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DEA Atrocities-Part 14

I plan on using many witnesses in my trial to prove that anyone that refused to sell drugs for the Dirty Dozen was hunted by the DEA and others and imprisoned or murdered. I have known many such people that had refused to sell their drugs as I have. All of these people were discredited and or imprisoned for refusing to sell their drugs, some of these people did sell drugs but did refuse to sell the Dirty Dozen's drugs who was run by the DEA. The DEA informants that set these people up and busted them were also people I knew. These informants were members of the Dirty Dozen and were also drug dealers on a massive scale, murderers and the scum of the earth.

I believe that one of the reasons that the DEA is so interested in setting up my daughters is to cover up their crimes against children that the DEA has committed. My daughters were all injected as very young children with the implants to cover up and protect the DEA's drug operations and murders. To cover up this outrageous conduct by the DEA the DEA is currently conducting generated, fabricated, created and fictitious investigations against my daughters. By doing this the DEA hopes to make the bugging of my daughters appear to be current drug investigations. Nothing could be further from the truth. My children were all injected as toddlers by the DEA and the currant operations of the DEA are nothing more then the cover up of the DEA's crimes against children and the family, which is a violation of international law. I do not expect the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to address these issues but I hope that courageous and honest judges of the 9th Circuit will address these and other issues.

At this time I do fully plan on having these and other issues addressed in the World Court. I do still believe that these issues may be addressed in this court which would make it not necessary to appeal these and other more serious issues to the World Court. Senator Hatch wanted to break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. I gave the FBI information on Senator Hatch. I also believe my case is why Senator Hatch wanted to break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. May I add that my lawyer or legal console believes that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is the finest court in the United States and I agree.

I believe that some of the issues that I'm raising before this court are very serious crimes under national and international law. The President of the United States Ronald Reagan declared the War on Drugs. If this is a war against the American people then these acts are the acts of war criminals. This would mean that these crimes against children and other American citizens are war crimes under international law. I am referring to the Child Protection Act and the Family Protection Act and other international treaties that the United States has ratified or been ordered to honor by the President of the United States.

It is now about 6:24 AM December 24, 1999. The DEA woke me up at about 5:30 AM for a torture session using the implants against me. They used sonic shock waves to wake me up with and to torture me with. This is the nicest kind of weapon system contained in the implants. Sound doesn't sound too horrible but in this weapons system it is very horrible and painful.

By the DEA using the implants they can make it appear that anyone is on drugs, or they can use the implants in a way to allow others to use the people they are controlling. It is very easy with these implants to knock a young girl out without her knowledge or consent to allow others to take advantage of her. In the Don Bolles Papers this was standard practice by the DEA and others using these devices.

I would like the court to take notice of Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivillized Society by Jose M. R. Delgado Published by New York Harper and Row in 1969. This book details some of the early experiments by Jose Delgado who was conducting these experiments in mind control for the CIA. These experiments and others in the Don Bolles Papers led to the designing of these devices that the DEA is currently using against my family and me to destroy our family unit.

These are also the devices used widely in the United States against all political witnesses, dissidents, and others that are a threat to the Republican Party, Rockefeller's and those under their protection or control which includes some Democrats.

The following is some of the information with which I supplied the FBI and others. In one of the files we had there was a lady FBI agent that the CIA needed to control to disable her and stop her from conducting her investigation against organized crime figures that were under their protection. They being the CIA and DEA decided it was impractical to inject her and torture her because of her position in the FBI. To disable her they decided to inject her 1 year-old daughter with the device and tortured the child during the night to deprive the mother of any sleep to disable her and stop her from conducting a good investigation against those under their protection. Anytime this FBI lady went to sleep they would use the device they injected in the child to make the child scream in pain. This would force the lady to get up and comfort the child. Once the child was asleep again they would monitor the FBI agent until she fell asleep again. As soon as she started to go into a deep sleep they would again torture her baby. This not only forced the FBI agent to be deprived of sleep but it also forced her to take time off during the day to take the child from doctor to doctor to try to find out what was wrong with the child.

The court can say surreal or fantastic if they wish but that does not change my testimony, and this information is correct. For the court to allow the use of these devices against the American People is a crime. I am not only talking about the injection of the devices. In the Don Bolles Papers they had designed a glue where the devices could be glued to the back of the targeted person or glued to their scalp under their hair. This glue could be used to glue the microchip to people for up to 90 days but was designed to last about 30 days. By gluing the device onto the targeted person gave the people using the device deniability. In other words these devices could have been picked up anywhere the person had been. By doing it this way the people would never have any idea that they had been gassed in the middle of the night so the devices could be installed.

The time is now 6:23 PM. I returned from shopping at the grocery store about one hour ago. I went shopping at Fry's Food Store where I almost always go grocery shopping. The DEA has had cameras in this store the entire time since I first started shopping there. I was tortured with sonic shock waves since I got up this morning until I left for Fry's. During my shopping at Fry's the DEA stopped for the most part using torture against me. When the DEA saw that I was going to get into the checkout line the torture was increased. After my arrival back home the torture was dramatically increased until I came in the computer room to type this part of the letter. At this time the torture was decreased but other modes that limit my ability to write were started up using the implants on low power.

I would now like to explain to the court what I believe this is about. When I used to go shopping at Fry's the DEA would torture me horribly and I would be screaming as they tortured me in the store. Many times they would not even allow me to complete my shopping and would force me out of the store using torture against me. (The DEA is making me scream for typing this part) It would feel like they were hitting me in the head with a hammer and they would be tearing out my insides and doubling me over in unbelievable pain. This torture would sometimes take me close to death. During these torture sessions to force me out of the store to generate evidence that I was not taking care of my family I would offer the DEA a fabricated conversation in exchange to allow me to provide for my family and buy the needed groceries and other things for the house.

During most of these torture sessions the DEA would terminate the torture in exchange for the fabricated conversation. I would be standing in an isle in the store all by my self during these times. I would then agree to make a fabricated conversation for the DEA to use against me in exchange for relief from the torture. I would then say "the heroin shipment will be in tonight or here's the heroin or something like that in exchange for relief from the torture. The DEA then would take this conversation that were made between me and the DEA to one of the corrupt judges they controlled and submitted it under perjury as evidence. This so-called evidence was obtained under interrogation using torture to force me to make the conversation. If the court is so naive that they can not except this then I would be happy to torture you remotely until you beg to make such a conversation for me. I would love the opportunity to demonstrate this to the court using remote control after forcing a torture device onto you that you can not remove. A demonstration is worth 100,000 pages of writing.

This is what I believe happened next. I believe the DEA used one of the people from their drug cartel who the DEA placed in the store and then the DEA took a photo of this person next to me. There can not be any film of me talking to anyone about drugs. The only way the DEA could take any photo is to not film the event and use still photos and then make up the story supporting them. There can not be a film of me with the camera on my face with me saying anything about drugs. The reason this evidence can not exist is because it never happened. The court must remember that I have demanded 1,000's of times that the DEA maintain all conversations from the bugging devices since 1988. The court will see that the DEA deliberately destroyed this evidence to frame me as a drug dealer. I also demanded that the DEA use motion pictures not still photos about which they can make up stories. I have demanded since 1988 1,000's of times that the DEA maintain tape-recordings of the 100's or 1,000's of times a day that I'm screaming in pain as the DEA tortures me. I have recorded some of these sessions but I believe that the DEA has destroyed their copies of this evidence to protect them from prosecution in this case.

Today's date is December 31, 1999. The DEA has increased the torture against me today. Yesterday at work they microwaved me so bad that I started sweating and almost passed out from the torture. This torture session was conducted on far lower power than in the past but it was still life threatening, and if it had continued for any length of time it would have resulted in my death. At this time I no longer believe I will be able to live through the court process to obtain a trial under the currant forms of torture. I tried to sleep three times today and the DEA tortured me every time to stop me from sleeping.

At night they torture me during my sleep, which results in my mind racing through many horrifying dreams in the current mode, and I wake up with my body a little rested but my mind receives no rest at all. During these torture sessions they make all kinds of different sounds with the implants. Sometimes they are screaming in my head with different kinds of horrifying sounds. These sounds are comprised of pulses of clicks, hisses, buzzes, and many other kinds of sounds at many different frequencies. These sounds are a computer program and the program repeats it's self over and over again.

The mode they use on the right side of my neck paralyzes me and the mode of the left is then used to torture me while they hold me paralyzed. They change modes all night long to wake me up for petty torture sessions and/or harassment. If I try to sleep inside the house the horrifying dreams are far worse than when I sleep outside; this forces me to sleep outside in the cold. They use these forms of torture against me to force me to live like an animal. Both implants are always on 24 hours a day. The modes they are currently using against me collapses my blood veins in my legs and arms resulting in the loss of feeling in my limbs.

My veins become grooves in my arms and sink in during these kinds of torture. At this minute they are using a different kind of torture and are keeping me about 50% blind, and are using a magnetic field between the implants which feels like my skull is in a vise and they are crushing my skull. These torture sessions are conducted on far lower power then in the past when they would make me scream using these modes until I would pass out from the pain. These forms of torture are standard practice in the cover up of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and in time result in the destruction of the targeted person's mind and body. These cover ups are always conducted under the protection of the court and law. The witnesses first become disorientated, fatigued, incapacitated and then in time their mind is so destroyed that they may become insane. The next step is always to commit them to an institution, imprison them, or kill them by natural causes using the weapon system incorporated in the monitoring devices. The DEA has conducted these and other operations since their formation and the DEA is an American Gestapo that operates under total secrecy and the protection of the court and the law. This has resulted in the deaths of many 1,000's of innocent Americans. In the files we had they were only going to use two thirds of the DEA for these operations. The other third would be non-corrupt and would be used for cover and deniability to protect the corrupt agents. This was in 1977 that I read the files and the figures may be different today.

Today's date is January 29, 2000. I have been working on this letter everyday that the torture was light enough that there was a possibility to write some. Almost every time I try to write the torture is increased to stop me. I live in the United States of America, which is supposed to be a free country. This must mean that freedom is only for Republicans and others that the DEA, CIA or others allow them the freedom to express their rights to their freedoms of speech.

People like me are tortured every time we try to write. The torture is reduced against me for photo sessions at times so the CIA, DEA and/or others can document that the torture is surreal or unreal. When I try to work on this letter the torture and control over me is sometimes dramatically increased when the DEA and or others believe I am at a point where I can become a threat to them. During these times I lose all feeling in my hands and feet. I lose most of my vision and my brain is scrambled to where I'm almost totally dysfunctional.

During these periods of time the DEA and or others torture me and make me scream in pain as I'm tortured with the implants that have been installed in my body for the purpose of monitoring me and torturing me. This is being done to stop and/or delay me from filing paper work with the court and/or writing to inform others of these civil rights and human rights violations by the government. I'm being forced to stop my writing under torture at this time and I will be tortured to stop me from writing every time I try to write to anyone that could be of a threat to them. I will be tortured satanically and horribly every time I try to explain about the torture. I am now close to passing out from the pain and torture from the corrupt agents that are controlling the devices that they have injected into me. I must stop writing or pass out from the torture.

Today's date is February 1, 2000. The DEA dramatically increased the torture last night after waking me up for a torture session at about 3:30 AM. The torture has continued from that time until the present time, which is 8:30 PM. The only breaks in the torture were when I was being filmed by the DEA. During these times the torture was reduced to some extent. I have lost all feeling in my hands and feet and the DEA is satanically torturing me with sonic shock waves and other torture modes that are of the most satanic nature. To be burnt alive at the stake would be a blessing compared to this kind of never-ending torture.

I have stopped screaming from the pain. You can only scream so long, and after a long enough time the torture becomes normal. I have known little else for the past 23 years as the DEA satanically tortured me for refusing to join them and help them in the political assassination, fixing of the elections, and the running of the drugs. My body may still be alive when my case gets to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals but I will be dead. By using this form of torture it is possible to leave the body alive while you kill the mind of the targeted person.

This is what the DEA is doing to me now. I will try to document the torture daily until this letter is filed with the court. I believe the DEA will continue to increase the torture until the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hears my case. Today's date is February 2, 2000. I was again awakened at about 3:30 AM this morning for a torture session. I was then again allowed to go back to sleep after the torture session. The torture in general has been dramatically increased to stop my case from being presented to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Death would be a blessing compared to the present torture. The present torture is comprised of horrible shock waves of sounds at many different frequencies. These sounds and other modes disable me almost totally in every physical and mental function. I am about 95% disabled now under torture compared to my ability when I'm not being tortured. This form of torture is far better then the old midevil torture chambers, and is far more horrible to the victims of this never ending torture. The pain and suffering is unbelievable in its intensity. The torture is so great that I will not be able to document it completely because of my suffering. I can not even turn TV on tonight because the torture is so horrible, and it will continue until they allow me to sleep.

When I try to go to sleep they are turning the torture down to allow me to go to sleep at present. This will force me to try to sleep every chance I get to escape the torture. My only relief from torture at present is for their cameras and during the periods of time they allow me to sleep.

Today's date is February 6, 2000. The torture of me has been at a reduced power level most of the weekend, and the DEA has been allowing me more torture free sleep then ever before. I am being tortured as I type this letter but the levels are low enough that I'm not screaming in pain. I just called Randy Lang and asked him if I can ask the court for relief from the torture for some of my witnesses so they can do their statements under oath for court and he said that it would be improper at this time for me to request relief from torture for them so they can testify truthfully to the facts. Some of my witnesses have been tortured for over 20 years in the cover up of the information I was supplying the FBI and others. The torture of these witnesses has almost killed them at times during the torture from the implants that the DEA injected into their necks and or other devices that the DEA and others used against them to stop them from freely talking to me. This was done to deprive them of their freedom of speech. We will, in trial, prove using many witnesses that these devices are used for torture and human rights violations. To get a trial we first will have to bring the court out of the dark ages and educate them to the advances in technology and how these advances threaten democracy and human rights in the United States and around the world.

About a week ago the President of the United States William Clinton presented the people with the State of the Union Address. During this state of the union address he talked some about technology. I do not know if he was directly talking about my case but it is possible. The president spoke about how Molecular computers the size of a drop of water would soon have the power of today's super computers. I have information and belief that this technology will be adapted to be used in the implants if the court allows implants to be used against the American people. The DEA has increased the torture to where I'm no longer coherent enough to write. I will stop working on this letter and they will reward me by reducing the torture and control over me. I do not do this freely; I do this under torture.

Today's date is February 7, 2000. I do not believe the court is gullible enough to believe that the DEA and/or others are acting in good faith as they torture me off the computer to deprive me my right to freedom of speech. I also do not believe the court is gullible enough to believe that the DEA is incapable of monitoring me as I sit in front of this computer without the use of electronic devices that they injected into my neck and head. Any reasonable person would believe that the DEA's only intent as they torture me is for the satanic and sadistic pleasure they receive from using torture against me. There is no question that the DEA and or others know that they are torturing me. I spend much of the day screaming in pain as they tortured me. They tortured me all night last night on very low power. It was still very disabling and it crippled me and deprived me of good sleep and/or rest. During the day today at work they made me scream 100's of times as I drove from supply house to supply house and from job to job.

When I would enter the job they would stop making me scream and they would change the way they were torturing me. If I would stop at a store or a supply house the torture would be dramatically reduced until I got back in my truck then the torture again would be brought back up, and I would be tortured most of the time while I was in my truck. At present it will take me many years to recover from the torture and the DEA continues to torture me in the most satanic ways they believe they can get away with. It is my opinion and the opinion of everyone I have asked that no judge that is not corrupt could allow this, and if any judge allowed this they would be in violation of their oath of office. The use of these devices has nothing to do with the monitoring of me.

The DEA could monitor me without the use of these devices. The use of these devices has stopped any real investigation and has changed the investigation into criminal acts under the cover of law and in the false name of justice. There can not be any law or justice with the use of torture. The DEA's position is I'm a drug dealer so I have no rights. The DEA's position is I'm trying to get away from being monitored. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. I'm trying to get away from being tortured. The real truth is I refused to sell drugs for the DEA, I refused to help the DEA assassinate political prisoners and witnesses, I refused to take the protection of the DEA. I went to the FBI and gave the FBI all the information I had.

Then the DEA came back as an act of revenge and injected these devices in me and framed me as being a drug dealer. This was done to justify the torture of me to satanically torture me to remove me as a witness against them and the corrupt state and federal judges and other politicians they protect and who in return protects the DEA. This court should understand that the DEA will not stop using electronic torture against me even if this court orders it. They will continue to obtain warrants from judges they control or judges that are too gullible or corrupt to be on the bench. With these warrants they will continue to torture me until this case is decided by a jury. This has forced me into the position where I can not settle and I will now have to take this case through the World Court for the United States violations of Human Rights. Neither the United States nor me can win this battle. I am fighting for my life and the lives of future generations of Americans and the DEA is also fighting for its lives.

Because of this case the DEA will be destroyed and the DEA is fully aware of the facts that I have mortally wounded them. The following is a quote from the Arizona Republic newspaper from Wednesday, February 2, 2000 page A 3. "Panel would junk some agencies." In this newspaper article the panel decided the DEA should be abolished and incorporated into the FBI. This article is my case and I believe this is because of my actions against the DEA. In the files we had the DEA was not a law enforcement agency. It was a political agency formed to protect the Republican Party and the corrupt government officials that had been appointed or elected to their positions of power. In these files the DEA's job was to remove political witnesses like me by framing them as drug dealers to authorize the injection of devices such as they injected into me. After the injection of the devices the DEA or others would be able to control much of what the targeted person was capable of doing from that day until they died from the torture from the devices or died from the illnesses caused from the constant exposure to the devices.

These people after their injection would become cyborgs. Part human part machine. The court may claim these devices are legal. If they are legal then all Americans will be injected in time. I have been repeatedly injected, as have many other people I know. If the devices are legal how many devices can be injected into the person. Can one be injected into each eye so the DEA or others can see everything I see. Surly this is justifiable. The DEA injected one in each side of my neck; these devices are about five inches from each other. Does the court really believe that it takes two separate devices to hear sounds five inches away from each other? I do not believe the court is that gullible or naive. I can name pages of reasons why the DEA should be allowed to inject 100's of the devices into people if the devices are legal.

What power level is legal for the implants to transmit with? The ones they injected in me have no regulator to limit their output. The DEA has used bursts of power so great that the burst could only last milliseconds or the devices would be destroyed by their own power output. This destruction would happen even though the devices are blood cooled.

What frequencies are legal to use against the American People? Can low frequencies be used that cause dizziness or cause unconsciousness? Can frequencies be used like the frequencies in your microwave? Is this form of torture legal or illegal?

What frequencies of sound can be used against the targeted person? The DEA and or others have offen used sound frequencies that resemble the frequencies that are use to break glass. These frequencies have broken my teeth and damaged me in other ways. During these torture sessions I would usually be screaming in pain and sometimes I would come close to death. The DEA would always stop the torture just short of death so I could recover so they could torture me all day the next day. The idea is to keep me alive as long as they can to torture me.

When the DEA tortures me with sounds from the implants like they are as I type this letter is this legal because I'm the only one that hears it. Can they raise these sound levels to the point that I'm deaf, or to the point where my hearing is permanently damaged? They do this to me every day, year after year; they torture me horribly with sounds. Is this legal or is this the same as the sound experiments by the Nazi's against the Jews that were ruled crimes against humanity in the Nuremberg trials.


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