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DEA Atrocities-Part 11

This case is about torture and human rights violations of me under color of authority by the DEA using implants and other devices they used in my clothing, bedding, and other places. There is no question the DEA could monitor me without torturing me. There is also no question that the DEA could design monitoring devices to be used to torture. They can and have. We all know this is possible and that it's done to people every day. I have even offered the DEA many times to allow them to monitor me if they would remove the devices torturing me and I have even offered to authorize them to replace these devices with FBI devices at the same time. The DEA could easily monitor FBI devices.

The DEA has refused all of my offers and has demanded it has the right to torture me under the color of authority. I have made these offers over the phone and in writing using certified mail. Let the court fully understand that there is no good faith by the DEA and the DEA has proven beyond any doubt that its only intent is to torture me in the most horrible and satanic ways possible. When I offered the FBI my permission to monitor me in any way they desired, they later replied that I now have friends in high places. When I offered that to the DEA in exchange for the removal of the torture devices they satanically tortured me as a satanic act of revenge for costing them the billions of dollars in drug proceeds that I did cost them. There is no investigation of me by the DEA but there is torture and a cover-up of the information I have.

I will no longer negotiate or try to reason with the DEA. I have tried for 22 years without success. Everything will now be done in a court of law through this court and all the way through the World Court. There has never been any good faith towards me by the DEA and there never will be; all actions of the DEA have been a covert operation to torture me. These acts are acts of State Sponsored Terrorism against American citizens and myself by the DEA. Let the court fully understand that we are prepared to present the statements of many people about how they were tortured. These people will openly testify in trial about how satanic and horrible these forms of torture are.

The time period is now about late 1992. For the first time in many years I'm not being controlled or tortured. I feel like a little kid, I feel great, I have not experienced such a feeling of joy in many years. The Depression is gone, the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is gone, the headaches are gone and all of the pain and suffering is gone. The DEA now stands off and monitors everywhere I go and everything I do, but does not use the devices to torture me with and the FBI now monitors the DEA. Other agencies are now starting to monitor what is happening. The DEA starts to lose drug shipments that were under their protection or the protection of State agencies. I have so damaged the CIA and DEA drug, murder and political operations that I have altered the outcome of the Presidential Elections in the United States. I understand that my statement is a hard one to swallow but nevertheless, I also believe it to be true but it would also be hard to prove in trial but I believe I can in part.

I had briefed the FBI on how the crime will start to fall in the United States before this period of time. I also told them how the crime will continue to fall from the monitoring and control of the DEA and those under their protection and control. I had also briefed the FBI on how the budget will now be balanced and on how to use the money to pay the debt down. I had briefed the FBI on how death by heart attacks will fall, suicide will fall, automobile deaths will fall, and others. All of this information was in the files we had. The FBI now has most of its men monitoring the people that I had briefed them on and others that these people have led them to. All major crime in the United States will now fall and continue to fall to the levels of the 1950's after this organized crime network is totally destroyed.

I understand that my statements are strong but nevertheless they are also truthful. I had briefed the FBI on how funds were being funneled out of the government and I do know that some of these projects that I briefed the FBI on were canceled before completion due to the information I supplied. I also know that the information I supplied is responsible in part for the fall in crime in the United States.

The time period is now about 1993. The DEA is losing huge amounts of money from the seizure of the drug shipments that were under their protection. They are also losing money from the monitoring of them by the FBI, which makes it almost impossible to do assassinations and run drugs inside the United States. The President has taken away the authority to run the drugs under the cover of law.

The FBI is now destroying these drug, murder, and other organized crime operations. The DEA is now starting to conduct covert operations against me to stop me from further directing the FBI and to stop others for learning what has happened and what this is really about. The DEA starts to monitor me with devices in my Levi pants buttons, which they know that I know how they work and they know that I will remove them to escape the torture of me from these devices. The DEA also installs these devices in my bed to torture me with during the night fully knowing that I know how the devices work and that I will find other places to sleep, like motels. If the DEA was really interested in just monitoring me they would have put these devices in the ceiling and not in the bed or bedding. The DEA now starts to supply everyone around me with drugs using the Dirty Dozen. This is now being done to authorize the DEA's covert operations against me. I am unable to work due to the torture of me by the DEA devices and the State is also attacking me to punish me. The FBI starts to go after the governor of the state for his corruption. He is a high-ranking member of the Dirty Dozen. The DEA satanically tortures me with the devices in my clothing to force me to buy new clothing to authorize the injection of the implants. At times during the torture I am unable to even walk or even use my arms. I have not slept in a long time due to the torture of me with the devices that the DEA is using. At times the FBI stands outside my bedroom at night to protect me from the DEA. The DEA obtains a warrant under perjury and false and misleading evidence to inject the implants into my neck.

The DEA now gasses me and injected the devices. They do a real unprofessional job deliberately to let me know I have been injected. I wake up from the first good night's sleep I have had in a long time. I am bleeding from the left injection and there is blood on my pillow. I inform the FBI that I have been injected. The DEA backs off on torturing me for about one week to allow the wound to heal enough so the implant won't work its way back out of my neck during the torture of me.

The torture of me during this period of time was very different than it is currently. During this period of time I was tortured with a magnetic weapon that was built into the implants and it would make me scream until I passed out from the pain. It felt like someone was hitting me in the head with a hammer.

At first they kept me unconscious most of the time. When this did not work and I continued to feed the FBI and others information they then changed modes and kept me up 24 hours a day screaming in pain torturing me in the most satanic ways possible. They would even blind me with the implants using very high power which would break the blood veins in my eyes and I would lose my vision until the swelling would decrease after the devices were turned down. They would torture me all week until Friday afternoon at about 2:00 PM. At this time all torture would be terminated to allow me to recover to go out that night. I would usually go to the Loft Lounge dancing. The FBI would surround the place to protect me. The Dirty Dozen, under the direction of the DEA, would conduct their covert operation against me there. As soon as I would get home the torture would start again and would be continued until about 2:00 PM Saturday and again the torture would be stopped to allow me to recover to go out again.

It was important for me to go out to teach the FBI how political witnesses were removed and how the covert operations against them were done. The FBI learned a great deal from this. I do not remember the names of all of the FBI agents who I would sit with but these are the names of some of them. Alex; Alex brought his wife in and introduced me to her. Paul; Paul had guarded me for a long time and even guarded me in New Orleans. Jack; I used to shoot pool with Jack. Mary and Sandy; I would dance with them. There would also be many more there. Alex's license plate was VROOM, VEROM, VRROM or something like that. When I was talking to Alex I said it's vroom and he said no it's spelled differently. Jack would slide across the parking lot to block the shot when they would come after me. They would try to kill me every chance they got during this period of time and the FBI and others would defend me.

During this period of time the DEA started to lose billions of dollars in drug proceeds due to the FBI, other agencies and me attacking them. Every time they would lose a large drug shipment like 50 or 100 million dollars or larger, they would throw an army at me of DEA agents, State agents, Aryan Brotherhood, Dirty Dozen and others. Sometimes everyone around me would be FBI or others to protect me. During this period of time I was setting up the DEA to stop them from standing off and torturing me and make them attack me, as I knew they would. Let the court fully understand that I was not a drug dealer and the DEA fully knew this. During one of the times I went somewhere that the DEA could use to discredit me, they went into my truck or had someone go into my truck and stole the first gun from under my seat. It was a 30 Cal. Mauser. The FBI or someone paged me while the DEA was doing the robbery. The number I was paged with was 278-0035 I believe, I may be wrong but this is my memory. The next morning when I woke up my whole truck had been fingerprinted. I'm sure it was the FBI that paged me but I never asked them to confirm this. In total to date, I have lost about fifteen guns. Most were taken by the DEA, one at a time, and they did also have me robbed by others to cover up their crimes. The Police only took reports some of the times and refused others because it was a Federal matter.

The DEA and others conducted massive cover-ups to blame others on the removal of the guns and even tried to frame my daughter for one of the robberies. They also tried to frame her as a drug addict, prostitute, thief, and for assault and other things. A girl I know that is married to a Deputy Sheriff came over to my house because she had heard from her husband that my daughter Summer was strung out on Heroin and had tracks all over her. She and Summer are friends. She was amazed to find out that none of this was true.

When I would go out shooting, the FBI would surround me with agents armed with machine guns to protect me. They would stay there and shoot with me-- just target practice. In other words, the FBI and all of the other agencies are going to make sure I make it through being framed by the DEA and the Dirty Dozen. We usually didn't talk much; it was not that kind of relationship.

The time period is now about 1994. The DEA is conducting every covert operation possible to frame me as being a drug dealer. I am being tortured horribly and satanically everyday and night 24 hours a day. If I get on the freeway they start torturing me and making me scream until I lose control of the truck as they try to force me into an accident. If I'm working on live high voltage where I'm in a position that I could get hurt or killed they start hitting me in the head electronically as they try to force an accident. During this period of time there are some pretty girls starting to like me but many times while I'm near them I'm tortured and the DEA uses them without their knowledge to try to get at me.

During this period of time the DEA only stops torturing me for periods of time necessary for photo sessions to document that I'm not being tortured. During this entire period of time I demand to the DEA that the DEA install camera's in my bedroom and other places that they are torturing me at to document the torture of me by the DEA. The DEA refuses and demands that it has the right to use torture against me and demands that I'm not being hurt and that they are just investigating me. All of this is being done to further authorize the torture of me.

The time period of 1994 to 1996 is a blur due to the torture. During this period of time I was tortured so satanically that these times and events run together, and I have a hard time separating everything out correctly. During this entire period of time I was tortured with magnetic weapons that are horrible beyond imagination. During this period of time the DEA repeatedly came in my house under the cover of a warrant and stole guns to use as throw down weapons during assassination attempts against me. When they would steal a gun I would call the Phoenix police and have the Phoenix Police call the FBI. I would have them call Adam S. who was one of the FBI agents who was protecting me.

The Phoenix Police would call back and tell me that they could not take a police report because it was a federal matter. In other words, the police cannot even take a police report because the DEA is the one robbing me and they are above the law. During this period of time there were many different DEA and/or other agents attacking me. They would have license plates like NANCY D, IWIREM, BE BOP, SA NA NA, and many others. In 1991 or 1992 they would have license plates like Arizona license plate number 28. They would pull up next to me and allow me to watch them turn the controls up and torture me with the implants. This was done to try to force me to defend myself from them torturing me. This would authorize the murder of me and/or further torture of me. During this period of time they would torture me until I was insane from the torture to try to force me to say something they could use against me.

I would go completely mad as they horribly tortured me in the most horrible ways possible. I would scream in pain most of the time. During this entire time, the DEA would do everything possible to try to force me to defend myself from them torturing me. In the Don Bolles Papers this was one of the most common ways of forcing people to say things they would have never said if they were not under torture to force them to say these things. It is fully within the power of the court to order the FBI to demonstrate to the court how horrible the torture is. I'm sure the FBI could demonstrate to the judge using the devices on the judge if the judge ordered them to. You will say anything and do anything they want to obtain relief from the torture. In the Don Bolles Papers no one could take the torture for any period of time. "NO ONE."

Good judges of this court have little knowledge of what is happening to the people and bad judges know exactly what is happening to the people from the use of these devices. I would like to brief the court with just a little information. This year there was a lady on trial in Ohio for killing her kids so they wouldn't be tortured, as she had been tortured. The court will find this hard to accept, that anyone could kill her own children and so do I.

Nevertheless, after being tortured as I have been all of these years I can see how someone could and would do this under this torture. She was found guilty and they say the torture was not real. I fully believe her that the torture was very real. I also may wish to use her as a witness. Let's even go further...Dr. Kavorkien was helping people commit suicide because they were suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not a horrible form of torture then why were these people committing suicide? If the court will read my lawsuit I intend to prove that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is from the monitoring devices and I am willing to say this under oath; in fact, I am saying this under oath right now. This court upholds people's testimony under oath and has upheld executions of people with no other evidence than the sworn testimony of one other person. If the court wishes we will give the court this case. If the sworn testimony of my witnesses and me is not enough to get to discovery, how can the court use less evidence to have people executed?

Is testimony under oath no longer evidence? If so, there are a lot of criminals that will have to be given new trials. I am not a lawyer but I believe this is the equal protection clause of the American Constitution. The DEA believes we live under their laws, which are the laws of Nazi Germany. I believe we all live under American Law and that no one is above the law including the DEA agents that have been torturing me. Jones vs Clinton proved this to be true but only if you're a Democrat that they want removed.

Back to the letter about my torture by the DEA. During this period of time the DEA would torture me until I was close to death. During these torture sessions, I would offer them a false conversation in exchange for relief from torture so they could take this conversation to one of their corrupt judges and commit perjury before the court. I demanded that they maintain the entire conversation of me offering the fabricated conversation because they were torturing me to death, and I was in fear of my life and dying from the torture. At times I would even have to go to the hospital from the torture and at times I hadn't slept in many days because of the torture 24 hours a day as I was screaming to death from the torture. When I would offer a conversation in exchange for relief from torture, the DEA would continue to torture me until we agreed on which conversation they wanted which would only take a couple of minutes.

At that time the DEA would turn the torture off in exchange for the conversation to take to their judge to commit perjury with. Sometimes they would keep me up 24 hours a day for 5 or 6 days until I agreed to make the conversation in exchange for some sleep and relief from the pain or in some cases to allow me to work or do other things necessary to live. The only time I was not tortured during these periods of time was when I agreed to give the DEA a fabricated conversation under torture by the DEA or if they needed a short photo session.

The court must understand that I was close to death during these torture sessions, and if I hadn't agreed I would have died from the torture. Do I have a right to self-defense? If I do have a right to self-defense from the torture of my government operating under the cover of law and authority then this country is in trouble and is now lawless. These are issues the court must address. It is the responsibility of the Justice Department to control and discipline the DEA and it is the responsibility of this court to guarantee this happens no matter who the violators of the law are. This court must remember that the President of the United States has ordered all the agencies to not violate human rights, and my human rights are being violated by the DEA with total disregard of the laws and the orders of the President of the United States. These crimes are being done against me using the cover of law as an investigation. No investigation can be conducted using torture. All legal investigations end when torture starts.

As the other agencies watched this and watched the DEA then submit these conversations to the court that were obtained under torture, they then sided with the FBI and me. These men were from every agency of the United States government. They would stand in lines to stand behind me to show the FBI whose side they were on, and then they also started to attack the DEA for their satanic conduct under the cover of law. The attacks of these men and the FBI against the DEA is the reason the crime rate has fallen every year since 1991 when I first started the attack against the DEA. In other words, the DEA was responsible for most of the crime in the United States for all of these years. This is why the President and the FBI tried to abolish the DEA and have it incorporated into the FBI to control the corruption. Janet Reno blocked this move and stopped the President and the FBI from destroying the DEA, which directly resulted in the torture of many others and me.

The court can verify all of this by calling the FBI before the court or allowing us discovery. I know for a fact that the FBI recorded all of these conversations in their entirety. The court must remember that I wrote the DEA demanding that they maintain everything and that I have called them over 1,000 times about this and other things. The court must remember that I have demanded that the DEA maintain every conversation since 1988 and the DEA has refused and demanded it has the right to commit perjury before this court after obtaining the conversations using torture. All conversations that I made, I first stated that this conversation is for the DEA to commit perjury before the court.

After the conversation I again stated the same thing. The only exceptions I remember was at Cem Tec while the DEA was making me scream; on the way there I agreed that if they didn't torture me there I would tell Dan the speed shipment would be in tonight in exchange for not torturing me while I was there and allowing me to work. We are fully prepared to call everyone that these conversations were made with before the court to testify that what I'm telling the court is the truth. The FBI agent that was protecting me parked across the street during this time and those torturing me continued on down the road when I pulled into Cem Tek. I know that the FBI taped all of these conversations in their entirety as the DEA used torture to force me to make the conversations. Without agreeing to make the conversations I would have died from the torture.

If the court does not believe this, then call the DEA in and have them play the conversations to the court for 30 minutes before and for 30 minutes after the conversations. The DEA will not do this because it would prove perjury before the court. The DEA will claim that they do not have the conversations for 30 minutes before and after. Let the court fully understand that all phone conversations were made the same way. They were all made in sets of three. First call agreeing to make a conversation for the DEA to commit perjury before the court. One minute later the second conversation doing the fabricated drug deal. One minute later the third conversation talking about how the DEA will now take the middle conversation to the court and submit it under perjury. The court must understand that I was under torture this entire time.

Next, the DEA would obtain a warrant and come in my home and then plant the supporting evidence. Next, the DEA would pay members of the Dirty Dozen or their associates to make fabricated statements to support the DEA and/or statements to the court under perjury. The FBI and all of the other agencies witnessed this in its entirety.

I also believe that the DEA had Lisa Alandt come to my house under the cover of telling my daughter she wanted to sell her a car. While she was at my house I believe she planted evidence in the bathroom and/or other places while she was pretending to be trying to sell a car to my daughter. I believe she also removed other things to plant at other locations to further use as fabricated evidence against me. Her visit to my house was not to sell a car.

She worked for the DEA and was paid to commit perjury before the DEA and/or the court, and I had told the FBI who she was from the first in 1992. If we could get my DEA records we could see how the DEA conducted the framing of me and be able to better show the court how all of these covert operations were conducted to cover up the information I have. If the DEA had any real evidence against me and really wanted to arrest me they would have taken this information before a grand jury and obtained a warrant and prosecuted me. This will never happen because the DEA fully knows that this would force the FBI to release my files showing how the DEA framed me. I called the FBI and asked them if I should get the DEA to arrest me. The FBI's reply to me was, "You don't really believe that you could get the DEA to arrest you, do you?" My reply back was, "No, I guess there is no way I could get the DEA to arrest me, is there?" The DEA has always let me know if I would become a drug dealer to discredit my information that they in return would not torture me anymore. I do not want to be a drug dealer and it is outrageous for the court to allow the DEA to force me to become one to get relief from torture. I will fight this as long as it takes.

The court must understand that there is no difference if the person was tortured with the DEA facing them and forced them to sign a confession, or if the DEA tortured them remotely until they agreed to give a false statement in exchange for relief from the torture. The investigation by the DEA ended the first minute it used the devices to torture me with, which was within one week after their injection. No investigation can be conducted using torture. These acts are why the Torture Protection Act exists.

The court should also be aware of the fact that I demanded that the DEA not enter my home or other places where they could steal or plant evidence without the FBI escorting them and I demanded this the entire time and the DEA refused so they could steal and plant evidence. Furthermore, the only thing we are asking for at this time is to allow the trial to go forward so we can obtain justice and prove this in court. We are also asking for relief from the torture by my torturers. This would return my human rights and allow me to fight these corrupt agents and the corrupt judges that have authorized them to use torture through the court system. By allowing discovery, we will be able to build the documentation required to prove everything in trial. To not allow this to go forward would be treason against the American People and would promote the use of torture against the American People under cover of law.


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