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Brave Women  
Victim of CIA Mind Control ATTACKED-Endangered

By Pam Schuffert
August 11, 2002

I have just spent time on the phone talking with Irene in Wilmington, NC. Irene is one of the many surviving victims of the infamous CIA MKULTRA/MONARCH mind control testing that has destroyed so many innocent lives throughout our nation. With the Illuminati bloodline of PERCEIVAL as part of the reason why she and her sister, Barbara Hartwell, were carefully selected for such experimentation and training, such harassment has become a part of her regular life.

But it has taken an ugly twist. This morning, at 9 am, Irene was arrested and taken from her home brutally, on false charges of "having pointed a gun at a neighbor and threatened to shoot him" (Irene doesn't even OWN a gun). And while she was being processed at the Sheriff's department, her home was broken into and torn apart.

She had explained to me previously that she had been carefully collecting and saving evidence to bring future charges against her CIA tormentors and others involved in her programming. Her evidence of brutal abuse even included her account of being forced to "sexually service the elite, "(including VP Dick Cheney during a "one night stand" in Omaha, Nebraska. This is similar to other accounts of former CIA mind control victims such as Cathy O'Brien in her book, "TRANCEformation of America," in which she too admitted being used to sexually fulfill ruling elite such as Dick Cheney and many others. Sue Ford, another surviving victim of CIA atrocities, was also forced into sex with various ruling elite, including with Bush, as well as her daughter being used as well.)

Irene's sister Barbara, supposedly coming to help protect her, has not been able to. Barbara has now found herself in a very dangerous situation in which she is convinced her life is now in danger as well.

Well, fellow American Patriots, this is breaking news as it happens. Irene pleaded with me to inform the rest of the nation and to get supporting prayer for her and Barbara at this critical time.

I had sent her, only days earlier, a wonderful Christian book to give her comfort and encouragement. She told me the following:

"Pam, as I sat in the Sheriff's car, my hands handcuffed, I had your book you sent me still clutched in my hands. I was reading about how angels were singing to a man about to be martyred for his faith under communism in Russia, and I began to sing the song of the angels too..." God had told me to send her that book to give her encouragement only a few days later, as I prayed for her and asked God what to do for her.

Patriot friends, this is what true Patriotism is all about: standing with your fellow Americans when they are endangered and going through a severe time of crisis. EVEN if it means you may be putting your life in danger too for daring to stand with them under fire. I encourage readers to begin to pray for Irene and Barbara at this critical time. Their lives may be under fire now: tomorrow it MAY BE YOU!

How would you want your fellow Americans to respond to YOU in crisis???


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