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DEA Atrocities-Part 11

Next, the DEA used the Dirty Dozen and or the Aryan Brotherhood to apply for jobs at Shell Oil and/or their subcontractors. These men now started to fill positions on the job at which I was working. During this time my boss at Shell oil was the FBI, my helper was a FBI agent, the secretary was a FBI agent, my safety supervisor worked for the FBI and many of the men I was working with were FBI agents assigned to protect me. In other words, the DEA and their men (including the Dirty Dozen and the Aryan Brotherhood) had walked into a trap set up by the FBI and me. Everything was filmed and documented by the FBI. (The DEA is now making me scream in pain. They are crushing my skull, shorting my eyes out, taking the feeling away from my hands and fingers, dislocating my ankles and making my feet numb and scrambling my brain to threaten me and stop me from writing this letter to the court.) The court must understand that no one but the FBI and DEA knew where I was. These events could have not happened any other way than how I'm describing them to the court. The time frame is still in the first half of 1992. As the bad guys manned the job to kill me they bragged about which governor they worked for and told me how they were going to kill me in an industrial accident. The FBI then moved everyone on the job to where we were working on top of each other to monitor and control everything. The FBI was preparing to bust the DEA's men in the Dirty Dozen and Arian Brotherhood that had been assigned with the job of killing me.

I had to stop the FBI because they did not yet understand what this was really about. I then told my boss that I had to leave and go do something, and that I would not be back. He told me go do what I had to do and come back and go back to work. The court must remember that I was talking directly to the FBI face to face. I then told this FBI agent who was my boss that the DEA has always run all of the drugs and he told me that they knew. He then told me its unbelievable but they now know the truth.

Next, I started the set-up of the newspapers. I called a newspaper in Washington, D.C. as I had called others before and gave them information of the assassination of Don Bolles and told them I would be there in three days to talk to them. I then left New Orleans and headed to Washington. D.C. Upon arriving in Washington, D.C., I asked the FBI if I could check in my guns and the FBI refused to allow me to do so. Next I checked into a motel. The entire motel filled up around me as soon as I checked in. The motel filled up with FBI, DEA and others. I then tried to call the newspaper and I got the girl's answering machine directly. This could not have happened because I had to go through two operators at the paper to get to the girl's extension. The DEA already had control of my phone line.

Next, I called the FBI and I got a recorded message that the FBI had moved to their new building and the phones were not in service yet. Again the DEA controlled my phones and impersonated the FBI. Next, I called the operator and told her this was an emergency and she put me through to the FBI. I then, for the first time, told the FBI what this was really about which was the systematic overthrow of the United States. I then told the FBI agent that I needed a phone line and that the DEA controlled my phone line. Within minutes a phone company truck was at the motel and started to switch phone lines. I then got a call telling me they had me. I then called the newspaper back and got the first operator, then the second operator, and then I got the girl I was calling. The phone call went well and proved what I needed to prove even though the girl did not realize who she really worked for.

During this time they were trying to beat through the motel wall to get at me. This is the type of activity that continued from this time until about 1997 when the DEA started to stand off and just torture me at a more reduced rate at a distance.

The time frame is now the summer of 1992. I now headed for my brother's in New Jersey. My next job was to teach the FBI how the witnesses are monitored and how the monitoring devices cause an autoimmune disease or response. From Washington, D.C. to New Jersey I only saw the FBI when I would approach the DEA on the highway. When I would be getting close to one of the DEA agents, the FBI would pull up alongside of me and stay there until I passed the DEA agents, then they would again drop back and I would not see them anymore. If I would have trouble with my truck the FBI would have the police assist me immediately.

The court must understand that I had given the FBI my total permission to monitor me in whatever way they desired. In other words, I had given the FBI my total permission to monitor and document everything without the need of a warrant. I also had many of the people I knew or associated with do the same thing and I had them also give their permission to the FBI to monitor them without the need of the FBI obtaining a warrant. These people included Dan Pomeroy, Dennis Cruse, Harold Elston, Bill Schlund, Tom Schlund and others around me as was needed.

I'm now at my brother's in New Jersey. His name is Tom Schlund. Tom's house is being monitored and they are using a monitoring device on his phone line, which I had already explained to the FBI how this device worked. The American public was widely monitored using these kinds of devices in burglar alarms and on their other phone lines. I had read the designing of this kind of equipment in the Don Bolles Papers and I had explained to the FBI how it works and how it was used against the American public and me.

During this period of time these devices sold at 'Spies 'R Us' for $273.00 plus tax, 'Spies 'R Us' was a retail store selling monitoring equipment located in Phoenix. This device had five microphones that could hear a whisper up to 35 feet away. It could be installed in a house and then the installer could access it from any phone in the world. This was all done while the phones in the targeted person's house were all on the hook. If you picked up a phone in the house the device automatically turned off and gave the person using the phone a dial tone. These systems were sold as devices to monitor your own home. This was not the real intent when these devices were designed and manufactured. These devices were really designed to monitor the general public by the gangs that now were to control the streets.

At the time I gave the FBI this information, the FBI had no idea that these devices existed or were used widely against the American Public. The FBI does now. By this time I had also briefed the FBI on some of the kinds of implants and I had watched them scan me for these devices. I had also briefed the FBI on some of the people's names that were conducting the covert operations that would lead to the entire American population being eventually injected with implants that would be used to monitor them without their knowledge or consent. The court must understand that we had the CIA and DEA plans in the Don Bolles Papers to inject, monitor and control all Americans with these and other kinds of devices.

During this period of time I started to give the first information about the fixing of the elections in the United States to the FBI. Nelson Rockefeller in the Don Bolles Papers had decided to use the Republican Party to be the party in control. The only reason the Republican Party was picked was because it would be easier to deprive the American People of their civil rights and liberties under the cover of law and authority using a conservative party. Nelson Rockefeller also had decided that it would be almost impossible to deprive the American People of their civil rights and liberties using the Democratic Party because they were so liberal and the judges appointed by Democratic Presidents were expected to vote liberal on the rights of the people. In the papers and files we had, the Rockefellers were not Republicans or Democrats, they were the Rockefellers. They had decided to split their family up into Republicans and Democrats so no matter what happened or went wrong half the family would still be in a position of power.

Editor's note: The Illuminati, of which the Rockefellers are a part, controls both parties in order to always win. They never loose as a result of this co-optation. See Did You Know? in my 7th edition, for all the names of Democrats who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American branch of the Illuminati for proof.

Let me fully inform the court that the FBI was not a political agency and I have never witnessed them do anything illegal or unethical. Let me fully inform the court that in the Don Bolles Papers the DEA was a political agency that was formed for strictly political reasons and these reasons were in the information I was supplying the FBI. Because I was supplying the FBI with this information, the DEA injected these torture and monitoring devices into my neck to torture, discredit and destroy me with under the cover of law using a fabricated, created and false investigation against me and my supporting witnesses. These acts were being justified by framing me as a drug dealer to authorize the monitoring of me, which was really intended to authorize the torture of me. I asked the FBI to monitor and document all of this and I watched the FBI do so. I repeatedly asked the DEA to accept drug information from me and to stop the torture of me and the DEA refused all drug information and continued to torture me in violation of law.

Editor's note: The FBI is one of the most illegal agencies in the United States. Its charter mandates that it shall be a domestic agency, however, now, it operates in many countries outside of the United States. This is illegal. Moreover, the FBI murders American citizens. This is documented in such books as The Cointelpro Papers by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall.

If the FBI was a legitimate agency, they could have removed the implants which the DEA inserted into Mr. Schlund's neck, and kept him under protection which would have prevented the DEA from reinserting them.

This is the case before this court; and it is not surreal or fantastic, and it is documented better than any case that has ever appeared before this court before. If the court will allow this case to go forward, and allow us reasonable and liberal discovery, we will prove this case beyond any reasonable doubt before a jury. If the court refuses, we will appeal and take this case before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and continue this case through the World Court. We do not expect this court to be gullible but we do expect this court to be honest and courageous and defend human rights and other rights of man.

We also expect this court to search for the truth and to call the DEA and us before this court to testify under oath and under penalty of perjury. If the court will call the DEA and us before the court we believe we can then prove perjury by the DEA in trial. The only investigation of the DEA against me is of a political nature to collect information to use to discredit me and to continue the torture of me for strictly political reasons.

We have the torture devices and they are still in my neck and I believe we have the right to the controls of these devices to show the court how they are used for torture. We also should have the right for the FBI to verify that these are the actual controls that were used against me and my witnesses. In my first trial, my judge was outraged at the conduct of the DEA. This conduct has now continued for 22 more years. Any non-corrupt and educated judge should also be outraged at these human rights violations and should honor his oath of office and find out the truth. The court must keep in mind that it makes no difference if I'm a drug dealer, which I'm not. Drug dealers cannot be tortured under the cover of law either. The court is also fully aware of the use of implants against the citizens of the United States and has authorized warrants for the use of such devices for many years. It is common practice of the court to have implants injected into pets and people. This conduct is not in the interest of the people of the United States. This conduct is in the interest of the government. With this letter I'm enclosing a video of the 'COVER-UP: Behind The Iran Contra Affair' for your viewing. After viewing this video the court will have a hard time claiming there is no secret right wing government that operates running drugs and doing assassinations against innocent American people. Oliver North is one of the names I was supplying the FBI with long before this video was ever made.

Before I continue with this period of time, I would like to tell the court what was in these files and papers about experiments that were being conducted with these devices. First, I would like to tell the court how the plans of the CIA, DEA, Rockefellers, and others were to be carried out to inject all Americans with these and other devices. I will do this in limited detail at this time, and this was the information I was supplying the FBI with when I was injected with these devices to stop me. Jose Delgado wrote what I quoted from him earlier in the letter in the 1960's. The next part of this letter was their plans in the 1970's after the advancement of technology to the point where this now became possible.

The first major covert operation was Kitty from 'Gunsmoke' who was to run the Humane Society; her name is Amanda Blake. Using the Humane Society they were going to start injecting pets in the neck with ID tags and some of these ID tags were also monitoring devices. This operation was designed to convince the American People how helpful and safe the devices were and to generally introduce the American People to the devices. Amanda Blake was one of the first names I gave the FBI and I'm not paranoid but I'm telling the court what was in these files and papers. Another covert operation was to be started in Tucson, Arizona. This operation was to be ID chips for children. These children were also to be injected into their necks. Again, these plans and papers detailed their plans to convince the American People that to be a good parent it would be necessary to have your child injected in his or her neck for their protection.

These devices would then monitor that person for his/her entire life. No one but the CIA, DEA, the Rockefellers, and others under their direction or control would have the technology to decode and detect these signals. Another of their covert operations was the Smart Cards. Again, this operation was designed to convince the American People how helpful and safe these devices are. Again, these devices could also be used to monitor these people. The next covert operation was the replacing of the Smart Card with a chip injected into the palm of the right hand. By doing this no one would need cash, credit card or a driver's license again. All the person would need to do is place his or her hand on the scanner. Again, these chips would monitor everything that the person said. I also read the files on the designing of the equipment and computers to record and monitor these people for the rest of their lives.

The DEA and others would fill the gaps by injecting others that were necessary to monitor under the cover of a warrant in investigation. Once the injection was done, the DEA and or others could then terminate their investigation and others would continue to monitor these people.

Before I go any further, I would like to tell the court that I regret the release of this information and I would like to inform the court that some of this information may no longer be correct but nevertheless, it was what was in these papers and files that I read in 1977. I would further like to inform the court that I have tried every way possible under torture to protect this information and keep it only in the hands of people with the need to know.

I have always hoped that this information could be used for the correct reasons and in the correct ways, and this is why I did not release this information in the original lawsuit. All efforts by me at forcing the government to act in a civilized way have failed in part and this is intolerable and must now be corrected by this court. I will now use all ways possible to correct the wrongs of my government to protect the future generations of Americans. I will no longer tolerate ignorance or corruption as an excuse for the use of torture against any American citizen.

I would now like to explain about the experiments that I was reading about in these files. These experiments were conducted using these and other devices and these experiments were on the controlling of the American People. These experiments were conducted by the CIA and DEA and others. One of these experiments was conducted on a large number of people to find out if these devices could be used to alter who people would vote for in public elections in the United States. One of the first experiments was a computer controlled experiment that tried to establish if they could influence who a person would vote for by giving outside stimulation using the implants. When a person that they wanted them to vote for was mentioned on TV or radio, they would give the person being used in the experiment a feeling of joy and great good using the implants to control the person's emotions. When a person that they did not want the person being experimented on to vote for would be on TV, radio or other, they would give them the feeling of sickness or a bad feeling and a headache.

They did this to see if they could make the person without his/her knowledge or consent vote for which person they wanted them to vote for. This kind of experiment was a failure in part and a success in part. From these experiments they learned that they could influence the election by some degree depending on who the devices were used on.

The next experiment I was reading about took a more direct approach to the problem. In these experiments they wanted to see if they could stop people from voting. These experiments were conducted differently. The CIA and DEA injected the targeted people with the devices and then started to give these people flu-like symptoms two, three or four days before voting day. Then on voting day they increased the feeling of sickness to the point that the targeted person was very sick and throwing up all day to see if they could force that person not to vote. These experiments were very successful. In the briefing on these experiments, it would be impossible to make enough people sick every election to direct the elections in the direction they wanted it to go. They believed this method could only be used in close elections. They had concluded that the first experiments were the way to go and were at that time continuing the first experiments in different ways with newly improved devices.

These experiments were part of the systematic overthrow of the United States by the CIA, and the DEA was in these files as a covert operation of the CIA.

These devices have been used against me to stop me from voting on election day. These devices have been used against me to threaten and intimidate me while I was in the voting booth voting on election day. These acts are acts of treason against the American Constitution and the American People.

Let the court fully understand that surreal or fantastic will not work. I was also the person that released the Radiation Experiments, ESP Experiments and other experiments. I also released much of the information that is now public concerning a great number other things.

We are still in the summer of 1992. I have returned to New Orleans from leading the FBI around the country and teaching them how all of the information fits together but now it's time to tell them what this is all about. I now write the letter explaining what all of this is about and take the letter to the FBI and I mailed a copy to the FBI. This letter contained the names of high-ranking people in the courts, government and coming presidential hopefuls. The court can obtain a copy of this letter from the FBI if it so wishes. Within the month after this, I return to Phoenix, Arizona where I have remained since that time.

The DEA now mails an illegal bug into my house in a gun case, which stinks up the entire house from the smell of the burning plastic. The FBI removes the illegal bugging device from the gun case leaving a hole where the device was. Today's date is December 13, 1999. The DEA harassed me all night during my sleep making pulsed sounds from the implants on very low power. I woke up with my face distorted and my mind twisted from what the DEA was doing to me during the night using the implants. These sounds woke me up repeatedly during the night but were not painful and I would just try to go back to sleep. This is much better than in the past when they would keep me up all night screaming in pain, throwing up and constant diarrhea as they tortured me. These acts are still cruel and unusual punishment and are a violation of law and my civil and human rights. I am a Federal witness against the DEA and others, and these acts are witness tampering and do affect my ability to defend myself by limiting my freedom of speech, freedom to make a living, freedom of association and other human rights. These acts do limit my ability to make a living to support my lawsuit against the DEA for violating my human rights and civil rights.

This harassment and/or torture is still being done under cover of law and color of authority and is retaliation for what I wrote last night to this court. These acts are obstruction of justice and are being conducted against me to deprive me of my abilities to defend myself in court from the torture of me that is being inflicted upon me by the DEA and/or others. If I was doing these acts to someone else that was a witness against me, the court would have me arrested the first time I did any of these acts to protect the witness against me. The DEA is above the law and no one will prosecute them for the same acts for whom a normal person would be prosecuted. This violates equal protection under the law and is ongoing and continual, and is a violation of my human and civil rights, and these acts are not within the powers of the government under the cover of law. These acts are willful violations of the United States Constitution and many other laws.

Today at work the torture was unusually light. I lost all of the feeling in my feet about two hours after waking up as the DEA changed modes. In the research I read in the Don Bolles Papers this was done by restricting the blood veins which resulted in a poor flow of blood to the legs and or arms which resulted in the loss of feeling and permanent damage over time. I will not regain the feeling in my feet until the DEA reduces power or changes modes after I go to bed. Once I'm asleep the DEA will then increase power and/or torture in a control mode and work on me all night long. When I get up in the morning the mode will again be changed to the mode they will use on me during the day and will change many times during the day as the DEA needs to control me. Some days the modes are modified and or changed thousands of time a day.

I just returned from Fry's food stores. Currently I'm only tortured badly while I'm in the check out line at Fry's. While I'm in the store shopping the torture is different than when I get into the check out line. I do not know why the torture is increased in the check out line but it is and has been for some time now. The court must understand that the mode that the DEA uses to monitor me within many of the modes they use, but not all does not hurt me in any way.

This has changed since I wrote this, and the monitoring mode is now used to also torture me with most of the time. In most of the modes used the torture modes are usually totally independent of the monitoring modes. While I'm being tortured the DEA may use many different modes on me at the same time. Some of these modes do not torture me directly but the interaction of the two implants results in my torture. Let me explain further. Let's say the right mode is in one frequency and the left mode in another frequency. The difference of these two frequencies creates a third frequency of sound, which can be used to force me to stay up night after night. By doing this, they can deprive me of sleep for about six days. After six days even with the mode on I can still get about three hours sleep. At times they want me to appear to be able to sleep. During these times they allow me to go to sleep, then they use a mode to make my mind race during the period I'm asleep; this has the same effect on me as not allowing me to sleep at all. The above is only my belief of how the torture is done in some of the modes.

I'm now going to brief the court on how the devices would be used if discovered in the Don Bolles Papers. These devices are radio controlled and can be controlled through phone lines or satellites from anywhere in the world. In these files, the first covert operation of the DEA would be obtaining the authorization to use the devices against the political target. This operation is done by obtaining a warrant under falsely created fabricated evidence which is used to authorize the injection of the target. Once the target is injected they now have almost total control over the victim and the victim is considered dead. The victim now becomes a zombie under their control and they use this control to force the target to use drugs or to bankrupt the target and/or emotionally, physically and/or psychologically destroy the target.

These controls over the target are obtained by controlling the target's pain and pleasure and his/her feeling of well being or health and emotions. The court must understand that the human body is no more than a complex Electrical, Chemical, and Mechanical machine. After injection, the DEA is able to control electrical impulses on the nerves which controls the production of chemicals which makes us happy, sad, sick, in love, in fear, in pain, violent, rage and so on. The key to this operation is to inject an electrical power supply much larger than the body's electrical power supply. The control and torture of the victim is impossible without a much larger power supply. The monitoring of a person does not require such a large power supply. The best place to inject the target to torture and control them from is in the neck over the inner ear on one side and over the Vagus nerve on the other side which is a direct pathway to the brain. These locations are where I have been injected.

Let's now go to my case, which is now before the court. [This affadavit was posted to the CIA-DRUGS listserv in August, 2001]The DEA will have one operator publicly controlling the devices using radio waves, and they will also have a second person controlling the torture of me from another location using radio waves, which may not even be inside the United States. The court must understand that I have no personal knowledge that this is what is happening. My information came from my reading of their files. This is not fantastic; this is the way it was done in the files we had. The DEA now can document that they are not torturing me while they are satanically having me tortured. None of this torture is possible without first obtaining permission from the court to inject the devices. In other words, the court is a co-conspirator in these human rights violations by its authorization of the injection of these devices.

In my case the DEA will claim that I'm trying to get out of being monitored so I can be a drug dealer. This is nothing more than bull crap. I had given the FBI my permission to monitor me in ANY way they desired long before these devices were injected into me. The FBI will always need to monitor me for the rest of my life to protect me from the CIA and DEA. This will be done with my total permission and consent as it has been done all of these years. I could care less who monitors me as long as they do not hurt or harass me or monitor me for the purpose of gaining information to use to kill me as the DEA has done. I'm before this court because I'm being tortured. Don't misunderstand my statements; the right to privacy is still an issue before this court. In the Nuremberg trials, the issue was not what was injected but what was the results of the injection and was the injection done forcibly or with the person's permission. They had no idea of what the Jews were injected with. The crime and human rights violation was the actual injection against the person's will under the color of authority and how the people got sick from the injection as I got sick from the DEA's injections. This case has nothing to do with the right of the DEA to monitor me.


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