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DEA Atrocities-Part 13

The torture while I'm typing on this letter tonight is the lightest ever but it still deprives me of my full freedom of speech by at least 50%. I would just like to make a few more points, and I will stop so this letter can be submitted to the court. First, all conversations that I made that the DEA used against me were made under torture after I agreed with the DEA to make the conversations in exchange for relief from torture. No conversations were real, and the DEA always fully knew this. Some of these conversations were made in the shower.

The first of these conversations was made after the DEA had horribly tortured me any time I tried to shower. Sometimes after they stopped me from showering as they made me scream, it would take me hours to recover enough to even try again, and again they would torture me to stop me. Sometimes they would torture me until I passed out from the torture and pain. The DEA needed me dirty for their photo sessions and would make me scream until I could not stand if I tried to take a shower. Sometimes I would be throwing up, screaming in pain, and the diarrhea would be so bad that I would be crapping on myself. After driving me insane under the torture and repeatedly depriving me of sleep I then would offer them a fabricated conversation in exchange to allow me to take a shower. I would then ask them what they wanted so they could take the conversation or conversations to the court to use to commit perjury. The DEA would then turn the torture down to where I was not screaming but still keep me in a lot of pain. I then would give them a list of different conversations I knew they needed to protect their corrupt officials and they would pick the one they wanted by stopping the torture when I would say the correct one; this would only take a couple minutes.

Then when I was in the shower I would give them what they wanted in exchange for allowing me to take the shower. Up until a few weeks ago the shower was where I was always very heavily tortured. For some reason this has now changed. The torture in the shower is now not that bad compared to what it has been all of these years.

Every conversation that the DEA submitted to the court was obtained this way and other ways, but torture was always the factor that resulted in the conversations that the DEA submitted to the court. The DEA always fully knew that they were obtaining these conversations from me under torture and that these conversations were not real. There were never any drugs that I sold, and I was not a drug dealer, and the DEA always knew this. The only crime being committed was the DEA forcing me to make conversations under torture and the DEA then coming in my house and planting the supporting evidence to justify their Human Rights Violations. The DEA always used torture against me to obtain these conversations, and I repeatedly called them and complained of the torture and I was tortured again for making these calls. Many of these torture sessions resulted in me becoming unconscious from the torture or totally insane from the pain.

All files and papers that the DEA has collected and maintains on me are false, fictitious, fabricated, and were obtained under torture, or are presented in a false light or way. No DEA files on me are real. No information the DEA has about me is real. All of this was done under the color of authority and the cover of law to remove me as a witness against the DEA and others. The torture is ongoing and never ending and will continue for the rest of my life or until the court stops the DEA and other law enforcement agents from using electronic, electric and other kinds of technologically advanced torture to violate Human Rights. No real investigation is conducted on citizens of the United States while these people are being tortured. These acts are the acts of organized crime and are criminal acts by corrupt agents of the government.

Today's date is December 17, 1999. The torture was not too bad during the day today. The DEA worked on me during the night last night making me somewhat crippled when I woke up. I'm still forced to sleep in the back yard in the cold. If I try to sleep in my bed the DEA horribly tortures me during the entire time. After I got home today I laid down to recover some from the mild torture during the day. The DEA tortured and harassed me the entire time I was trying to sleep. I lost all of the feeling in my hands, arms, feet, and legs from the mode that they were using against me as I tried to sleep. It also feels like they dislocated every bone in my body. I just now went outside where they change the torture and turn the torture down. As soon as I returned to the computer the torture was again raised and I am being horribly tortured with sounds and other modes that are unknown to me. Sounds are a horrible way of torturing someone and are very effective and painful.

The DEA is upset because I went down and filed the notice of appeal on Judge Broomfield's order. The DEA fully knows that before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals I may have a chance at obtaining justice and relief from the torture. No political witness of my magnitude has ever lived or survived the torture before.

The DEA fully knows that if my case ever goes to trial and they are unable to control me with the torture, that they have no chance against me and I will obtain justice. The DEA also knows that my case may lead to many thousands of others also being able to obtain justice and may mean the passing of new case law or the upholding of old law to guarantee Americans their Human Rights and the right to not be tortured under the cover of an investigation and/or law.

Today's date is December 18, 1999. The torture of me by the DEA has become unbearable and death would be a blessing. I'm being satanically tortured with pulsed sonic waves and other modes. The torture using sound is very bad and is done to me the entire time I'm awake. My ability to write is very limited and my mind is very dysfunctional from the effects of the devices they injected into my neck, and it appears that my ears may also have devices in them to create these sounds. When I had read the CIA and DEA files on how they were torturing people with sound, it was done directly through the implants that they injected into the neck. I believe it would be almost impossible to just torture me with the devices in my neck at these sound levels. I believe they may have also installed something directly in contact with my eardrum or in my ears.

The sounds are disrupting and painful beyond belief. I believe they would have had to install something in my ears to accomplish this. The torture has been dramatically increased because we filed the notice of appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in court yesterday. The DEA considers this a threat to the empire and it could cost them the right to use torture under the cover of investigations. My lawyer who is only harassed or tortured at times, informed me this morning that they have also increased what they are doing to him.

Under the torture that the DEA is using one on me now, it will be impossible to defend myself from the DEA, and it will be almost be impossible to complete the lawsuit against them. In the files we had, they were torturing thousands to death with the devices, whom they considered a threat to the empire. None of these people had any chance of winning because they had no idea of how this was being done to them or who was doing it. In the files we had, they would all die horribly under the torture, and there was no one that could help them. The closest example I can give the court would be the Jews and others under the Nazis, as they were tortured and murdered under the cover of law and the color of authority.

Today's date is December 21, 1999. At the present the torture is not bad enough to totally stop me from writing. I have to put headphones on and blast music at the filters in the implants to stop them from using the sonic shock waves to totally disable me. When I use head phones and blast music back at the devices they have to change modes to filter the music out. By doing this they are unable to filter out the sounds they are using to torture me with. This forces them to change modes and use constant pulses of sounds during these periods, this is more tolerable then the computer program of sounds they use against me when the filters are not scrambled.

Yesterday, which was December 20, 1999 I was working on a house changing the electrical service. When my helper and I arrived at this job on 49 Ave in Phoenix all torture of me was stopped. I believe that the DEA had done this to document, fabricate and create evidence that I'm really not crippled from the torture or under torture. Most times that they try this and stop the torture to create fabricated evidence that I'm not under torture I start talking about the Don Bolles Papers or about the corruption in the DEA and or those they have used to frame me as being a drug dealer or what ever else for which they framed me. To stop me they have to turn the torture up and torture me, which results in crippling and physically and mentally disabling me and torturing me. The degree of my disability and of me being crippled depends on the power level and mode they use against me.

I would like to not be tortured but not at the deletion of my freedom of speech. My terms are not negotiable with the DEA. They must terminate all Human Rights violations against me without terms of depriving me of my freedom of speech. It is true that I wish I had never seen the Don Bolles Papers. It is also true that I would not talk about the Don Bolles Papers if the DEA hadn't tortured me to stop me. It is not my responsibility to stop their corruption. I have supplied those in power with the information they need, and this is now their responsibility. I only speak about these files and papers to defend myself.

I will not allow them to fabricate evidence against me with them not first forcing me to give them the fabricated evidence under torture. Under torture I will do what ever they want to stop the torture. I will say whatever I believe they want me to say to stop them from torturing me. Most people believe they would not do the same under torture but they are wrong. Everyone cooperates under torture.

Let's now go to the time period of 1988 to the present and let me explain how I believe they created the physical evidence against me. After I inform the court of my beliefs, then I will explain why I believe this. The DEA and others during this period would enter my home hundreds of times. I would find many things missing after they had entered. They would remove things like packing tape that I used to send the kids things for Easter, Christmas, and other holidays. This tape would have my fingerprints on the part of the tape that was exposed. This would have been perfect evidence with which to tape up drug packages. They also took a black gun case; this would have also been perfect in which to plant drugs. This black gun case was also my evidence of how they sent an illegal bug into my house in the mail that the FBI or others later removed.

They would plant evidence by throwing papers and other things in my yard. I would then pick up these things and throw them in the trash can. The DEA would then remove them from the trash with my fingerprints on them. This was new evidence to support their fabricated case against me. I would also watch them take photos of me talking on pay phones during the day at work, then I would watch them go to this phone after I was done and make one call then another call.

I believe the first call was to one of their drug dealers and the second call was to the DEA to trace the first call. I believe next they had members of their drug cartel make conversations of me to create evidence that I really did call the number that the DEA claimed I did. During this same period of time I picked up many needles that had been thrown in my yard that I believe were used for the injection of drugs. When I would throw these needles away I believe the DEA would then take them as evidence that I had used them. Let the court fully understand that I have never injected myself with any illegal drugs in my life.

I have bought some needles at the feed store for injecting Penicillin in some horses I used to own and for other pets. None of these needles could be used to shoot drugs. They were large syringes and not the kind drug addicts use. At work I would also receive parts in small zip lock plastic bags and I would throw these plastic bags away after I removed the parts for my job.

I believe that the DEA also monitored me throw these bags away and then took them and planted drugs in them as evidence. Let me fully inform the court that I have never bought any zip lock bags like this in my life. I have bought sandwich bags but not in at least 8 years. By doing this the DEA could establish my fingerprints on a bag and then plant drugs in this bag. Let me fully inform the court that I have never had any drugs, chemicals, scales or anything like that in the house I live in and I have lived here for more then 3 years now. I do have a of couple powder scales for reloading bullets, but I have never even used them for loading bullets. I was paranoid once because I was throwing some plastic bags away in my trash that had my finger prints on them and I was worried the DEA would plant drugs in them after I threw them away. I then took one of these bags and heated up a pair of scissors to see if small drug bags could be made from these larger bags. I could not do it so I threw them away. No one should have to live like this.

I also buy Acetone once in a while for cleaning steel light poles before we paint them and for cleaning other things. When I'm done cleaning the poles or other things I throw the cans away. I have heard that Acetone is also used for making drugs but I do not know if this is true for sure. I believe the DEA would then take these cans and claim they are evidence that I'm involved in the making of drugs, which is not true.

I once bought two packs of Sudafed or something like that for my daughter Mindee who was real sick with allergies. Later the empty boxes were thrown away. Later I heard that Sudafed could be used to make speed with. I believe the DEA took these two empty packs and planted them to make it look like I was making speed. I know the DEA and I'm sure they did this. The only Sudafed I have ever bought in my life was two packs at Fry's Food Store when my daughter asked me and my lawyer to pick her up some, while we were at the store.

The things I have listed would be normal for any American to do but I'm not any American. I'm a political witness against the DEA and the Republican Party for many crimes. What a normal person does can be made to look like it's a crime when the involvement in drugs is claimed by the DEA. This is the War on Drugs, which in the files and papers we had was the authorization of Human Rights Violations under the Cover of Law. None of this is real evidence but when drugs are involved it can be used to make it look like there is a crime being committed. There is no crime other then the framing of me by the DEA to authorize the use of these implants to use with which to torture me.

In the Don Bolles Papers the War on Drugs served many purposes including the authorization to deprive the Blacks of their right to vote. The court must understand that the Blacks for the most part voted Democratic. By imprisoning them it also deprived the kids of their parents, which would lead to the destruction of the family units, which could be used to destroy the inner cities of the United States and also dramatically increase the crime. By increasing the crime would authorize more Human Rights and Civil Rights Violations against the American People like gassing them in the middle of the night and injecting these devices into them under the pretense of law and justice. In the Don Bolles papers the War on Drugs was a war against the American People with the government supplying the people with the drugs and the government designing these drugs in ways to create crime to further authorize the government violations of the rights of the people. The court must remember that we can prove that the DEA was who was running the Crack Houses.

Phillip Jordan, who was the DEA agent I wrote about earlier in this letter, was in the Don Bolles papers in many of the drug import operations to supply the Dirty Dozen with the drugs to destroy the inner cities of the United States with. One of these drug shipments in these papers was when he was busted at Palo Verde importing a planeload of drugs from Mexico. This again is very well documented and very provable in trial. The DEA claims it has the right to import drugs as sting operations and then supply these drugs to the streets of the inner cities of the United States. We believe this is a crime against Humanity under the color of authority. The files we had did not just list this shipment they listed 1,000's of such shipments worth billions of dollars. These funds were funneled out of the government to buy these drugs and then after the sale of the drugs these proceeds were used to support their covert operations including the fixing of elections.

I told the court that I would let them know why I believed this was how the DEA was framing me as a drug dealer. The following is my explanation of what I stated earlier in this letter. In the Don Bolles Papers we had the setting up of Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick and the framing of Ted Kennedy for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. Ted Kennedy stated after the accident that he did not know what had happened, and she must have been driving. Later he took full responsibility. In the files we had Ted Kennedy was not in the car and had been placed in the water after the accident. Ted Kennedy was set up by the CIA the way I am now being set up by the DEA who in these files was and is a covert operation of the CIA.

The set up of Ted Kennedy was done to discredit him so he wouldn't be reelected to office again. The CIA believed it would be better not to kill him because they believed that if they killed the third brother everyone would believe it was a conspiracy. I could write a book on this set up but for the court I will be brief but I also offer everything I know in full if the court request the information. The set up at Chappaquiddick of Ted Kennedy is like the set up of me to discredit my testimony against the DEA and others in positions of power. Ted Kennedy was reelected even after he had been embarrassed and framed by the CIA. It was still politically incorrect to kill the third brother. They now needed a way of removing Ted Kennedy as a threat to them. This was done as it is being done to me presently. The DEA then framed Ted Kennedy as being involved in the drug trade to authorize the use of devices similar to the devices they a currently using against me. The Devices they used against Ted Kennedy resulted in the disabling of Ted Kennedy by giving him the autoimmune disease known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

When I was reading the DEA files on the framing of Ted Kennedy the DEA was monitoring him to obtain fabricated evidence to use to authorize the use of the devices against Ted Kennedy. When Ted Kennedy would use a sandwich bag the DEA then would clean the inside of the bag and keep his finger prints on the outside of the bag. They would then fill the bag with drugs with Ted Kennedy's fingerprints on the outside of the bag. We also had the DEA briefing that they were using to obtain the warrant with, which in part read your honor what's so unbelievable that Ted Kennedy is involved in the drug trade, his father was a bootlegger.

This is no different than how they framed me. In 1978 they set me up and framed me as being a drug manufacturer. I was acquitted of all charges and the judge found that the DEA had set me up and had committed perjury in the trial. They then used this to conduct their covert operations against me for the next 23 years and are still conducting these operations against me. None of what is happening is real. Everything is a fabrication by the DEA and others to authorize the use of the devices against me with which to torture me. All of this is being done under the cover of law as an investigation. There is no investigation; there is only torture with which to disable and destroy me. It is impossible to conduct an investigation with the person being investigated screaming in pain as the people conducting the investigation torture him. No investigation can be conducted while the person being investigated is under torture. The facts of this case are self evident, the investigation stopped when the torture started, which was 23 years ago.

The court must understand that this is no joke. This is the truth. Not only did the DEA inject me, they injected all of my family including toddlers and children, parents and other family members, my employees and friends, girls that liked me, and everyone around me. In this 23-year investigation after funneling 100's of millions of dollars out of the government in this fabricated investigation there have never been any drugs seized. All of this was done while the Crack houses openly sold Crack Cocaine to the public with the DEA showing no interest in stopping the real drugs. All of this was done as a political investigation to cover up the information that was in the DEA and CIA files I read in 1977 and other information I had obtained over the years.

Today's date is December 23, 1999. I went to bed early last night because the DEA has only been allowing me a few hours of real sleep a night for some time now. The DEA does keep me in an unconscious state for 8 hours or more lately, but during this time they only allow me a couple hours of real sleep before they start working on me and forcing my brain to have horrible nightmares that race through my mind. During the period of these nightmares the DEA makes all kinds of sounds in my ears. These sounds are comprised of clicks, hisses, buzzes, pops and snaps, and other sounds. It appears that these sounds are generated or broadcast from the filters that are incorporated in the electronic implants. When I expose my ears to load sounds of any kind these sounds are changed to a constant buzz or a hum for about one minute and then the computer program of sounds slowly starts up again.

After about ten hours of unreal sleep last night during which time my mind raced through horrible nightmares caused from the sounds and or other modes that the DEA was making in my ears I woke up more tired then when I went to bed. This and other forms of torture have now been greatly increased because of my appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

I am tortured with these and other sounds and modes from the time I return home from work to the time I again leave for work. During work these modes and sounds are dramatically decreased but during this period of time other modes are used against me to disable me to where I mostly am mentally and physically disabled. The modes used on me during work are designed to make me dysfunctional to the point where I will not be able to correctly do my job. This is being done to cause me to make mistakes to cause injuries to others and or myself and to destroy my ability to make a living. During these periods of time I am so disabled that I drive through red lights and forget to tighten electrical connections on my work. The DEA is doing this to me with total disregard for the public safety and the safety of myself. This is also being done to make it appear that I am unqualified to do my job. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am currently baby sitting my grandchild for my daughter as the DEA horribly tortures me to make me as irritable and violent as possible. This is being done to me to make me appear to be a violent person. Again nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is I'm being horribly tortured by the DEA to control my behavior. This is a form of mind control and is used widely against the American Population to discredit political witnesses and others.

When I asked my daughter where she was going and what time she was returning and what the name of the person was that she would be visiting, the DEA again tortured me with pain. Anytime the DEA uses this kind of torture against me there is a reason. What I believe is happening is that the DEA through their informants is supplying people around my daughter with drugs to justify the investigation of my daughter to justify the investigation of me. I do not know any of my daughter's friends personally, and it would be impossible for me to associate with any of them under the control and torture that the DEA is influencing over me.

In the Don Bolles Papers the informants that the DEA used were members of their organized crime network. All of the local informants at the time of the Don Bolles Papers in 1977 were members of their drug cartel. These informants were used to set up political witnesses so the DEA could justify their investigations against these people. By authorizing their investigations they also authorized the use of their monitoring devices against them, which were used to control and torture these people. By using these devices to give these people Chronic Fatigue Syndrome the DEA was able in almost all cases given enough time to force these people to use drugs to obtain some relief from their pain and suffering, which was caused from the effects of the monitoring devices. I believe that the DEA and others are currently using people like this to supply people around my daughter with drugs to authorize the monitoring of my daughter to covertly gather information to discredit her testimony supporting my case. In the Don Bolles Papers this is the way it was always done.


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