 5th Batallion Australian Infantry as a Radio operator. My unit went into Hue when the Tet Offensive started around the city.  I later had therapy for nightmares. I  was so fascinated by the techniques used on me (Hypnotherapy NLP etc) I eventually learned them.  I now have a Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

In Combat if you allow your feelings to come up....first you tremble and shake until you cannot aim straight then you fire off at anything that moves, usually you stick your face in the mud and pray that it stops.....useless. The first time Tanks behind me fired off their cannons....I got such a fright I pissed in my pants. (I hadn't even noticed that Tanks had moved up so close to us.)

The Combat Soldier eventually learns to DIS-ASSOCIATE himself from his feelings...Feelings usually  come up AFTER a fire-fight.... I've found myself trembling so hard I was tipping my beer all over the place....After I got out of the Army I would sit in the local Park here next to my home at night, looking for shadows...couldn't sleep and couldn't relax.  I lost my first wife . She couldn't stand it when I'd jump out of bed at night sweating and looking for good ground cover.

Veterans could be helped by doing TWO things.
a)  They must face up to their Experiences not their IMAGINED experiences...they need to let them out....EXPRESS their fears, Anger, First they're  afraid of they're afraid of living

b) then they learn to reassociate themselves with  GOOD feelings (love,  sex, anger etc etc)

Look up NOT a Psychiatrist but a good NLP practitioner who can do Hypnotherapy (Ericksonian Hypnotherapy).


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