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DEA Atrocities-Part 15

Is it legal to perform medical procedures in secret on American citizens in the middle of the night without their consent or knowledge? In the Nuremberg trials performing medical procedures on people against their will was a crime against humanity. When the Nazi's injected the Jews in the neck and they became ill and sick from the injection this was ruled a crime against humanity. When the DEA injected other people and me in the neck and we became ill and sick from the injections wasn't this also a crime against humanity? I see no difference in what the Germans did to what the United States government is doing. Doesn't this also violate human rights treaties that the United States signed? Doesn't this also violate the DEA agent's oath of office? Doesn't this also violate the Constitution of the United States? When the President of the United States ordered the agencies to abide by these human right treaties and the DEA refused wasn't this a violation of American Law?

Can the DEA or others forcibly inject something into my neck against my will in secret under the cover and color of law? Can the DEA then torture me with what they injected? Can my religious beliefs be violated and the mark of the beast be forcibly injected or installed in me against my will. I am a Christian, and my government has authorized my torture with these devices against my will and has refused me my rights over my body and has refused me the right to remove what the government installed in my body. Can the government play God and punish people in secret with these and other devices?

Today's date is February 10, 2000. I went to bid and look at a large job today and I was satanically tortured with the implants to deprive me of money and to stop me from making a living. The daily torture has been costing me as much as $25,000.00 a day in lost wages because of the torture. I am a very highly skilled Electrical Contractor that has specialized in motor control. The DEA and/or others have used these devices to limit my ability to make a living to stop my lawsuit against the United States of America and limit the damages. In the real world with out the electronic control over me I would make up to about $25,000.00 a day doing the kind of work I do. The DEA horribly tortures me every time I try to do a job with large profits and then when I'm doing a favor where I make little or nothing they stop much of the torture for photos to document what they are trying to portray falsely to the Justice Department, court and others.

The torture and electronic control over me by the government has cost me many millions of dollars in lost work. The government can not stop the torture and allow others to see what I really can do without the electronic control over me. Presently it will take me many years to recover from the torture. The DEA and others fully know that my income will double about every 30 days when the torture is stopped. This would make me a greater threat to them and they are fully aware of this and this is why the DEA can not stop the torture of me to allow me to return to work. With these added funds I will go after the DEA in court and they fully know this. The DEA and/or others use of torture against me is to legally obstruct justice under the protection of the courts.

Today's date is February 11, 2000. The DEA and/or others have replaced all the forms of torture they were using against me with torture by pulsed sounds. This form of torture is far less horrible than the modes they used against me for all of these years but it is still horrible and it is still torture.

I informed the DEA that I was going to prepare for the United States Supreme Court, and type in this letter who some of the people where that I was supplying the FBI and others with information on that was from what I had read in their CIA and other files. Let this court fully know that the DEA increased the torture to threaten me to protect the corrupt judges that protect the DEA and other corrupt public officials and authorize the use of torture against political witnesses like myself under the cover of warrants.

After I had given the FBI some names of Federal Judges the FBI then learned from this information the names of other judges in higher courts of the United States. A meeting was then set up with Harold Elston and me to ask me to confirm what they had learned. I do not know if it is appropriate for me to name these and other judges that I was supplying the FBI and others with information about their criminal conduct that was in the files I read in 1977.

I reserve the right to challenge these judges when we appeal to the United States Supreme Court. I did supply the FBI and others with the names of three present United States Supreme Court Justices, and I supplied the FBI with what I could remember from their CIA and DEA files and other files. After supplying the FBI with these names and the contents of their files I was injected with these implants and tortured in the most satanic and horrible ways possible. I have been threatened, harassed, and tortured for supplying the FBI with this information, and the court system has been used to authorize the torture of me to protect these and other State and Federal Judges and others. In the Don Bolles Papers were files on many different Judges, Congressmen, Senators and many others in future, present, and past very high positions of power in the United States Government. I had also learned of the names of others through my association with the Dirty Dozen. With these files were papers on who would have to be assassinated, imprisoned, and/or discredited to place these people in their position of power. Not every file contained such a list of names.

This court must remember that I'm not before this court asking not to be monitored. My request and demand is to not be tortured. The issue before this court is the violations of my human rights and the use of torture against my witnesses and me. The only thing I am asking for is relief from torture. The DEA can easily monitor me so it can try to kill me when they believe they can get a chance at me. Even if this court demanded that the DEA no longer monitor me, others under their direction would monitor me and feed the information back to the DEA, CIA, and/or others. They have done this in the past by making my ex-wife use private investigators that were really part of the Dirty Dozen who was a drug cartel run by the DEA. My wife never hired anyone, she was ordered to pretend to hire them for the DEA's and/or other's cameras, and all of this is a fabrication. The DEA who knew that the FBI and/or others were starting to monitor Kathy and me, and then used members of their drug cartel to monitor me.

These people were also private investigators which made the monitoring of me appear to be conducted for legitimate reasons. This made the DEA activities less exposable and threatening to the FBI and others, and also supplied supporting witnesses who are not real witnesses; they are paid witnesses. The DEA set all of this up, and documented the set up to make it appear that it was real. None of the DEA's information or information about me is correct, nor is any of this information supplied to others in a correct light. All of this information is supplied in a false light and is not real as presented.

Today's date is February 14, 2000. The following is a detailed list of the kinds of torture the DEA inflicted against me during this day. I believe these acts are a violation of the Torture Protection Act and also violates American laws like the United States Supreme Court decision of 1934, which affirmed there can be no punishment with out a trial or conviction first in a court of law.

Last night I went to bed in my back yard to escape the torture I'm put through when I try to sleep in my bedroom. After laying down in my back yard the sounds in my head were at first increased and then very slowly decreased for the next couple of hours. The sounds were then repeatedly increased and decreased during the night, which resulted in the depriving me of hours of sleep. After I got up this morning the sounds were reduced and the sounds were mostly quiet in my head the rest of the day until I dropped my helper, Dan Pomeroy, off at his house after work. As I approached his house to drop him off the sounds were increased and are still of a level that is horrifying. The sounds are at a much lower level than in the past and the torture modes have also been dramatically reduced in comparison to the past modes and levels used to torture me. During work today I did little mostly because of the sleep deprived me from last night.

My face is currently distorted a little from the torture even though the power levels are below where I would normally be screaming. When I got up this morning my face was badly distorted, but still nothing compared to the past during much heavier torture. The DEA used many different kinds of pain from the implants to control and torture me today. These torture modes caused the right implant to swell up to about the size of a quarter and the left implant is about the size of a dime.

This is normal for the currant power levels. At present the DEA has changed modes to stop me form typing, and most of the feeling in my hands has been removed from the mode that the implants are in. If I try to watch TV the torture mode is changed to a different mode compared to when I try to write. In the morning when I got up the torture was changed every time I went into my bedroom to take a shower or get dressed. During these times the torture was increased at all times except when I was in the shower. For some reason the DEA has now stopped making me scream in pain during the times I take a shower. At work at Cem Tec the torture was reduced to the point where it was not a factor in my work any longer but as soon as I left the torture was increased to where it was a factor and the torture was very horrible while I was driving. All day except at Cem Tec the torture was horrible to some degree. During all times except at Cem Tec I had this horrible smell of burning flesh from the implants in my nose all day.

My hands were affected and I lost most of the feeling in my hands while I was at work except for the time I was at Cem Tek. I was partially crippled most of the day except for at Cem Tec and Glendale Iron. Over all it was a very good day compared to the torture for the last 23 years. The Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or whatever you want to call the autoimmune disease caused from the exposure to the implants was also light most of the day but at times it was overpowering and horrible to the point that I can not remember much of those periods of time. I was also disabled by at least 90% during those periods of time.

Every time I open my mouth my jaws dislocate because of the implants and it's very painful to eat or talk at times. This goes away when the DEA changes modes for a camera session like at Cem Tek. I can always tell when I'm on Camera because the torture is terminated. These are the only times during the day that I'm not under torture during most days for the past 23 years. While I'm at the computer the torture is changed, this results in crippling me to where I can't walk well or correctly when I try to get up from the computer. The DEA is increasing the torture now to threaten me for what I'm writing about them. I will now try to sleep again this night and the DEA will now torture me differently because I have listed what they did last night in this letter.

If I complain in this letter then everything changes. If I complain in other ways nothing changes and the torture remains the same. By typing what happened in this letter changes everything and the next torture is always completely different then before listing the modes in this letter. The torture is not stopped it is just changed to a different frequency or mode but it is always kept as torture. May I add that when I gave the FBI permission to monitor me in what ever way they decided that I never felt anything at anytime and the FBI heard every word.

Today's date is February 15, 2000. Last night when I went to sleep I went to sleep in the living room on the couch. Everything was changed from the night before. I was allowed to go to sleep and then I was kept asleep and I had horrible dreams from the effects of the implants. The dreams were of war and battle. I have never had these kinds of dreams before the injection of these devices. I find these kinds of dreams horrifying. I woke up this morning with my face distorted and I was crippled from the way they worked on me during the night with the implants. I was not awakened all night but the rest was not rest; it was dreams after dreams of things and events that are totally unnatural to me. After I woke up I had to go out front because I could not stand up and walk with out falling down because of the mode of torture that they were using against me. When I go out front they change modes because of the camera's and they have to allow me to walk without falling down. Inside the house everything would spin like I was drunk and when I went out front all of this went away. I then returned to the house and started to get ready for work. I was tortured differently then most mornings and the control over me was also very different than normal. After my shower I was tortured with whinning sounds that disabled me and knocked me down to delay me from going to work.

After I got dressed the torture was again changed to allow me to appear normal. At work my main job was at ABC Aluminum in Tempe, Arizona. While I was at this job I was tortured horribly with pulsed sounds that disabled me dramatically. Today I was disabled most of the day by horrifying sounds from the implants. On my way home I had to stop at Home Depot at 43 Ave and Camelback to buy some material for tomorrow. They tortured me so badly in the store that I crapped my pants during the torture. This is normal and it is currently the best it has been in many years. I used to have to take spare pants with me to work so when they tortured me and I crapped my pants I would have something into which to change.

During many of these torture sessions they would also knock me unconscious torturing me so I would have to stay in my dirty pants until they stopped knocking me out every time I tried to stand back up to return to work. Today's date is February 17, 2000. The torture modes that are used against me are ever changing as the DEA tries to find a legal way to use torture against me. Instead of using the implants to cause pain directly to torture me the DEA and/or others have changed their tactics to some degree. Today they would use the implants to generate a field or frequency or other modes that caused my veins to collapse to some degree causing me to lose feeling in my hands and feet. At the currant power levels its takes about one hour after I leave the house for the effects to accumulate to a degree that it becomes very painful.

These modes also dislocate my joints including my jaw, which pops in and out of place as I eat or talk depending on the mode that the DEA and/or others is using on me at the time. This causes great pain in my knees and other joints as I try to walk or move other parts of my body.

In the CIA and DEA files I read in 1977 these symptoms were some of the symptoms of the constant exposure to their monitoring and torture devices that they had designed to monitor and torture political dissident and witnesses. These symptoms were part of the body's auto immune response to exposure to the devices and in these papers were responsible for many deaths.

I was awakened this morning with them just making loud noises of a high pitched hum in my left ear, and this noise was terminated after they forced me to get up. It is very hard to be a cyborg with most of me being human and a small part of me being machine with the machine part trying to control the human part.

During the mode they used on me today during periods of the day I become insane because of the effects of the torture. During these periods of time I am not responsible for my actions or what I say. During these periods of time the DEA and or others are directly responsible for my actions and what I say and are directly responsible for me and my life. No person can be responsible for themself after they have been tortured long enough to start to cooperate with their torturers. All investigation ends when torture starts.

Today's date is February 20, 2000. Last night and the night before I was awakened all night repeatedly as they harassed and tortured me as I tried to sleep. I did get some sleep both nights between the harassment and torture sessions but not enough to function as a human being. All of this torture and harassment was done with the devices that they injected into my neck and possibly ears. It is hard for me to accept that all of these sounds are coming from the implants they injected into my neck. The sounds are so horrifying and loud that I believe that it is possible that they could have put something on or in my ear drums. I have no knowledge or information supporting this assumption. This assumption is solely based on how low the sounds are with which they use to torture me. Yesterday was horrifying at work during the day. I worked at the News Sun newspaper yesterday installing some computer circuits. I was tortured horribly during the time I was there working with pulsed sounds of the most horrible kinds that were also very painful. They just made me scream in pain for typing this part. They are now increasing the pain to threaten me for writing to the court in this letter.

Yesterday death would have been a blessing because the torture was so horrible. They did allow me to walk with me being only somewhat crippled from the torture. The pain was horrible from the torture modes they were using against me almost all day. I did not count the number of times they made me scream but I do believe it was about 100 times during the day and night, which isn't bad compared normal to or to the past. They used to make me scream in pain 24 hours a day.

They tortured me bad enough for most of the day yesterday that I lost most of the feeling in my feet and hands. The sides of my head around the implants and around my ears also lost the sensation of feeling from the torture. I would describe the torture yesterday as of the most satanic kind using the modes and power levels they used yesterday. I was kept about 95% disabled from the torture, and this degree of disability is about normal with them torturing me with these modes of torture.

Today's date is February 22, 2000. The torture of me is being reduced slightly daily on most days. I am still tortured heavily at times but the torture in general is being reduced. I can say that I believe that the torture is millions of times less in its intensity now than at times in the past. This reduction is a result of power reductions and changes in modes used against me during the torture sessions. The torture is still very horrible and is intended to damage me as badly as possible before trial or before the court can stop me from obtaining my human rights to a trial. In the files we had no one that was a threat to them like I am would be allowed to have a trial and all of these people would slowly be tortured to death in the most horrible and hideous ways possible. At the current rate of power reduction and/or torture mode reduction the torture will end sometime in the future. I believe that the torture would have to be reduced 10,000 to 50,000 more times for me to normalize and rejoin the human race as a normal human being. At the current rate of power or mode reduction this is still many years in the future. The damage to my body and mind is now unrepairable and is getting worse daily as the torture continues.

When I make my torture statements for the daily record in this letter it is my intent to document what is happening to me. Because of the torture it is nearly impossible to accurately report the events. I get up at different times every day depending on the torture during the night and in the morning before work. This has delayed me from working until late morning or early afternoon on most days depending on the torture of me by corrupt agents of my government that have been authorized to use these devices against me under the cover of law, which has resulted in my torture.

Today's date is February 24, 2000. I have just returned home from work. I do not want to be disrespectful to the court in any way, but I must protest in the most direct and powerful ways possible to the court about what the State of Arizona and the Federal government is doing to me in a conspiracy using torture against me as a weapon to cover up the crimes they have committed and are committing. I am under extreme torture with them using the implants they installed in my neck to torture me with and I am being tortured in the most satanic and sadistic ways as I try to write this letter to the court. The torture is being done to me because I understand that the State of Arizona and the Federal government has entered into a conspiracy to trap me into being a criminal against my will by them using torture to control me and my abilities to function as a legal human being. This never ending conspiracy continues as I write to the court and will continue until I get past the corrupt judges about which I was supplying the FBI and others information.

They harassed me all night during the night as they do every night with the implants they installed into my neck. After my light torture sessions this morning, as they saw that I was about to leave for work at about 11:30 AM as I went to open the front door to leave they terminated the torture mode they were using against me to disable me. After I left the house the torture was slowly increased to limit my ability to function as a human being. This continued at different power levels and in different modes until I arrived at Cem Tec to work. The cameras were all set up for the photo session to show how the torture was unreal. I know this because the only time I'm not tortured is when they are using one of their corrupt judges to authorize another covert operation against me. This means they obtained a warrant to photograph me at Cem Tec so they were forced to terminate the torture while I was at Cem Tec to document for a jury how the government case against me was real and that I was the criminal.

Of course, none of this is real. I am not the criminal; they are the criminals. They use the cover of law to remove political witnesses like me. This is done by forcing their victims to be unable to fulfill their duties as a legal human being. This is done by using torture against them under the protection of a warrant that they obtained from a corrupt judge that they control and is a member of their organized crime network. In some cases the judge may not be corrupt and may be just unqualified to hold the position he or she holds. After the government was done with the photo session at Cem Tec and I had left the job the torture was increased by many 1,000's of times. As I tried to drive home they tortured me in many horrible ways. One of these ways was to use a pulsed microwave or other high powered frequency weapon against me to disable me and keep me in great pain and suffering. After I returned home the weapon was changed to a sound weapon incorporated in the implants in my neck and/or ears.

This weapon is screaming in my ears as I type this letter. They are running a computer program of different horrible sounds that cause pain as they are made in my head. They are now removing all feeling from my hands and fingers to stop me from finishing this letter. They are now bringing up great pain in my head and I'm sure in a minute they will again change to another way or ways of torturing me.

I know I should not have given the FBI information on corrupt judges like Judge Lee. Years later he got even with me by locking up one of my employees, Dan Pomeroy, and laughed at my letter to him. I know I should not have supplied information on Judge Broomfield; he also got even with me years later and threw my case out repeatedly. I know I should not have supplied information against Judge Copple, and I believe he also got even with me and authorized warrants against me. I also supplied other information against other judges that I remembered from their CIA and other files. Judge Hardy was also one of the judges whose file I read, and there were many others.

I know that I live in the United States and justice is what you can afford in this country. Still I find it hard to believe that the United States Department of Justice can allow these crimes to continue without stopping them. I will now be tortured nonstop until they need another photo session of me. In time they will arrest me or kill me during an attempted arrest and they will most likely have a throw down weapon to use to show how I was the criminal. Any time I try to do my taxes or other things required to be legal I will be tortured to stop me and I will not recover to be legal until these devices are removed and all torture is terminated.

They will always torture me as long as the devices are in my neck or body. They will claim I'm the criminal. I'm not; they are corrupt agents and judges that know that if my case goes before a jury they will be exposed so they will come after me to stop me from being able to work to stop my case against them for their corruption. They will try to force me to flee or run to escape the torture and their prosecution and corruption. They know they are the law and that I have no chance against them. I am now asking the court to allow the following letters to be part of my statement.

These letters contain some of the information that was in the Don Bolles Papers, which we should have called the Rockefeller files. This is the kind of information with which I was supplying the FBI and others when they came in and injected me again with these devices. The Government is using torture to stop me from having my full freedom of speech to write this letter in a coherent way. (I had to leave to go to the drug store to fill a prescription for my grandson. The torture was reduced the entire time I was gone and as soon as I started to work on this letter again the torture was dramatically increased to harass and torture me and to disable me to where I'm less of a threat to them and those under their protection.)


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