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DEA Atrocities-Part 12

The court must understand that in the Don Bolles Papers no one would not agree to do this under torture. Not one person in all of the people they framed and there were many. In the Don Bolles Papers the CIA and DEA had concluded that no one could withstand this kind of torture and everyone would break and do what they wanted them to do without exception. They had concluded that this form of torture was far better than any form of physical torture known and much more painful than any physical torture that a person could live through.

I also do not want the court to forget that it makes no difference if I'm a drug dealer or not. Torture is still illegal and the damages remain the same. The court must understand that it would be impossible for me to be a drug dealer with implants in my neck. It would also be impossible for the DEA not to catch me if I was a drug dealer with implants in my neck. The DEA has no intent on arresting me; their only intent is to torture me and cause me as much pain and suffering as possible while still keeping me alive to further torture me.

The only involvement in drugs I had during this entire time was when the DEA would send its girls into the bar to conduct their covert operations against me. Or when the DEA would have the Dirty Dozen supply people around me with drugs. I never sold any drug during any of these times to anyone. One of the girls that the DEA was using through the Dirty Dozen to set me up with, came in after these operations were done and apologized to me, and told me they had her strung out on crack at the time. The FBI and all of the others were there when this happened, and I'm sure it's on film.

I tape recorded many of the conversations with the DEA when I was calling them and many other conversations. I have a large number of these conversations including John Albano from the DEA in Washington, D.C. admitting the implants are in my neck. I also have many more conversations proving that the DEA fully knew they were torturing me. It would most likely take thousands of pages to transcribe all of the tapes for the court.

Adam at the Phoenix office of the FBI also has called my house and said the implants are CIA implants. I just got up from typing and went out back to get some relief from the mode they were using against me. Today's date is December 14, 1999, and the time is about 11:30 PM. When I got up I could barely walk due to the torture mode the DEA was using on me. When I went out into my back yard the torture mode was immediately changed. The sound was increased in my left ear where they are using sounds of a pulsed computer program to torture me. This form of torture bothers me greatly but its not painful in the current mode. There are other modes that are painful. They were also using a different mode on me that cripples me and is painful. This mode was immediately removed when I opened the back door.

I do not understand why this is done but they always remove this mode when I open the door and go outside. Within a few minutes I'm able to walk again but I'm still limping some. When this mode is turned up, I'm totally crippled. The DEA is now threatening me for typing this part and is bringing up pain on both sides of my head. The DEA was just making me scream some for typing this part. The computer program of sounds has also changed during...right it's back to where it was. During this period the right implant was being used to monitor me. The monitoring mode is not painful but the filter they use to filter out the torture mode of sounds from the left implant is painful.

Today's date is December 16, 1999, and the time is about 4:45 PM. I have just returned home from work. The torture and control of me today by the DEA was much different than ever before. I slept in my back yard last night because they torture me heavy during my sleep if I try to sleep in the house. In other words, I have been forced to sleep outside in the cold by using torture against me to drive me out of my house. The modes that were used against me last night and today were far different than ever before but they were still painful, disorienting and disrupting. The modes that they used against me today also left me somewhat disabled and somewhat crippled. These acts are not the acts of an investigation; they are the criminal acts of torture and control. An investigation is when you collect information on someone. Control and torture is when you torture and hurt someone and control their actions. There is a difference between the two.

When I got home and got my mail there was a letter from the court. This letter was the court's response to our motion to reconsider. Our motion was denied, as I was sure it would be. In the court denial of our motion they stated some of the facts that the court used to refuse me my right to be free from torture. I'm not a lawyer so I will respond to the court in my words the way I see what has happened and is happening. My response may not be the legal way but it is truthful and it does describe how the court is denying my human rights using the cover of law.

First, the court used Fed. R. Civ. P. 59 (e) or Fed. R. Civ. P. 60 (b). I do not see what this has to do with the issue of torture and the court's refusal to honor their oath of office and demand that my Constitutional rights be upheld and demand that the DEA stop the use of torture against American citizens.

The court wants newly discovered evidence. We would be very happy to supply the court with such evidence if the court would allow us to obtain our evidence without using their powers to stop us from obtaining our evidence. I have repeatedly had CT Scans done to obtain the evidence for this court. To stop me from obtaining this evidence, the court has authorized the DEA to alter my evidence so the DEA under the authority of the court can continue to torture me under the cover of law. The court thinks it has the right to alter physical evidence in a federal trial to stop citizens of the United States from obtaining justice and the return of their human rights. These acts by the court are obstruction of justice and witness tampering against a federal witness who was supplying the FBI with information against corrupt judges in this court (this court being the District of Arizona.) To me, these acts are the acts of organized crime and racketeering. When I would go to get my CT Scans done, the operator would inform me that he has seen these devices before. Other times, the operator let me know that the devices did show up good on the CT Scans.

I was never allowed to get my copies of these CT Scans until after the DEA altered these CT Scans which were my physical evidence for this court. If this court really wants evidence we would be very happy to supply this court with the evidence if this court would stop altering, stealing, fabricating, planting, and tampering with the evidence. (this court being the District Court of Arizona) Let me further inform the court of the facts. I called John Albano at the DEA in Washington, D.C. and got his permission to get the CT Scan first and have the devices removed. The DEA then under the protection of this court altered my CT Scan and then had me tortured further. The next time I went to obtain a CT Scan was after the US Attorney replied to our lawsuit and said that there were not any implants. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not accusing him of corruption; I believe he did this so we could obtain the CT Scans. I then went to get a CT Scan for no other reason than to prove in court that there were implants. Again the DEA knowingly, willfully, and deliberately altered physical evidence to obstruct justice and stop these court proceedings. The court must also understand that I am a witness against the DEA for murder, drug running, fixing of elections, framing innocent people, and many more crimes including the use of torture.

Next, the court is manifestly unjust. Nothing can be more unjust then to allow a judge to hear a case that involves corruption on his part. I had supplied Judge Broomfield's name to the FBI in writing in 1992 in a letter that I had secretly delivered to the FBI. This letter gave Judge Broomfield's name, address and phone number. Judge Broomfield had just tried to set me up to find out how much information I really had. I had been doing Judge Broomfield's electrical work for many years prior to this. I had also read Judge Broomfield's file in the Don Bolles Papers, which included the plans to make him a federal judge. The court must understand that I was doing a lot of the CIA's covert illegal operations, jobs, and cover projects.

Next, the court said in its reply that this is not the place to make new arguments. Our arguments are not new; they are our response to the court for illegally dismissing our fair and just lawsuit against the DEA. We did not want to raise any new arguments; we were responding to the court's injustice. Next, the court says we should not have the court rethink what it has already thought. This is not what happened. What happened is I gave the FBI information on corrupt judges and then these judges authorized my torture under the cover of law and also dismissed my correct lawsuit against those they had authorized to torture me under the color of authority. The court said the technology does not exist, so we supplied the court with the technology that proved it is possible for the technology to exist. We would have supplied the court with the CT Scans if the court had not authorized the DEA to alter the CT Scans. This is an issue for discovery.

Next, let's go to the court using Celotex and rule 56. If the court really intended to allow us to submit real evidence they would not have authorized the altering of our evidence so we could not submit it. The court cannot expect us to be able to defend ourselves while the court is authorizing the use of torture against us to stop us, and is also having our evidence altered to fix the court proceeding in their favor. All of these covert operations are being done under the cover of an investigation. Torture is not part of any real investigation. All investigations end when the person being investigated is being tortured by those conducting the investigation.

Next, the court said that we should not have submitted the evidence we submitted for reconsideration and that this evidence should have been submitted before. We demanded a jury trial; we never authorized the court to judge us. The court asked for this evidence by saying the technology does not exist. We then proved that such technology does exist. These issues are issues for the jury, not for the court to pre-judge us.

Next, the court says that we failed to prove that mind control technology existed. I do not believe that the court does not understand that torture is a form of mind control. The United States government has long recognized this fact. In Korea, they called this Brainwashing. When you force someone to do things against their will using torture to direct them in the direction you wish them to go, this is a form of mind control. No one will do or think the way they wish to go or think under torture. The people using torture can always force the target to do their bidding-- given enough time. When the DEA tortures me until I'm temporarily insane this is a form of mind control. I have no control over what I say or do during these types of torture. At times I do not even know where I am or who I am during these torture sessions. This cannot be called any other thing other than torture and mind control. In other words, torture is a form of mind control and has been used for this reason since the dawn of mankind.

The issues before this court is not if the technology exists. Any reasonable person knows the technology exists to remotely torture someone. When my right to a jury trial is given to me I will prove beyond any doubt that the injection of the devices resulted in the torture of me. I can supply hundreds of witnesses. My medical records also prove I was tortured. The issue is the same issue as it was in the Nuremberg trials. Our case is The Torture Protection Act. It does not matter what they injected into my neck. What matters is if what they injected resulted in the torture of me, which it did. The next issue should be if the violation of my body was legal and with my consent. The court can claim torture is an investigation and it can also claim murder is love.

By changing the name of an act does not change the result of the act, which is torture. It does not matter if they pinched a nerve while injecting the devices. If this resulted in the torture of me and they refused to allow me to remove the devices and refused me any medical help by fixing my CT scans, this is a willful act of infliction of pain and suffering, which is torture. The DEA claims it's conducting an investigation by holding me prisoner using torture to stop me from going out or associating with other people. They also claim that the depriving me of thousands of nights of sleep is an investigation.

They also believe that controlling my phone operator and altering my records is an investigation. They also claim that the injection of these devices with which to torture me is an investigation. When they ran the drugs to the inner cities of the United States they also claimed these acts were investigations. We all know that the court is not stupid or gullible. We also all know that there are corrupt judges in the court and that there are corrupt federal agents and police and there always has been and will be. Our case is very simple. We demand our Constitutional rights to a jury trial so we may prove to a jury the extent of the injuries to me and establish the amount of damages that the government is responsible for the use of torture against me.

Let me put this in other words. I'm not trying to be disrespectful of the court but I am stating the truth, as I understand it to be. After I went to the FBI and worked with them against corrupt judges and DEA agents and others the court then authorized the torture of me to stop the FBI's investigation and to get even with me for supplying the FBI with information. Next I demanded that the DEA stop using torture against me. The court then authorized the DEA to repeatedly enter my home under the court's protection and the DEA took things to plant as evidence and also planted more evidence against me to further authorize the torture of me under the cover of law. These acts outraged the FBI and the other agencies. I then offered the DEA a truce and they replied by torturing me close to death in the most satanic ways possible.

Next I filed a lawsuit against the DEA for the use of torture and also made a statement about the corrupt judges. Next, the court further authorized the torture of me to stop the lawsuit and even used a corrupt judge that they knew that I knew he was corrupt and that I had read his CIA file. This corrupt judge then dismissed my lawsuit against the DEA. We then re-filed and again we were given the same judge. Next, we filed charges against this judge. Next, the charges were dismissed unjustly and illegally claiming we had filed charges against this judge because of his dismissal of my case, which was not true. We filed charges because I had supplied the FBI with information about his corruption and that I had worked for him. Next, he illegally dismissed my case again claiming that the government had no evidence that my case was not factual but claimed we could not prove that implants existed because this same court had my evidence altered by its authority using the DEA to deny us the evidence for court.

Next we re-filed for reconsideration and this was denied while the court continued to authorize the torture of me to stop this lawsuit against those under their protection. Next, we supplied this court with other evidence which still proved that the technology does exist. Now the court again refuses us the right to a jury trial and the court claims it has the power to stop the case and dismiss our sworn testimony with no testimony against us. In other words, the court with no evidence stops our case, which has lots of evidence. Evidence is for a jury and the judge does not have the right to judge our case without a trial, without even allowing the truth to come out, or even allowing us to appear before him. Now the court continues to authorize torture against me to totally destroy the remainder of my life while it stands back and goes HA HA, we are above the law and we are going to allow you to be tortured to death, and we are also going to authorize the DEA to alter all of your evidence and continue to plant new evidence to frame you as a drug dealer so we can continue to torture you. This is not a joke; this is what has happened and is still happening. These acts have gone on for about 23 years now and will continue until my death, and there is never going to be any chance of an arrest or conviction of me by the DEA. The DEA will continue to funnel millions of dollars out of the government to conduct a political investigation against me and my witnesses, to torture and destroy us to protect their corruption. None of this would be possible without the court authorization.

In 23 years the DEA has not even seized one joint of marijuana from me and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars that is funneled out of the government to conduct this political investigation fully knowing that there is no chance of success. Now the court will try to torture me to death before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hears the case. I do not remember any judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals from the Don Bolles Papers. I have always stated this to the FBI and all of the others. I do remember reading the files of judges from other Appeals courts and other courts.

I fully understand that I have little chance against the people that were in the files and papers I read. They are respected citizens and are wealthy and powerful. I was also offered this for my soul and I refused. If I had accepted I would also be rich and powerful but the price was far too high. In the Don Bolles Papers the court would protect these devices until enough of the devices were in the citizens of the United States where they would be able to control the United States with these and other devices. In a technological age like the one in which we live, there can be no greater threat to our democracy than the control of its citizens with these and other kinds of devices.

I would like to now detail their plans using the DEA to use these devices against the American People. People like Phillip Jordan and many others had always run the drugs under the cover of law. In the files we had, they did not have the protection they needed when they were outside states they controlled like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and others, and they would sometimes lose their drug shipments during shipment across other states. The CIA was in trouble with Congress for their domestic spying and other outrageous acts like the LSD experiments, radiation experiments, running drugs, assassinations, and many other crimes.

The CIA fully knew that Congress was about to pull the reins in on them. Richard Nixon was in trouble for Watergate, which was a CIA covert operation, where they were bugging the Democrats to gain information to use to attack the Democrats with during the next election. Richard Nixon's brother had been busted running the drugs. They needed a new Federal agency that could conduct all of these covert operations under cover of law. They also needed a reason to monitor the general population in investigations to remove political witnesses and other threats. The only kind of investigations that could be conducted against large numbers of people in the United States was drug investigations. They now also had these devices to where they would soon be able to monitor, torture, and control the American People with them.

They then had the DEA formed as a covert operation of the CIA, and then they transferred these people into this newly formed Federal agency to conduct these and other operations using the cover of law. Now there could never be another Watergate because CIA operations like this would be conducted under the protection of court warrants under the cover of law as drug investigations. No one could bust them for the drugs because they were Federal agents operating under cover of law. Now they could run the drugs and conduct the investigations against the American people under the cover of law.

The DEA in the files we had was formed is an American Gestapo. All political witnesses could also now be removed using the new devices like the ones that are now in my neck. They no longer needed to pay people to fix fights, sports games, horse races, dog races, the Kentucky Derby, or for any of the other reasons they had been doing this. Now with these devices this could all be done remotely and electronically in drug investigations by injecting the horses, dogs or people with the devices and directly controlling them using torture as a form of mind control. This was always authorized under the warrants issued by the court in investigations.

Now witnesses like myself could be removed under the total protection of the law using fabricated and sometimes real drug investigations against them. The DEA now had the authority to gas people in the middle of the night and set them up for photo sessions without their knowledge under the protection of the law. They could also remove these people from their houses in the middle of the night for interrogations and photo sessions without their knowledge or consent, and these people would have no memory that any of this ever took place. Now the DEA could also continue the biological weapons research and genetic engineering experiments on people without their knowledge or consent and install monitoring devices in them to monitor their research.

Now medical research and experimentation was called drug investigations. By obtaining a warrant they could now conduct all research under the cover of law and if anyone documented any of this they could remove the documentation under the cover of law claiming that it jeopardized their investigation as they did when they altered my medical records, CT Scans, and x-rays.

To do all of this, they needed to create a drug war against the American People. We now call this covert CIA operation the War on Drugs. The DEA could run all of the drugs under cover of law and create most of the crime to authorize human rights violations and civil rights violations under the cover of law and justice while they really ran the drugs. Some of these laws are now called the Rockefeller laws. Now they could authorize the monitoring of all the phone lines of all the witnesses against them and others under their protection.

They could now obtain secret warrants and use these warrants in the middle of the night against innocent Americans. They could now open your mail and tap your phone. They could now dress their men up in all black wearing masks to hide their identity. They could now wear the American version of Nazi helmets and arm themselves with sub machine guns and invade your house after kicking the door down. They could inject your pets, mothers, fathers and children with these monitoring and torture devices under the total cover of the law to collect information to use to discredit you and to direct you with the devices the way they needed you to go. They could then control your income, emotions, health, fitness, and who you would vote for in the next election if they allowed you to vote. They could control who you would fall in love with and if this person would love you. This is not a joke or the ravings of a mad man; this is what was in the files I read. This is some of the information that I was working with the FBI on. I had already proved this and much more to many of the Federal agencies.

I understand that the laws in the United States do not spell out rights of the people to be free of such technology and I plan on changing this. No people can call themselves free if their government has such powers. A citizen of the United States has the right to his/her own body and that right is the most precious right that we have. There are no such powers given to the government in the Constitution. As long as we are a free people these rights must be protected by the courts or at least allow the people the right to know that we no longer have such rights so we can form a new government that will allow us our human dignity and rights. These and other acts of the government are the acts of a secret government that operates to protect the government for the government and by the government, and if it becomes public that the government has done this, the people will not like this at all.

As I have stated, I never wanted to release this information publicly, and the court can still stop this by ruling for the people and against the government and force the government to accept its responsibility. The court can stop us and not honor their oath of office and allow corruption to continue. We can then file personal lawsuits to expose this which the government cannot stop. I am trying to do this the right way where it will do the most good but I no longer know which way is correct. I am hoping for some guidance from good judges that understand what is really at stake here. The court must know that the government will use any power the court allows them to use including murder--if the court allows it. This letter is my try at justice and if it fails I will try again differently and continue this case through the World Court in a way that I dislike.


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