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DEA Atrocities-Part 16

Because of my torture by the government I'm mentally disabled during the torture,
and the torture is used against me any time I try to talk or write about my case. The heavier torture has been terminated at times like when I'm on the phone. There can be no justice while one side is using torture against the other side. All of the below letters except the one about Judge Copple and Sheriff Joe Arpaio were mailed to the addressed people using certified mail. (On second thought, I will not release those two letters at this time because I never mailed them.)

I wrote these letters on the dates on the letters, and I believe these letters are truthful and correct. It was not my job to prove all the information contained in these letters. I would have never released these letters if the government hadn't used torture to force me to defend my self. My only way of defending my self was to set up the people and agencies listed in the files and prove what I could to the FBI and others. I was then injected and tortured in the most satanic ways possible, and I still am being tortured horribly. I wrote many of these letters under threat of death by my government and under torture.

The writing of these letters was my way of fighting back against the corrupt officials that were listed in the files I read in 1977. I have mailed out 100's of copies of letters I have written. I have been writing these letters since 1991. Before 1991 it would have been impossible for me to write letters like this and live through the process. It first became possible for me to be able to write these letters when the FBI started watching and the DEA had to back off and stop controlling and torturing me. I hope these letters will help the court understand where I'm coming from. The government has refused to even answer most of the letters. I did receive one reply from civil or human rights, which informed me that they could not help me. This reply I believe was about four years ago.

I would like to inform the court what my wife told me before we were divorced. She told me that there was no way that I could win because the DEA and her had framed me so well that it would be impossible for me to win. I totally disagree. I not only believe I can win but I also believe I can stop these Human Rights Violations that are occurring under the cover of law and protect future generations of Americans. The damage to me is so bad that I cannot personally win. The FBI assured me I could win in the beginning but I told them at that time that they did not understand and that no one had ever been able to defeat the DEA in the way I was about to try. I informed the FBI and others that they could win for me. They have all been very courageous and have done great damage to the forces of evil in this battle. It is slowly becoming safe to walk down the street in the inner cities of America again. When I would inform the FBI of corruption in their ranks, they would attack that corruption. When I would inform the DEA of corruption in their ranks, they would attack me.

I do not want the court to misunderstand me. Kathy, my ex-wife, is no longer directly one of them. She helped the FBI by talking to me about some things and even warned me when corrupt agents tried to get their people into the investigation to misdirect and control the investigation to discredit me. She is also under torture by the DEA as are most of my witnesses making it impossible for her or the others to talk, testify freely, or even defend themselves without being tortured. She is under threat of death by the DEA who has control over the implants in her. Many of my witnesses are being controlled and tortured in the cover-up of this case. All of this is being done under the cover of law and color of authority as an investigation. All chances of any real investigation stopped when the DEA tortured my witnesses and me.

An investigation is the collection of information. Torture is the infliction of pain and suffering. They are not compatible with each other, and any chance of any real investigation stops when torture begins. I have taken two lie detector tests whether I'm a drug dealer and if the information is correct and I passed both Lie Detector tests. I also paid to have Dan Pomeroy take a lie detector test and he also passed. All of my witnesses are willing to take lie detector tests and all of my witnesses will pass. I have offered the DEA all of the information thousands of times and they have refused to accept the information from my witnesses and me. All of their witnesses are allowed to supply the DEA with fabricated information and commit perjury in the framing of my witnesses and me. An investigation is when you accept information and then investigate that information to find out if it is true. A cover-up is when you refuse any information and then attack and torture the people trying to supply you with the information.

There is no real investigation of me but there is a massive cover-up and the framing of my witnesses and me to obstruct justice and to tamper with us as Federal Witnesses. We are being threatened, tortured, intimidated and slowly murdered under the cover of a fabricated investigation. If this case goes to trial it is my belief that the DEA will most likely kill witnesses against me like Lisa Alandt to stop the truth from ever coming out. Lisa's mom told me you could always tell when Lisa is lying because her mouth will be open. This means that she always lies.

The court should be aware of the fact that I have repeatedly asked the DEA to allow me to remove the devices that are torturing me and if they would allow this I would authorize the DEA to replace these devices with FBI devices that would not torture me. The DEA refused every offer and has demanded it has the right to limit my freedom of speech; stop me from going out; stop me from filing taxes; force me to live like an animal; deprive my children of their parents; drive me out of business; stop me from working to anywhere near my potential; deprive me of my freedom of religion; stop me from ever remarrying; deprive me of my freedom of travel; deprive me of my freedom of association with others; deprive me of my ability to vote; deprive me of my ability to function as a human being; limit my ability to make a living; limit my ability to furnish information to the FBI and others; limit my ability to defend myself in my lawsuit against the DEA; and many other rights.

People in prison are far freer than I am. They have the right to write and think and be free of torture. If I had been in prison for the last twenty-three years it would have been far less punishment than the use of these devices against me was and is. The DEA is fully aware of all of this and has demanded it has the right under the cover of an investigation to do this to me and has refused every offer and/or attempt by me and others at the stopping of these acts against me. These acts are far more than outrageous conduct of the United States; these acts are an act of treason against the American Constitution and people.

The court must understand the kind of information I was giving the FBI and others when the DEA injected these devices under the cover of law and color of authority. I was supplying the FBI with information about government projects that were little more than money funneling projects of taxpayer funds. One of these projects from the Don Bolles Papers was the 'Super Collider.' In the files we had, they had not decided if they were going to build it in Arizona or Texas.

This project was nothing more than the funneling of funds out of the government. These papers fully showed that the Super Collider could not add any scientific information and that everything it was capable of doing could be done on programs in a computer. In other words, there was no reason to build it except to funnel money out of the government, and this was why they were going to build it. As I briefed the FBI on what I remembered from this file I was tortured by the DEA. The President then stopped the project and it will not be completed until they put their man in as President of the United States. In these files I read the detailed plans for fixing the Presidential elections in the United States. We even had the files on the bugging of the White House and Camp David by the CIA to control and direct the Presidency of Jimmy Carter.

This operation was done under the orders of George Bush. After I briefed the FBI on this the President had the phone wiring redone in the White House to remove the bugging which was made into the phone wiring. These papers included the files of every person involved and what part they would play in altering the outcome of the Presidential Elections. I had been briefing the FBI and others on these papers and files including the files on the individual people and corporations. Again, I agree this information is unbelievable but nevertheless it is what I was reading in these files, and it was what I was briefing the FBI on when the DEA injected these devices into my neck. I briefed the FBI, IRS and many others on these papers and files as the DEA attacked and tortured me until I would pass out screaming in pain every time I tried to supply information.

It is not my job to prove or attack the people whose names I was supplying the FBI and others. The FBI is in charge of the National Security of the United States and the DEA should not be able to use torture to stop an FBI National Security Investigation. The names of the people and corporations I supplied the FBI with then played their parts as I said they would.

Some of these people are Presidential Hopefuls now, and I did supply their names many years ago to the FBI. It is true that I cannot remember everything from their files because I have been tortured so badly all of these years, but it is also true that it would have been impossible for me to give the FBI only these names if I had not read the files. All of the people that I gave the FBI their names did influence the Presidential elections or are currently influencing the Presidential election of the United States. Elections are not fixed by cheating on the votes; they are fixed by directing the voters in the way desired by those directing the information to the people. The people believe they decide who to vote for and this is true in most cases, but by influencing a small percentage of the people it is possible to direct the election in favor of those directing the information to the people.

In the CIA files we had, the CIA and the Rockefellers had concluded that it was only necessary to influence 6% to 7% of the vote to alter the outcome of most Presidential elections in the United States. Hard core Republicans vote Republican and hard core Democrats vote Democrat. The group of people in the middle decide who the next President will be, and they are who was targeted by the CIA, DEA, and the corporations they protected or controlled to alter the outcome of the elections. None of this targeting was directed to influence everyone; they would target certain groups of people differently to achieve their goals. This was done many different ways. One of these ways was through the use of religion. By using these covert operations they were able to direct 1% here and another 1% somewhere else, until they could get the needed votes to alter the outcome of the election. These plans did not always work but they were able to direct many of the elections in their favor. This is not illegal in all of the ways they directed the people but when the government was involved in the direction of the people this is clearly illegal.

This letter is of a poor quality due to the torture of me while I'm working on the letter and from my lack of rest. At present they do allow me to go to sleep but they do work on me electronically with the implants while I'm asleep and when I wake up it's as if I never went to bed. I am unable to write what I wanted to write due to the control and torture of me with these devices.

I will not be able to defend myself anywhere near as well as I could have because of the devices being used against me to stop me. I understand that legally I'm the one doing the attacking but in reality I'm only defending myself from the torture of me to stop the information I have from ever becoming public. The DEA has changed the way they are controlling me and I'm not screaming as often anymore (this is intended to mean that I'm not screaming in pain all of the time 24 hours a day as I did for years at a time), but they have increased the control over me and the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and mental torture is increased and increasing considerably. I will not be able to finish this letter adequately due to this torture and the lack of rest. The lowest torture is while I'm at work where I cannot work on this letter. The DEA fully knows that it is almost impossible for me to go to work after no rest and after the torture they use on me while I'm home. The DEA has changed its attack against me and does increase the torture when I enter the computer room to work on my case for court. Under the current modes of torture I will have to terminate my work on this letter and submit it as it is to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Over the years I have repeatedly asked the DEA to allow me to work on my case and allow me somewhere to go where they would not torture me with the implants and they have refused every request. The DEA does change the torture from one kind of torture to another kind when I complain. The DEA almost never changes to a mode that they are not torturing me. They usually only change from the kind of torture I'm complaining about to a kind of torture I'm not complaining about, and if I complain about this kind of torture they then change back into the kind of torture they started in and continue to torture me in that mode until I complain again and then they start the same process over again. This has always proved to me that they do hear every word I say and always have.

Under the modes of torture they are now using against me, I will say whatever I believe they want me to say to get some relief from the torture. I would even sell drugs or murder people for some relief from the torture. I would only do these things while I'm insane under torture. I would do anything they want to obtain a real night's sleep. In the Don Bolles papers they made people kill their children, mothers, wives and others using the torture against them.

No one ... "NO ONE"... was able to take the torture without breaking down and doing what they wanted them to do. It is true that they could not force someone to kill who they wanted them to kill at the exact place or time they wanted them to do it. They could not even direct the person to pick a certain target with a high probability of success. They could drive the target insane and by using torture they could direct the target in the direction they wanted the target to go. Everyone would become insane from the torture given enough time; some people would make it months and others would break down in days or weeks. Some people would make it for years but this was rare. By torturing someone long enough and hard enough, everyone falls apart and cooperates under the torture.

To accomplish this, it was necessary to torture these people in the most satanic and sadistic ways possible for whatever length of time was necessary. I am long past my breaking point, and I would do whatever they directed me to do to be allowed to take care of my family. Such crimes as this by the DEA are crimes against humanity. These acts are evil beyond the understandings of normal people.

This is not being done to me because I was a criminal. I was a very good citizen. This is being done to me because I refused to help agents of the Federal and State government and others sell the drugs and kill the witnesses and others. This is being done to me because I worked with the FBI and others against them. This is being done to me because of the billions of dollars in drug proceeds I cost them to lose over the years because of the information I supplied the FBI and others. This is being done to me because of the political damage I did to them; the torture is retaliation and revenge against me under color of authority. I have disclosed information of which they over the years have not wanted me to disclose but have disclosed in the interests of what I believe to be truth and justice and to serve purposes of humanity.

I am not a drug dealer, and the DEA knows this. I was acquitted by the United States District Court on the grounds set forth in the judge's Judgment, which was sustained on appeal as the government's evidence was fabricated and/or created to entrap me. Such crimes as torture under color of authority by the DEA are crimes against humanity and are acts of evil beyond the understanding of normal people, on my information and belief.

Everything I have stated herein is the truth as best I can recall, given the tremendous amount of torture I have sustained, the lapse of time as the years have gone by, the present state of the disease of diabetes I now suffer, and other ailments directly related to the torture as I rationally understand them. I have not filed this declaration to harass anyone. I have not filed this declaration as a matter of gamesmanship or for any other motive other than to expose what has been done to me and others similarly situated over the years. Many of these people have been categorized as 'crazy,' 'confused,' 'disoriented,' or 'conspiracy theorists,' which I suppose the conditions of torture render such truthful, however, not entirely irrational.

My lawsuit is being pursued by me with the ends of justice at my purpose as I understand my constitutional rights, I have at all times to the best of my ability tried to convey the truth despite the difficulty due to my wobblying command of the English language and the emotional complexity involved impacting my ability to specifically recall facts which occurred many years ago.

On my information and belief, there is documentation controlled by the Defendants and its agencies which will support the contentions set forth in my Complaint, as well as placed them on notice to preserve and protect all evidence in their possession; and in the event they fail or refuse to do so, they will be liable for torturous or negligent spoilation of evidence.

Dated: May 6, 2000 By: ___________________________________
Charles August Schlund, III
Plaintiff in Pro Per



) ss.

County of Maricopa )

I, Charles A. Schlund, III declare:

The facts set forth in this Declaration are all on information and belief. As to those facts pled on such information and belief, I believe such facts to be true. I have filed this Supplemental Declaration in good faith in the pursuit of justice and not to harass, delay, or for any other reason.


Charles Schlund, Declarant


I, Charles A. Schlund, III, the undersigned, certify and declare that I am over the age of 18 and reside in Maricopa County, State of Arizona, in the Central District of Arizona, within the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. On May 6, 2000 I served a copy of the Appellants Motion for Order to Augment Record on Appeal and Amended Affidavit of Charles August Schlund, III in support Thereof by mailing a copy to:

Attn: Harriett M. Burnick, Esq. And
Janice M. Marquez, Esq.
Assistant U.S. Attorneys
U.S. Attorneys Office
230 N. First Avenue, Room 4000
Phoenix, AZ 85025

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


By: Charles A. Schlund, Declarant

Editor's note: In a post on the CIA-DRUGS listserv by another person, the FBI was acknowledged as bringing in drugs also. I can't recall when this information was shared with the listserv members, but distinctly recall that it was.


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